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Lin Huanhuan asked curiously, “Who is it”

“I dont know.

When I went to open the door, there was nobody there.” Bai Di placed the hide pouch in front of her.

“This was placed on the floor.

The person must have left it there.”


Lin Huanhuan saw that the pouch was filled with red berries and couldnt help but look surprised.

“There are so many red berries!”

“Would you like some” he asked.

Lin Huanhuan shook her head.

“Im not eating them.

The pouch was placed at the door of the witch doctors house.

It must be for the witch doctor.”

“Its okay if you want some.

Ill pick some later and give them back to the witch doctor.”

“No, I havent even finished those red berries that the witch doctor gave me.

Wed better leave these to the witch doctor.

Its not polite to take anything from anyone.”

“Alright.” Bai Di set the hide pouch aside, then reached out to touch Lin Huanhuans bottom.

“Why are you still bleeding” he asked with a frown.

Lin Huanhuan blushed.

“It usually takes five days to stop the bleeding.

Today is only the second day.

Its still too early.”

“Youre sure you wont die after losing all that blood” His face carried an expression of worry.

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“I wont.

Ive been living like this all these years.

Theres no problem at all.”

Seeing how confident Lin Huanhuan was, Bai Di could only suppress his worry for the time being.


It wasnt long before the old witch doctor returned.

Lang Zhu asked Lin Huanhuan about her physical condition as usual.

After confirming that she was fine, he was slightly relieved.

Bai Di handed Lang Zhu the hide pouch filled with red berries.

“Someone put this on your doorstep.

It must be for you.”

Lang Zhu grabbed two red berries at random and examined them.

Then, he brought them to his nose and took a sniff.

A meaningful smile immediately appeared on his wrinkled face.


He placed the hide pouch in Lin Huanhuans hand.

“This is for you.

You can eat the berries inside.”

Lin Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Shouldnt this be for you”

“Trust me, he must have wanted to give it to you!”

Without waiting for Lin Huanhuan to ask further questions, Lang Zhu walked away while leaning on his walking cane.

He found Shuang Yun on top of a massive rock.

The tall, handsome man was sitting on the edge of the rock with one leg up and his honey-colored skin glowed in the afterglow of the setting sun.

His short silver-white hair swayed gently in the breeze, softening his originally sharp face.

Although Lang Zhu was so old that his hair and beard were completely white, he was still very agile.

He jumped onto the rock easily and raised his hand to knock Shuang Yun on the head.

He scolded him jokingly.

“Brat, you even dare to hit a female.

Youre really rebellious!”

Shuang Yun sat motionlessly.

He glanced at the old witch doctor and snorted.

“As long as theyre bad people, Ill beat them up whether theyre females or not!”

“But she didnt do anything bad.

You misunderstood her!”

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Shuang Yun pursed his lips and fell silent.

“Go apologize to her and coax her properly.

Then this matter will be over.”

He turned his body away.

“Im not submitting to a female!”

Lang Zhu looked at him with amusement.

“You obviously like her a lot, but you still pretend to be annoyed.

Who did you inherit your awkward personality from”

“When have I ever liked her I hate all females!”

Lang Zhu asked calmly, “If you hate her, why did you secretly give her red berries”

Shuang Yun immediately said, “What red berries I dont know what youre talking about!”

“Still pretending Those red berries have your scent on them.

I could smell it right away!”

The tips of his ears were slightly red, but he was still firm with his words.

“I picked them for you when I went hunting in the mountains.

They arent for her!”

“In that case, Ill ask her to return the pouch of red berries when I get back.”

Seeing that he was about to turn around and leave, Shuang Yun hurriedly stopped him.

“Youre not allowed to go!”

Lang Zhu beamed at him.

“Why am I not allowed to go”

Shuang Yuns hands were clenched into fists, looking as though he had a lot to say.

However, in the end, he could only spit out a dry sentence.

“I just picked those red berries because it was convenient…”

But Lang Zhu said, “Red berries grow in brambles.

And all the brambles are poisonous.

They itch terribly if youre pricked.

Animals never go near that area.

Even an underaged cub in the tribe wouldnt believe a lie like picking red berries while hunting in the brambles.”

Shuang Yun looked down at the spot on the back of his hands where the thorns had pierced him.

It was already swollen and itchy.

But he said nothing.

His silver-white hair covered his eyes, and his thin lips were closed.

Lang Zhu pulled out a handful of leaves and handed them to him.

“Chew them and apply them to the wound.

Itll stop the itching and the swelling.”

He silently took the leaves.

On Lin Huanhuans fifth day of her stay in the Wolf Tribe, her period finally ended.

Bai Di was overjoyed.

“Your wounds are healed! You wont die!”

Lin Huanhuan had to emphasize to him again.

“I was never injured, and I wont die.”

He picked her up and nuzzled her hair tenderly.

Since her period was gone, there was no need for Lin Huanhuan to stay in the Wolf Tribe anymore.

Bai Di took her to say goodbye to Lang Zhu.

Lang Zhu immediately said, “No, no! You cant leave yet!”

It wasnt easy for him to make Shuang Yun fall for a female.

If he let her go, what would Shuang Yun do Did he really have to stay single for the rest of his life!

He had to find a way to make Lin Huanhuan stay.

“Why cant we leave” Bai Di asked.

Lang Zhu thought for a moment, then remembered something important.

He said quickly, “Winter is coming!”


Bai Di frowned.

“As I recall, winter isnt due for another two months or so.

Its not even close.”

“In the past, we would indeed have to wait for another two months before winter.

However, the climate this year has changed.

Winter will arrive two months earlier.

This is the result of my deduction based on the stars.

Theres definitely no mistake!”

As a witch doctor, Lang Zhu knew some witchcraft in addition to his medical skills, including predicting the weather.

Such predictions were usually not accurate, but he had previously accurately predicted snowstorms and flood disasters.

It was also because of this that the Wolf Tribe had successfully avoided many natural disasters and continued to reproduce until they became such a large tribe.

Lang Zhus words made Bai Di serious.

At the same time, the systems voice sounded in Lin Huanhuans mind again.

[Triggered large chain quests: Winter!]

[Winter is approaching.

Host, please be prepared.

The system will randomly issue a series of quests from the Winter Season series.

After completing each quest, the host will receive a generous reward!]

When Lin Huanhuan heard that there were rewards, her heart was filled with anticipation.

The last time she completed the novice mission, the system rewarded her with the tinder and a book.

Both were very practical items.

This mission sounded very impressive, so the rewards would definitely be much more generous than the novice gift bag she had received last time!


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