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Under Huanhuans insistence, Shuang Yun was forced to stay at home to recuperate.

For the next few days, Bai Di went down the mountain to water the plants and hunt.

Huanhuan had wanted to go down the mountain to see Sang Ye a few times, but Shuang Yuns leg injury had yet to recover.

She was really worried about leaving him alone at home.

She could only suppress the anxiety in her heart and accompany Shuang Yun at home to recuperate.

Seeing that Shuang Yuns injuries were getting better day by day, Lin Huanhuans thoughts became active again.

She shuffled over to Shuang Yun and looked at him ingratiatingly.

“Can I go out and play”


Shuang Yun did not have as many thoughts as Bai Di.

When he heard Huanhuans words, he went straight to the point and asked, “You want to go down the mountain to find that big snake, right”

Lin Huanhuans thoughts were exposed, and she looked very embarrassed.

She stammered as she explained, “I-I want to look for him.

I promised to look for him back then, but I broke my promise.

I have to explain the misunderstanding.”

“What happens after the misunderstanding is cleared up Are you going to bring him home and make him your mate”

Lin Huanhuan quickly shook her head.

“I didnt mean that!”

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“Since you dont have any feelings for him, why do you care if he misunderstands you Anyway, he has nothing to do with you in the future.”


Lin Huanhuan was speechless.

She knew that Shuang Yun was right, but she still felt very sorry.

After all, she had broken her promise.

She had to make up for her mistake.

Sang Yes hurt expression remained in her mind, making her feel very guilty.


Seeing that she was silent, Shuang Yun raised his right leg, revealing the scar that was about to heal.

He said righteously, “Putting everything else aside, just the fact that he bit me makes it impossible for me to let him into our house!”


“I didnt say he would come into our house.

I can go out and see him…”


“What I mean is that we have to cut ties with him!” Shuang Yun raised his eyebrows, looking unhappy.

“Hes too dangerous.

Not only did he bite me, but he also poisoned you.

If he hadnt saved you, Bai Di and I would have killed him!”


Lin Huanhuan was rendered speechless by his aggressive appearance.

It would have been fine if she was the only one who was bitten, but Sang Ye had also bitten Shuang Yun.

She couldnt ignore Shuang Yuns feelings.


Helpless, she could only lower her head and temporarily give up on looking for Sang Ye.


Time passed quickly.

The vegetables in the field had been harvested twice, and finally, the bird feather vines bore fruit.

Bai Di plucked all the ripe bird feather fruits and carried them home.

These fruits looked like papayas, but they were much harder.

They felt heavy in his hand.

Lin Huanhuan tried to smash the fruit with a rock twice, but the fruit did not move at all.

This thing was harder than a rock!

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Shuang Yun couldnt help but laugh at her.

“Are you sure you want to eat such a thing With your little white teeth, theyll surely be sent flying if you try to take a bite.”


Lin Huanhuan glared at him.

“If you continue talking nonsense, Ill smash your head with the bird feather fruit.

Lets see if your head is harder or this fruit is harder!”


Shuang Yuns smile widened.

“I dont know which one is harder, but I definitely know that with your strength, you cant even lift a bird feather fruit.”


“Dont underestimate me!”


She tried her best to pick up the bird feather fruit on the ground.

Her face was red as she struggled.

She couldnt pick it up.

Shuang Yun smiled gloatingly.

“Do you want me to help you If you do, beg me!”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”


How could this guy be so annoying She wanted to bite this bastard to death!


Lin Huanhuan gritted her teeth and suddenly pounced on his arm to bite it!

But she didnt bite.


Lin Huanhuan: “…”

This was a little awkward.

Shuang Yun touched the back of her head and smiled kindly.

“If you want to bite me, youd better find a rock to sharpen your teeth first.”


In the end, Bai Di couldnt stand it anymore and took the initiative to help Huanhuan pick up the bird feather fruit on the ground.

He asked, “Do you want to cut it open and take a look”


“You can cut it” Lin Huanhuan was very surprised.

Bai Di smiled but said nothing.


His right hand turned into a tiger claw.

With a gentle swipe of his sharp claws, he cut through the hard bird feather fruit like he was cutting tofu.

Lin Huanhuan looked at him in admiration.


Bai Di retracted his claws.

The little females praise pleased him.

Shuang Yun snorted softly.

On the surface, he looked disdainful, but he was secretly regretting it.

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have wasted his breath and directly cut the bird feather fruit for her.

That way, he would be the one admired and praised by the little female.


After the bird feather fruit was cut open, there was white flesh inside and some milk-white seeds in the middle.

Lin Huanhuan dug out all the seeds.

After washing them, she put them in an animal hide bag and planned to keep them as seeds.


The bird feather fruit was very hard, but the pulp was quite crispy.

It was very refreshing to eat.

Lin Huanhuan left a few bird feather fruits to eat raw.

She dug out the rest and placed them on the mountaintop to dry.

She had Bai Di get a rock and make it look like a grindstone.

Then, she put the dried bird feathers and pulp in to grind.

The stone mill was rough, so the pulp was very thick.

Lin Huanhuan specially let Bai Di grind it a few more times before it became thin white powder.

She dipped her finger into it and put it in her mouth.

It did taste like flour!

Lin Huanhuan was especially happy.

That night, she made dough with the flour and rolled it into dumpling wrappers.

She also chopped the meat and made stuffing to wrap it in the dumpling wrappers with cabbage sprouts and seasonings.

At first, she was the only one doing it.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun just watched.

After she made two dumplings, they had learned the skill and immediately followed suit.

Bai Dis dumplings were very beautiful.

They were symmetrical from the left and right sides.

Their shape was extremely standard too.

They could be considered a good sample of what dumplings should look like.

Lin Huanhuan was very impressed.

But Shuang Yun was different.

He liked to eat meat, so he stuffed the dumpling skin with plenty of meat stuffing.

In the end, the dumplings he made were all big and fat.

They were all round and looked more like buns than dumplings.

Lin Huanhuan looked at him speechlessly.

“Your dumplings are too fat.

You need to put less stuffing in them!”


Shuang Yun was not ashamed but proud.

“My dumplings are all male.

Of course, theyre bigger.”


“This is the first time Ive heard of dumplings being divided into males and females.”


“Thats why Im teaching it to you now, arent I Stupid little female.”


Lin Huanhuan bared her teeth.

“Youre the stupid one!”

“And you say youre not stupid Your face is so dirty now.”


Lin Huanhuan quickly wiped her face, only to rub all the flour on her face.

Her fair face immediately turned into a big tabby cat.

Shuang Yun laughed especially loudly.

“I was lying to you just now.

Why are you getting more and more stupid!”


Lin Huanhuan was furious.

She pounced on him and smeared all the flour in her hand on his face, turning him into a big tabby cat like her.

Shuang Yun hugged her and rubbed the flour on his face against her chest.

Lin Huanhuan shouted, “Youre being a hooligan!”

Bai Di smiled helplessly as he calmly wrapped the dumplings and watched them play.



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