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After chasing the fish for a long time, Shuang Yun suddenly felt the contractual ring on his ring finger becoming hot.

His instincts told him that Huanhuan was in danger!

He no longer cared about the fish swaying its tail in front of him.

He immediately jumped ashore, turned into a Silvery Frost White Wolf, and ran back along the river.

Lin Huanhuan was indeed no longer there!

He moved his nose and followed the scent she left behind.

Finally, he found a wooden bucket on the ground by the river.

It was filled with fish, but Lin Huanhuan was nowhere to be seen.

Furthermore, he had smelled the cold scent of the snake at the scene.

The guy who kidnapped Lin Huanhuan must be a snake beast!

Shuang Yun didnt dare to waste any more time.

He immediately followed the scent and ran all the way to the cave.

As soon as he rushed into the cave, he saw Lin Huanhuan being grabbed by the snake beast.

He was furious and waved his wolf claws at the snake beasts back!

However, the snake was too sharp.

He actually dodged it!

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Seeing that his attack had missed, Shuang Yun immediately pounced forward again.

This damned viper! He actually kidnapped Huanhuan when he wasnt paying attention!

He had to kill this poisonous snake!

Sang Ye hugged Huanhuan and refused to let go.

His legs turned into a snake tail that whipped at Shuang Yun!

The two of them fought fiercely, neither willing to give way to the other.

Lin Huanhuan was terrified.

She was afraid that they would hurt each other.

There were a few times when she wanted to shout for them to stop, but she no longer had the strength to speak.

Her body was weak, and her head was dizzy.

He wondered if Sang Yes venom could be fatal.

If it was fatal, she was doomed!

Shuang Yun was more used to leading the wolf pack in battle.

This kind of one-on-one combat was not his forte.

In addition, he was worried about Huanhuans safety and was afraid of causing trouble.

He did not dare to make any big moves.

In just a few moves, he was at a disadvantage and was sent flying by Sang Yes tail!

Shuang Yun rolled on the ground and quickly got up.

He dodged the other partys tail that was whipping at him again and shook the white fur on his body.

Then, he pounced ferociously.

In the end, it was Bai Di who arrived in time to prevent Shuang Yun from being whipped into a miserable state.

The two of them worked together to deal with Sang Ye.

The strength of a three-stared soul beast could not be underestimated.

Sang Ye was fighting one against two and was forced to retreat.

He was finally angry.

Even if he had to die, he would never hand Huanhuan over!

Sang Ye slowly placed Lin Huanhuan on the ground.

Then, he suddenly tore off his clothes and turned into a complete black python.

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He opened his bloody mouth and bit Shuang Yun!

Shuang Yun hurriedly retreated, but he still couldnt completely dodge.

His hind legs were caught by the python, and he cried out in pain.

Bai Di saw that the situation was bad and immediately transformed into a white tiger.

He pounced forward and bit the pythons neck!

The neck was the pythons Achilles heel.

The snake stiffened from the bite.

Shuang Yun took the opportunity to escape from the snakes mouth.

The python wanted to chase after him, but Bai Di held it back.

Both of them were three-starred soul beasts, and their strength was similar.

Seeing this, Shuang Yun knew that he couldnt interfere.

He didnt want to drag Bai Di down, so he left the battle.

He dragged his blood-stained hind legs and quickly ran to Lin Huanhuans side.

Lin Huanhuan was in a bad state.

The snake venom had spread throughout her body.

She was unconscious and trembling.

Her lips were pale.

Shuang Yun cursed inwardly.

He quickly transformed into a human and picked her up.


Lin Huanhuan still did not react, and her breathing got weaker.

Shuang Yun roared at the python, “What did you do to Huanhuan Shes about to die!”

His roar made the python and the white tiger stop.

The python shook off the white tiger and quickly rushed to Lin Huanhuans side.

Seeing that she was unconscious, he knew that her situation was indeed very bad.

Sang Ye immediately transformed into a human.

He wanted to touch Lin Huanhuan, but he was stopped by Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun stared at him warily.

“What do you want!”

Sang Ye said, “To neutralize snake venom, snake blood is the best antidote.”

“How do we know youre not going to poison her again!”

Sang Yes gaze was dark.

“Its up to you to believe me or not.”

Bai Di also transformed into a human and interrupted, “Do it on Shuang Yun first.

If hes not poisoned to death, you can save Huanhuan.”


Shuang Yun had lost a lot of blood from the bite on his calf.

The wound was slightly blackened, a sign that he had been poisoned by a snake.

He was a little dizzy, but his physique was strong.

Besides, he had a beast soul in his body, so he still looked normal.

Shuang Yun wasnt happy with Bai Dis suggestion that he be used as a guinea pig, but he didnt say anything.


He would do anything to save Huanhuan.

Sang Ye bit his wrist and squeezed out blood.

“Come on.”

Shuang Yun reached out to take a few drops of blood in disdain.

He put his hand to his mouth and swallowed the blood.

It didnt take long for the wound on his leg to turn a normal red.

He wasnt dizzy anymore.

He nodded to Bai Di that it was alright.

Only then did Bai Di let go and let Sang Ye approach Huan Huan.

Sang Ye did not seem to notice their anger and hostility.

He calmly pulled Lin Huanhuan into his arms.

He squeezed out blood and let it fall into Lin Huanhuans mouth, forcing her to swallow it.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun stared at his actions without blinking.

Not long after, Lin Huanhuan woke up.

When she saw Sang Ye, who was so close to her, she couldnt help but want to apologize.

However, she couldnt say a complete sentence no matter how hard she tried.

Sang Ye explained coldly, “Although the snake venom has been neutralized, your physique is weak.

You still need to recuperate for a few days before you can completely recover.

After tonight, you should be able to speak.”

Upon hearing that Lin Huanhuan was fine, Shuang Yun immediately snatched her over.

Sang Ye originally refused to let go, but when his gaze touched the bite on Lin Huanhuans neck, his fingers involuntarily loosened.

Every time she was with him, she got hurt and sick.

Sang Ye lowered his eyes, his heart cold.

Those people were right.

He was a cursed sinner.

Anyone who approached him would either die or be injured.

It was good to just let her go.

She didnt like him anyway.

Lin Huanhuan saw his expression and felt suffocated.

She wanted to take his hand, but as soon as she raised it, Bai Di blocked her.


Bai Di said to Sang Ye, “I know you saved Huanhuan the last time, and this time, you almost caused her to die.

Neither of you owes the other now.”


Sang Ye was silent.

He was a beast who didnt like to talk.

He would only take the initiative to speak in front of Huanhuan.

In front of others, he would never speak if he could fight.

When he didnt respond, Bai Di didnt care.

“Huanhuan is our mate.

We have to take her home immediately.

I hope you wont disturb our lives again.”

With that, Bai Di looked at Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun immediately understood and carried Lin Huanhuan out.


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