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Sang Ye silently watched the happy family of three.

His expression was still gloomy.

He seemed to be completely unaffected, but he was actually very envious and lonely.

If only he had met Huanhuan earlier.

That way, he could be one of her mates.

At this moment, Huanhuan placed a large piece of fatty meat in Sang Yes bowl and said with a smile, “Dont just watch.

Eat too!”

Sang Yes heart warmed, and his eyes that were looking at Huanhuan almost glowed.

He took a bite of the meat and felt that it was the most delicious meat he had ever eaten!

Bai Di looked at Huanhuan helplessly.

The little female had given someone else the fatty meat she didnt like.

In the past, she always liked to give Bai Di and Shuang Yun the fatty parts of the meat she didnt like.

Now that she was pregnant, Bai Di and Shuang Yun wanted her to eat more fatty meat to nourish her body.

They refused to let her be picky about food.


She couldnt give the meat to Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

Hence, she could only choose Sang Ye, who had just arrived and didnt know anything.

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Lin Huanhuan saw Sang Ye eating the fatty meat in big mouthfuls and felt a little guilty.

She quickly got him some vegetables as well.

“You cant just eat meat! Have some more vegetables.”

As a snake beast, Sang Ye was an omnivore.

He liked to eat both meat and vegetables.

He took a bite of the vegetables and immediately felt that they were more delicious than anything else he had ever eaten before.

He immediately stuffed the vegetables into his mouth.

The vegetables and meat tasted unexpectedly good!

Seeing that he was eating happily, Lin Huanhuan became happy too.

Sang Yes recovery speed was very shocking.

It was only the next day, but the wounds on his body had all healed.

However, he wasnt in a good mood.

Now that he had recovered, there was no reason for him to stay here.

But he couldnt bear to leave Huanhuan.

Just as he was wondering if he should scratch himself a few more times, Shuang Yun suddenly looked for him.


“Since youve recovered, dont think about lazing around at home.

Hurry up and work in the fields with me!”


Sang Ye was stunned.

“But arent you unwilling to keep me”

“Bai Di and I are reluctant, but Huanhuan is the head of the family.

Well listen to her.

Since she wants to keep you, no matter how unhappy we are, we have to accept it.”

Shuang Yun said this unwillingly, but Sang Ye immediately understood.

They were willing to accept him!

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Even Sang Ye, who usually kept a straight face, couldnt help but look happy.


“Okay, Ill get to work!”

Shuang Yun brought Sang Ye to weed the field and water the crops.

Although this was Sang Yes first time doing such a thing, when he was hiding near the vegetable field, he had peeked at Shuang Yun and Bai Di when they were working.

Hence, he learned quickly and could do the tasks in an instant.

Their vegetable field had expanded again.

Now, it was estimated to be ten acres.

If it were just Shuang Yun and Bai Di, it would have been a little difficult.

Fortunately, Sang Ye came.

After this guy transformed into a python, he could water an acre of vegetable fields after taking just a mouthful of water.


It was a consummate skill!


It would have taken half a day for them to water it otherwise.

After Sang Ye appeared, it only took a few minutes.

He was too fast!

When the beasts in the vegetable fields saw this, they all looked envious and jealous.

Sang Ye looked at them, then went to the pond to drink a few mouthfuls of water.

He also helped the beasts water all the vegetable fields.


This made the beasts overjoyed.


After doing the work in the field, the beasts immediately surrounded Sang Ye and said enthusiastically, “Were going hunting in the afternoon.

Do you want to go with us”


Due to his special identity, Sang Ye had never been surrounded and talked to by so many beasts.

Moreover, none of them had any ill intentions.

This enthusiastic reception was too foreign to him.

He didnt know what to do and subconsciously looked at Huanhuan.

Huanhuan smiled sweetly at him.

“Go ahead.

Remember to come back early!”

Sang Ye felt numb from her smile.

In the afternoon, Shuang Yun brought the wolf tribe to hunt.

Sang Ye followed him.

Bai Di stayed at home with Huanhuan to clean up the dried shellfish grass.

At this moment, the beasts of the feather tribe suddenly attacked!


Bai Di and Lin Huanhuan rushed to the entrance when they heard the commotion.

Many wolf beasts had already gathered at the entrance of the cave.

Lin Huanhuan was the only female among them, but because of her special identity, she was equivalent to a witch doctor in the hearts of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Now that Shuang Yun was not at home, Lin Huanhuan naturally became the person with the highest status.

When the wolves saw her, they retreated to the side, automatically clearing a path like Moses splitting the sea.


Lin Huanhuan walked through the crowd and saw many winged bird beasts outside the cave.

They were all flying in the air, and their huge wings were enough to cover the sky.

It was a spectacular scene.

When they saw Bai Di appear, they immediately locked their gazes on him.

“Youre the leader of the Rock Wolf Tribe”

In the eyes of the feather beasts, Lin Huanhuan was just a petite female who did not have any combat strength.

Hence, they all treated her as a spectator who was here to join in the spectacle and did not take her seriously.

On the other hand, the male beast standing beside her looked rather dangerous.

His strength could not be underestimated.

Bai Di said calmly, “Im not a wolf.”

The other party immediately shouted, “Since youre not a wolf, get out of the way.

Were here to ask for an explanation from the Rock Wolf Tribe today! Get the leader of the Rock Wolf Tribe to come out!”

Bai Di said unhurriedly, “Patriarch Shuang Yun is out hunting.

He wont be back until later.

Why dont you come back tomorrow”

“Then call out your witch doctor!”

Not every tribe had a witch doctor, but given the size of the Rock Wolf Tribe, there had to be one.

At this moment, the beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe couldnt help but look at Huanhuan.

In their hearts, Huanhuan was their witch doctor.

Bai Di said, “The witch doctor of the Rock Wolf Tribe is dead…”

Huanhuan suddenly took his hand and interrupted him.

Bai Di looked down at her.

“What is it”

“Let me negotiate with them.”

Bai Di winced, but he quickly smiled gently and indulgently.


Lin Huanhuan looked at the feather beasts.

“Our old witch doctor was sacrificed.

Im temporarily taking over the position of witch doctor.

You can tell me anything you want to say.”

The feather beasts thought she was joking.

How could the witch doctor be a female This was unheard of!

However, no one from the Rock Wolf Tribe stepped forward to refute.

They collectively agreed with Lin Huanhuans words.

This was unbelievable to the birds.



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