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Lin Huanhuan silently told Bai Di to put the hoe away.

Shed almost forgotten that the claws of a beast were much stronger than any hoe or shovel.

They were about to go back when Shuang Yun suddenly looked up and saw them.

Shuang Yun pushed the soil in front of him aside and shook off the grass on his body.

Then, he quickly pounced in front of Lin Huanhuan.

He knew that his fur color was especially good, and many females liked it.

Hence, he deliberately spun in front of Huanhuan and asked smugly, “Are you here to see me”


Although she had seen it many times, Huanhuan couldnt help but be attracted to his fur color.


She couldnt help but reach out and touch the Silvery Frost White Wolf in front of her.

Its soft and smooth silver-white fur was as beautiful as frost under the moonlight.


Shuang Yun raised his head and wagged his big tail.

His dark green eyes were filled with pride.


Bai Di was saying, “Were here to deliver your tools for digging the canal.”

Only then did Shuang Yun notice the hoe in Bai Dis hand.

He immediately looked disgusted.

“Our claws are much better than those rocks!”

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“Yes, so we plan to go back.”

Lin Huanhuan reluctantly retracted her hand.

“Lets go, then.”

Shuang Yun wanted her to stay with him, but the sun was too hot and there was no place to hide in the shade nearby.

He couldnt bear to let the little females delicate skin get sunburned, so he could only watch as Bai Di took her away.

Lin Huanhuan took two steps and suddenly stopped.

She turned around and waved at him.

“Come back early.

Well wait for you for dinner!”

The silver-white wolf sat on the ground and wagged its tail happily, but its tone deliberately sounded impatient.

“Got it!”

Lin Huanhuan was already used to this guys character of lying.

She couldnt help but smile at him.

Shuang Yuns heart pounded at her smile.


When she was out of sight, Shuang Yun returned to the rest of the group and dug quickly as if he was on steroids.


He had to finish his work quickly and go back to make out with his little female!

The beasts were very efficient.

In just three days, they had dug a canal that was about a meter wide.

With this canal, the beasts no longer had to travel back and forth between the river and the vegetable fields.

They only needed to draw water on the spot.

They could turn around and take two steps to pour the water into the vegetable field.

It was not only convenient but also fast.

As for the end of the canal, Bai Di had specially dug a huge pit.

The river flowed into the pit and formed a small pool.

Some fish and prawns that swam from the river to the canal swam into the pond.

Lin Huanhuan picked some grass every day and threw them into the pond to feed the fish.

After the fish and prawns were fat, their family would have a lot of fat seafood to eat!


Ever since Huanhuan went to the vegetable field every day to water the seedlings, they had grown faster and faster.

In just a few days, they had grown emerald green vegetable leaves and were as tall as Lin Huanhuans knees.

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She estimated that she should be able to pick these vegetables in two days.

Before that, they had to pick the fruits.

Lin Huanhuan had planted 20 fragrant and crispy fruit trees, as well as 10 sweet fruit trees.

An entire circle of red leaf vines was planted around the fruit trees.

The red leaf vine could produce red berries, and its leaves could be used as seasonings in place of chili peppers.

It was a very practical and highly valuable plant.

The only drawback was that poisonous thorns grew on the vine.

When picking fruits and leaves, one had to be very careful.

It was also because of these red leaf vines that the wild animals who liked to eat wild fruits did not dare to come near.

They could only look at the fruits from afar.

The fruits were not ripe yet, but the fragrant and crispy fruits were all ripe.

The round fruits hung on the branches, looking even more adorable under the green leaves.

As a big cat, Bai Di had the innate skill of climbing trees.

He quickly climbed the tree and plucked the clusters of fruits.

Shuang Yun stood under the tree with a huge hide in his hand, using it to catch the fruit Bai Di threw down.

Fortunately, they did not plant many fruit trees.

After a busy day, they finally finished picking all the fruits before nightfall.

Lin Huanhuan put all these fruits into her space and brought them home.

Not long after they left, a black python approached the fruit forest silently.


It raised its upper body.

Its black snake eyes stared in the direction of Huanhuans departing figure for a long time.

Fragrant and crispy fruits were the snacks that females liked to eat.

Lin Huanhuan distributed a small portion of these fruits to the females in the tribe.

When the females found out that Huanhuan had planted so many delicious fruits, they immediately asked their ambitious partners to plant fruit trees as well.


Therefore, after planting vegetables, a trend of planting fruit trees rose at the foot of the rock mountain.

Lin Huanhuan had harvested a lot of fruits this time.

She estimated that her yield weighed about 1,500 kilograms.


She could not bear to make all of them into jam.

She wondered if she could sell some of these fruits and earn some living expenses.

In any case, they already had a lot of rations at home.

They no longer had to worry about starving.

The production of vegetable fields and fruit forests was surprisingly high, so she could consider selling her harvests now.

She told Shuang Yun and Bai Di what she planned to do.

Shuang Yun looked indifferent.

“Tomorrow is market day.

If you want to sell them, you can sell them at the market.”

Bai Di thought about it more.

“In addition to the fruits, you can sell vegetables and jam too.”

Huanhuan hesitated.

“Only females like to eat vegetables and jam.

Male beasts dont seem to like them.

Will anyone buy them”

Bai Di smiled.

“Dont worry.

As long as a female likes it, many males will come to buy it.”


In order to please the females, those hormonal male beasts could be said to be willing to do anything.

Buying those vegetables and jars of jam for their females was not a problem at all.

Unaware of this, she nodded skeptically at Bai Dis words.

“Then Ill try to sell them.”

It didnt matter if they couldnt sell them.

They could keep the goods for themselves.

The sun had barely risen when the market began.

With his status as Patriarch Shuang Yun, Lin Huanhuan occupied a good stall in the market.

Before she left the house today, Bai Di had wrapped her in a large hide that covered her from head to toe, revealing only her big, bright eyes.


There were too many people in the market.

It would be bad if someone saw that Huanhuan was obedient and cute and had evil intentions toward her.

Although Bai Di was confident that no one could snatch Huanhuan from him, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Shuang Yun didnt like the idea of Huanhuan showing her face to outsiders either.

He supported Bai Dis actions.

The so-called stall was actually very simple.

It was only a small stone house that was used as a temporary warehouse for storing goods.

A table was set up with stone slabs at the door.

Shuang Yun and Bai Di placed the goods on the stone table and waited for customers to arrive.


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