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Bu Ke gritted his teeth.

“I dont have any mid-grade crystals.

Just some green ones.

You can trade them if you want.

If not, fine.”

It was not easy to get crystals.

He did not even want to take out the low-grade crystals, but Bai Dis strength made him afraid.

Coupled with Shuang Yun, who was eyeing him covetously, he could only admit defeat.

Of course, Bai Di didnt believe that he didnt have middle-grade crystals, but it didnt matter.

As long as they were colored crystals, it was fine.

In the end, Bai Di exchanged 30 colorless crystals for a green crystal.

Although they were both low-grade crystals, green crystals were the best among low-grade crystals.

Bu Ke reluctantly agreed to the price of 30 colorless crystals for Bai Di and Shuang Yuns sake.

Under normal circumstances, he would not agree to exchange for it without at least 50 colorless crystals.

Lin Huanhuan was very happy after getting the crystal.

She smiled at Bu Ke and said, “We still have a lot of vegetables and fruits.

If you need them in the future, you can come to the rock mountain to look for us.

We can give you a discount!”

Half of Bu Kes heart melted at the sight of her big, curved eyes.

He blushed and nodded vigorously.

“Okay, okay! Ill definitely go in the future!”

“In that case, goodbye!”

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Bu Ke turned into a handsome red-brown wild horse with two large bags of vegetables and fruit on his back.


His mind was filled with the little females sparkling eyes and her soft voice.

The horse was dizzy and swayed when he ran.

System 438 said, “Congratulations, host.

Youve completed the five-colored crystals collection mission.

You have received a special reward!”

A compass appeared in Lin Huanhuans hand, as well as the first volume of the “Illustration of Minerals”.

The compass was very small, only the size of a palm.

The gears inside were very fine, and the workmanship was excellent.

She looked confused.

“What can this compass do”

System 438: “This is a treasure-seeking compass.

It can help you find mineral veins within a 500-meter radius.”

Upon hearing the wordsmineral vein, Lin Huanhuans eyes lit up.

Mineral veins! That was countless treasures!

But she calmed down quickly.

Not to mention how complicated the technique of smelting metal was, she couldnt reach the high temperature needed to melt it.

Even if she was given dozens of mineral veins, she would not be able to turn metal into usable tools.

Lin Huanhuan let out a long sigh.

What a pity!

System No.

438 suddenly reminded her, “As the host has completed all the missions during the novice period, the system is about to upgrade.

During the upgrade, the system will automatically fall into a dormant state.”

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “You can upgrade Whats the benefit of upgrading”

“After the system upgrades, different functions will be released according to the hosts physique.

The specific content will only be known after the upgrade.”

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It sounded very powerful.

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but look forward to it.

“Well, good luck with the upgrade!” She clenched her small fists in a gesture of encouragement.

System 438: “Yes, I wish you to have sons soon too.”

“…Thank you.”

The system started to upgrade.

Lin Huanhuan touched her stomach.

She was human.

Shuang Yun was a wolf.

What species would their children be Werewolves

Recalling the ferocious appearance of the werewolves in those horror movies, Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but shiver.

She was so scared!

Bai Di squeezed her hand, concerned.

“Whats wrong Are you cold”

“Im not cold.

Im just a little worried.”

Bai Di asked, “What are you worried about”

Lin Huanhuan hesitated for a moment.

“Im worried that the children will look strange…”

Shuang Yun was immediately angry when he heard this.


He argued loudly, “Im strong and youre beautiful.

How could our children look strange!”

Lin Huanhuan shrank her shoulders under his glare and didnt dare to speak again.

“I know what you mean,” Bai Di said gently.

“Youre worried because youre different from Shuang Yuns race.

You cant imagine what the children you give birth to will look like, right”


Lin Huanhuan nodded vigorously.

“Yes, yes!”

“Dont worry, interspecies mating often happens between beasts.

The offspring they breed have never had any problems.”

Hearing his words, Lin Huanhuan relaxed a little.

After a while, she couldnt help but ask, “Will I give birth to wolf babies or human babies”

Shuang Yun said firmly, “Wolf babies, of course!”

Lin Huanhuan ignored him.

She looked at Bai Di.

“What do you think”


Bai Di smiled.

“It depends on which of the parents genes are stronger.”


Children were like the parent who had stronger genes.

The principle of survival of the fittest was maintained even in the reproduction of creatures.

Lin Huanhuan looked at Shuang Yuns six-pack, then at her fair and soft stomach…


The answer was obvious.

The family of three spent the night in the Black River Tribe, planning to return to the rock mountain the next morning.

At the same time, a group of winged feathered beasts stopped at the top of the rock mountain.

They were beastmen who were migrating from elsewhere.

They saw that the scenery here was not bad, and the terrain was also very good.

Most importantly, there were many crisp and delicious vegetables and fruits at the foot of the mountain.

It was simply the best place for them to live!

The feather tribe decided to settle down on this mountain.

The vegetables and fruits at the foot of the mountain were all planted by the wolves.

They would work in the fields every day.

When the feather tribe saw this, they naturally knew that the vegetable fields belonged to the wolves.

The feather tribe did not understand why the wolves, who only liked to eat meat, wanted to grow vegetables.

However, they still decided to ask the wolf beasts if they could exchange things for some vegetables.

As the tribe leader, Shuang Yun, was not at home, the wolf tribe could not give a clear answer for the time being.

They asked the feather tribe to wait a few days before coming again.

There were a few naughty young ones among the feather tribe who sneaked down the mountain to play when the adults were not paying attention.

When they saw the vegetables and fruits in the fields, they drooled.

Unfortunately, there were wolves working in the vegetable fields, so the young ones did not dare to act rashly.

When it was dark, they slipped out and secretly flew down the mountain.

The vegetable fields were empty with no one there.

The young ones from the feather tribe were excited.

They flapped their wings and flew toward the fields.

They planned to eat to their hearts content tonight!

What they didnt know was that there was a huge python with a black silver ring hanging on a big tree near the vegetable fields.


The python was very vigilant.

In addition, the young feathered ones did not know how to hide their bodies.

As soon as they approached the vegetable field, the python immediately woke up!


The young ones found a vegetable patch and pounced on it to eat.

After a while, they realized that the vegetables in the vegetable field in front of them were huge and especially juicy.

Their eyes lit up as they immediately flew toward other parts of the vegetable field.

However, before some of them could touch the vegetables, they were swallowed by the python!


The others were so frightened by this sudden twist of things that their feathers stood on end!

Help! There was a big snake here!

The young feathered ones hurriedly flapped their wings and fled.


The python raised its head and looked in the direction they fled, its black eyes flashing coldly.

These were the vegetable fields that were painstakingly planted.

No one could touch them!



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