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After traveling for half a day, the three of them finally returned to the rock mountain.

The three of them had just reached the foot of the mountain when they saw many beasts gathered there.

Huanhuan asked, “Whats going on”

“Lets go and find out.”

Shuang Yun carried her over, followed by Bai Di.

When the wolves saw Shuang Yun and the other two, they quickly greeted them.


“Leader, youre finally back!”

Lin Huanhuan slid to the ground along Shuang Yuns tail.

He transformed into his human form and didnt care that there were many people in front of him.

He just walked the birds naked.


In the end, Huanhuan couldnt take it anymore and took out the animal hide skirt to wrap it around him.


Shuang Yun asked, “What happened”

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Jiu Yuan pointed to the vegetable fields beside him.

“Our vegetables were stolen.”

Indeed, many seedlings in the vegetable fields had been chewed into pieces.

It was a tragic sight.

It was obvious that they had been eaten.

Seeing this, Lin Huanhuan and Bai Di quickly went to look at their vegetable fields and orchards.

Fortunately, their vegetable field was still neat and tidy.

Shuang Yun walked into the vegetable fields and picked up a feather that had fallen.

He frowned and asked, “This is the feather of a bird beast.

When did birds appear in this area”

Jiu Yuan immediately said, “Not long after you left yesterday, a group of beasts from a feather tribe came.

They said that they want to settle down on our mountaintop.”

“These vegetables must have been secretly eaten by the birds of the feather tribe.

We have to ask them for an explanation!”

As soon as Shuang Yun said this, many beasts immediately responded.

“Yes! We must get an explanation from them.

We cant tolerate thieves here!”

Just as they were about to storm off to confront the birds, four male birds flapped their wings and flew down from the top of the mountain.

They landed on the grass not far away.

The birds were all wearing robes of different colors, but their styles were similar.

Before Shuang Yun could ask about the theft, he heard a male bird speak first.

“Wheres the snake beast that ate our hatchlings Hand him over!”


Shuang Yun and the others were stunned.

Lin Huanhuan and Bai Di walked over and looked at the four male bird beasts in surprise.

Huanhuan asked, “What snake beast Whats going on”

Seeing that the other party was a female, the bird beasts tone softened a little.

The oldest male beast among them stood up and explained the situation.

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“Last night, our hatchlings came down the mountain to play.

I didnt expect them to be ambushed by a snake beast.

My hatchlings were eaten!”


Shuang Yun immediately said, “We dont have any snake beasts around here.

You must be mistaken!”


“Impossible! The hatchlings that escaped have already told us that our hatchlings were eaten by a black python!”

A black python…

Lin Huanhuan, Bai Di, and Shuang Yun thought of Sang Ye at the same time.

Their expressions turned subtle.

Shuang Yun coughed lightly.

“Were wolves.

There are no snake beasts here at all.

If you dont believe me, you can check it out for yourself!”

The four male beasts of the feather tribe refused to give up.

They immediately began searching for the snake beast.

At this moment, a black python slithered down from a big tree and said in a low voice, “I ate your hatchlings.

Come at me if you want to seek revenge.

It has nothing to do with anyone else!”

When Lin Huanhuan saw him appear, she couldnt help but exclaim, “Sang Ye!”


The python didnt seem to hear her.

It straightened its upper body and looked at the four male beasts.

“Come at me if you want revenge!”

The four male beasts who had just lost their hatchlings were immediately enraged.

They transformed into their beast forms, flapped their huge wings, and pounced at the python!

In terms of attack power, Sang Ye could go against ten of them!

However, the other party was harpies.

Not only were they extremely fast, but they could also fly skillfully.

Coupled with their tacit cooperation, it was simply impossible to guard against them!


The python could not attack them at all and could only be forced to take on a defensive role.

Even so, wounds gradually appeared on the pythons body.

The sharp bird claws broke through the scales and left wounds of varying depths.

Lin Huanhuan was anxious.

She looked at Bai Di and Shuang Yun with tears in her eyes.

“Go and help Sang Ye!”


Bai Di and Shuang Yun looked at each other without speaking.

Seeing that they were not moving, Lin Huanhuan made up her mind.

She shook off Bai Dis hand and rushed toward Sang Ye!


Her charge shocked all the male beasts present!

Sang Ye hurriedly gave up on attacking and turned around to slither over to Huanhuan.

He wrapped her up with his snake tail and protected her tightly.

At the same time, he roared angrily, “Why are you here Dont you know its dangerous here!”

The male bird beast took the opportunity to pounce on him and left three deep scratch wounds on his back!

However, Sang Ye seemed to not feel the pain and moved Huanhuan to the side.

Seeing that Huanhuan had already rushed out, Bai Di and Shuang Yun had no choice but to interfere.

They stopped the four birds who were chasing them.

The birds glared at them angrily.

“This is a grudge between us and the snake beast.

Dont interfere! Get lost!”

Shuang Yun said, “This is my territory.

No matter what happens, Im in charge.

You bird beasts who came out of nowhere had better show some respect.

If you provoke me, be careful or Ill pluck all your feathers!”


The four bird beasts were so angry that they wanted to attack Shuang Yun.

The onlookers immediately took action.

The wolves surrounded them and stared aggressively at the four birds.

“Well kill anyone who dares to touch our patriarch!”

There were more than a hundred wolves, but there were only four birds here.

If the two sides really fought, the birds would definitely suffer.

Even though they were extremely angry, the birds could only suppress their anger for the time being.

They gritted their teeth and said, “This isnt over!”

With that, they flapped their wings and flew away.

Shuang Yun looked at their backs as they flew toward the top of the mountain.

He sneered.

“The rock mountain is our territory.

If they want to live here, they have to ask me first, right!”

He ordered Jiu Yuan, “Pick a few powerful wolves.

Theyll come with me to the top of the mountain to meet their leader.”


The two sides had officially fallen out.

This matter was definitely not over.

Instead of waiting for the other party to come knocking, it was better to take the initiative.

As they spoke, Bai Di walked over to Huanhuan.

She was bandaging Sang Yes wounds.

When Lin Huanhuan saw him, she immediately said, “Sang Ye is seriously injured.

I have to bring him back to recuperate.”

Bai Di looked at her steadily.

“Do you remember what you promised me back then”



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