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In the dead of night, everyone was asleep.

Sang Ye suddenly opened his eyes.

He sensed the aura of his own race!


Sang Ye got out of bed and left the cave silently.

He transformed into a black python and slithered into the forest after descending the mountain.

His dark appearance allowed him to blend perfectly into the night.

Coupled with his lightning speed, no one could detect his existence.

Sang Ye quickly passed through a large forest and stopped near the swamp.

He climbed a large tree.

His huge snake body was wrapped around a branch, and he was hidden in the lush leaves.

Through the gaps in the leaves, he saw many snake beasts near the swamp.

They were all oracles and guards from the Dark Moon Temple.

There were about 200 of them, and the two beasts in the lead were talking.

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One of them was Ma Qing, who had been missing for a long time!

Due to the distance, Sang Ye could not hear their complete conversation.

He could only hear some words that were carried over by the dark wind.

“Its here… Its gone… I cant find it… Theres a wolf tribe nearby…”

The last sentence made Sang Yes heart sink.

There was only one wolf tribe in the vicinity.

These guys would definitely find the rock mountain soon!

Sang Ye slid to the ground silently and quickly slithered back.

He had to get back and tip them off!

At this moment, Ma Qing suddenly turned around and looked at the big tree where Sang Ye had just been.

He closed his eyes and moved his nose.

“Its the scent of the sinner.

It looks like hes just been here.

Go after him!”


Under the order, all the snake beasts moved and chased after Sang Ye!

Sang Ye slithered quickly.

He did not look back, but the familiar snake beast aura in the air told him that the snake beasts were chasing after him!

The parties hurried through the dark forest.

Sang Ye was more familiar with the terrain here, so he kept a distance from them.

When he arrived near the trap, he suddenly dodged.

His snake body swerved, and he nimbly circled around the trap.


It was this pause that shortened the distance between them.

Seeing that they were about to catch Sang Ye, the snake beasts immediately used all their strength to speed up.

Unexpectedly, the ground suddenly collapsed beneath them!

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The dozen or so snake beasts at the front were caught off guard and fell in, their bodies pierced by the wooden spikes!

This turn in events shocked the snake beasts behind.

A small number of them stopped to save their companions in the pit, while the others continued to chase.

In the end, the consecutive traps made many snake beasts fall!

Sang Ye took the opportunity to shake off his pursuers and hide in the vegetable fields.

Ma Qing caught up from behind.

When he saw the dying snake beasts in the trap, his expression immediately darkened.

“A bunch of trash!”

He personally led the team in the direction Sang Ye had left!

After suffering from the first few traps, Ma Qing specially got someone to scout the way and avoid those traps.

As they walked out of the forest and approached the vegetable fields, they finally saw the rock mountain.

Ma Qing said coldly, “The murderer of the oracles and that sinner must be hiding on the mountain!”

The snake beasts were about to go up the mountain to capture them, but after taking two steps, those long beans exploded, scaring all the snake beasts!


A hundred sunflowers seemed to have gone crazy as they sprayed sunflower seeds at the snake beasts!


The snake beasts had never seen such ferocious plants.

They quickly retreated in fear, not daring to approach the vegetable fields again.

At this moment, when the wolf beasts in charge of guarding at night heard the sound, they immediately turned into wolves and roared at the sky!


The long whistle immediately woke all the tribesmen.

When Ma Qing saw this, a sinister look appeared in his eyes.

“Come back.

Prepare flint and dry wood.

Well burn down the mountain!”


The snake beasts obeyed and immediately withdrew from the sunflowers range.

They planned to cut down the trees in the orchard to make firewood.

Unexpectedly, there were dense red leaf vines that covered the trees.

The vines were filled with poisonous thorns.

If they were pricked, it would hurt and itch!


They had to give up on cutting down the fruit forest.

They were prepared to go into the forest to cut some trees.

When Shuang Yun rushed out of the room, he happened to see Sang Ye return.

Sang Ye quickly explained the situation.

“The people from the Dark Moon Temple are here.

There were more than 200 beasts, but more than 40 of them died in the traps!”


Shuang Yun immediately gathered his tribesmen and got prepared to fight!

Now that Huanhuan was awake, Bai Di quickly helped her get dressed.

Mu Xiang and Lan Die brought the females and cubs to Huanhuans house.

Bai Di and Sang Ye opened the cellar door and let the females and cubs in.

“No matter what happens out there, dont come out!” Bai Di warned.

Huanhuan hugged him one last time.

“You have to be safe!”


“Of course!”

Closing the cellar door, Bai Di and Sang Ye left the house and went outside the cave.

Under Shuang Yuns command, the wolf beasts rushed down the mountain like ghosts and pounced at the snake beasts!

Shuang Yun saw some snake beasts cutting trees and frowned.

“Why are they cutting trees”

Bai Di said, “They probably want to set fire to the mountain.”


Shuang Yun was furious when he heard this.

“These bastards are too sinister!”

However, Sang Ye said, “Snake beasts are usually afraid of fire.

It shouldnt be their plan to burn the mountain.”


Bai Di was very sharp.

Even in the dark, he could see a familiar figure among the enemies at the foot of the mountain.

“Ma Qing must have thought of this.”

“Didnt Ma Qing go to Dark Moon City Why did he suddenly appear here… Wait, Dark Moon City, Dark Moon Temple…” Shuang Yun came to a realization.

“Dont tell me Ma Qing has been in cahoots with the Dark Moon Temple from the beginning!”


Bai Di said, “It seems the most logical explanation so far.”

At the foot of the mountain, Ma Qing seemed to sense Bai Di and Shuang Yuns gazes.

He looked up the mountain and smiled grimly.

“Old friends, Im back.”

Their eyes met, and killing intent spread in an instant.

Bai Di said, “Stay here.

Im going to the top of the mountain to find the birds.”

Shuang Yun and Sang Ye agreed.

Ma Qing wanted to set fire to the mountain.

If this fire really burned, not only the wolf tribe but also the feather tribe living on the mountaintop would suffer!


Bai Di turned into a white tiger and quickly climbed to the top.

When he reached the top of the mountain, he found that the beasts of the feather tribe had long woken up.

Even Xue Ling, who usually did not care about anything, had walked out of the house.

The commotion at the foot of the mountain was too loud.

They couldnt pretend not to hear it.


Bai Di wasnt familiar with the birds.

He only barely knew Xue Ling, with whom he had fought once.

He knew that Xue Ling had a high status in the feather tribe and could make decisions.

He went straight to Xue Ling and explained his intentions.

“Someone is going to burn the mountain down.

Either you leave the rock mountain quickly, or you come down the mountain with us to kill the enemy!”



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