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Sang Yes huge change shocked Huanhuan.

She asked in disbelief, “How did Sang Ye become like this”

Not only had his body doubled in size, but the surface of his snake skin was also covered in strange dark red patterns.

Coupled with the sticky blood on the ground, he looked especially terrifying!

Bai Di and Shuang Yun didnt understand what was going on with Sang Ye either.

Xue Ling suddenly said, “The blood of a Bloodseeker flows in his body.”

The words startled Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

They both looked surprised.

Only Huanhuan still looked confused.

“Whats a Bloodseeker”

“A monster that crawled out of the Endless Abyss.

They drink the blood of beasts, eat their flesh, and absorb the vitality of all creatures.

Wherever they go, everything becomes hell.”

Huanhuan was frightened by Xue Lings description.

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She retorted involuntarily, “No, Sang Ye is not that scary.

Hes good to us.

He cant be a Bloodseeker!”

“He used to be normal.

Thats because the Bloodseeker bloodline in him has always been in a dormant state.

But just now, someone used this knife to awaken his Bloodseeker bloodline!” Xue Ling pointed to the black bone knife stuck in the snakes body.

“Its polished from the bones of a Bloodseeker.

The Bloodseeker bloodline is fatally attracted to it.”


Everyones gaze fell on the black bone knife.

Xue Ling scanned the bloody environment.

“Theres blood everywhere, but I cant see any remains.

It seems that those snake beasts have been eaten by this guy.

Theres not a single bone left.

He was really hungry!”

He even smiled at the end.

But the others only felt cold.

Huanhuan suppressed his fear and asked, “Will Sang Ye wake up”

“Dont worry, hes just exhausted.

He wont die for the time being.”

Huanhuan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.”

However, Xue Ling revealed a cruel smile.

“Little female, you might not know how dangerous the Bloodseeker race is.

Before they were civilized, they were a group of extremely destructive lunatics.

They were best at attacking in groups.”

His smile made her uneasy.

“What do you mean”

“What I mean is, instead of waiting for him to wake up and go crazy killing people everywhere, its better to kill him now while hes unconscious and prevent any future trouble.”


“No!” She refused without hesitation.

She glared at him angrily.

“If you touch him, Ill fight you!”

Xue Ling looked at Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

“The little female doesnt understand the danger of Bloodseekers, but you should.”

Neither Bai Di nor Shuang Yun spoke.

Huanhuan stood in front of the python and shouted with red eyes, “Hes Sang Ye! Hes not a Bloodseeker! If you want to kill him, step over my corpse first!”


Bai Dis and Shuang Yuns expressions changed.

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Shuang Yun quickly picked her up.

“Dont cry.

Youre still pregnant.

You cant cry.”

Huanhuan said with tears in her eyes, “Youre not allowed to hurt Sang Ye!”

“Okay, okay! Youre the boss of the family.

Well do anything you say!”

Huanhuan looked at Bai Di and choked.

“What about you”

Bai Di was exasperated.

“Whatever you say.”

Only then did she stop crying.

Xue Ling looked at them with a faint smile.

“Have you thought about it The price of letting a Bloodseeker go is greater than you think.”

Huanhuan rolled her eyes at him.

“You dont have to worry about our family!”

“You looked pitiful when you begged me to bring you here.

Now that youve found him, youre turning your back on me”

“Who asked you to have the intention of hurting Sang Ye!”

Xue Ling smiled indifferently.

“Im just giving you a suggestion.

Since youre unwilling to accept it, I wont force you.

Its up to you.”

Bai Di studied the black bone knife.

“Can you pull this out”

Xue Ling said meaningfully, “You can try.”

Bai Di pondered for a moment, then he grabbed the black bone knife and pulled it out bit by bit.

The bone knife was inserted very deeply.

When it was pulled out, it brought out some flesh, but strangely, no blood flowed.

Huanhuan stared at the python without blinking.

A moment later, the huge python shrank bit by bit and returned to its normal size.

The soul beast also fell from eight stars to three stars.


The python then transformed into human form.

Xue Ling smiled.

“What a pity.

He went from being a Bloodseeker to a beast.”

With the danger resolved, Bai Di and Shuang Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

Huanhuan found a piece of animal hide in the ring and put it on Sang Ye.

Xue Ling said, “Alright, theres nothing else for me here.

Im leaving.”

With that, he spread his wings.

The ends of his hair drew a line in the air, adn the red crystals shone.

Xue Ling flew away just like that.

The wolf beasts returned, saying that they didnt find any traces of snake beasts nearby.

They only found a huge piece of shedded snakeskin.

They placed the snakeskin in front of Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun recognized the snakeskin on Sang Ye at a glance.

He put away the snakeskin and said to the wolf beasts, “Theres no need to look anymore.

Go back.”

The wolf beasts transformed into their beast forms and ran back.

Shuang Yun stuffed the snakeskin and black bone knife into his space.

He transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf and carried Huanhuan back.


Bai Di also transformed into a white tiger and carried the unconscious Sang Ye on his back.

After the battle, the entire Rock Wolf Tribe entered a state of recuperation.

Fortunately, no wolf beasts died this time.

Only a few were seriously injured.

Huanhuan had to help treat the injured during the day and take care of Sang Ye at night.

The large number of herbs that she had hoarded previously played an important role at this moment.


In addition to hunting, Shuang Yun and Bai Di also had to bring people to clean up the bloody battlefield Sang Ye had caused previously.

They also had to tidy up the vegetable fields and orchards at the foot of the mountain.

Everyone was extremely busy during this period.

Three days later, Sang Ye finally woke up.

He had forgotten what had happened before he fainted.

His memory seemed to have suddenly blacked out after he caught up with Ma Qing.


There was a long blank space in the middle.

He thought about it for a long time but couldnt remember what had happened after he caught up with Ma Qing.

Huanhuan reached out to smooth the crease between his eyebrows and comforted him.

“Its fine if you cant remember.

In any case, its all in the past.

Your most important task now is to rest and recover quickly.”

Under her hard work, the injured people in the tribe gradually recovered.


Everyone looked at her with increasing respect.

It was as if they were looking at a powerful and real witch doctor!


The birds were injured by the snake beasts during the battle.

They didnt have enough herbs, so Xue Ling came to borrow some from Huanhuan.

When he saw Sang Ye following behind Huanhuan, he smiled meaningfully.

“I didnt expect you to recover so quickly!”

Huanhuan deliberately stood between the two of them, but because she was too short, she could not block Xue Lings line of sight.


She could only raise her head and glare at Xue Lings chin.

“Ill give you the herbs.


Xue Ling chuckled and pinched her cheek.

“Ill come and play with you another day.”


When he was far away, Huanhuan immediately took Sang Yes hand and reminded him earnestly.


“Stay away from Xue Ling in the future.

Hes not a good person!”


Sang Ye agreed.



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