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After being tossed and turned for the entire night, Lin Huanhuan was extremely tired.

She lay on the bed, feeling drained.

Shuang Yun had learned his lesson this time.

He took the initiative to boil water and help her wash her body.

Then, he shamelessly leaned in front of her and gently stroked her stomach.

His dark green eyes were filled with anticipation.

“Well have wolf cubs soon.”

Lin Huanhuan closed her eyes slowly and ignored him.

This guy was too much.

Shed already said she didnt want to get pregnant, but he had still stubbornly ejaculated inside her.

He also blocked that spot with his wolfs tail so that the semen wouldnt flow out.


If she wasnt so tired that she couldnt move, shed kick this bastard out of bed.

Shuang Yun was in a particularly good mood.

Even when he saw Bai Di, his usual cold expression was gone.

He smiled happily for the first time.

Unfortunately, his words still didnt sound good.

“Huanhuan is going to give birth soon.

Dont mate with her for the time being.”

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Bai Di frowned.

“Huanhuans pregnant”

“Not yet, but she will be soon.”

Bai Di reacted quickly.

“Did you mate with her in beast form”

Shuang Yun raised his chin and smiled proudly.

“Thats right!”

Bai Dis expression changed.

He pushed Shuang Yun aside and strode into the house.

Lin Huanhuan was resting on the bed.

When she saw Bai Di, she quickly sat up and wrapped the animal hide around her body.

She looked very flustered.

Although she and Shuang Yun were now legally married, she didnt want Bai Di to see her like this.

She felt like she was being caught in bed by her husband.

Even with the hide wrapped around her, Bai Di could see the hickeys on her neck and shoulders.

Her lips were swollen from kisses.


All of it showed how intense they were last night.

Bai Dis eyes darkened.

He really wanted to kill that bastard Shuang Yun!

Due to the existence of the contractual ring, Lin Huanhuan acutely sensed that Bai Di was in a bad mood.


It was a cold feeling that was the exact opposite of the gentleness and consideration he usually showed her.

Lin Huanhuan was already guilty.

Now, she was afraid.

She grabbed the animal hide on her body and shrank back.

Bai Di noticed her small gesture, and his heart clenched.

He reached out and hugged Lin Huanhuan along with the blanket.

He asked softly, “Are you really going to give birth to his children”

Lin Huanhuan quickly said, “No, I—”

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Shuang Yun suddenly walked in and interrupted her.

“Of course, Huanhuan will give birth to my children! If you want children too, line up obediently.

Anyway, the first litter will definitely be mine!”

Bai Di gave him a cold look.

“Huanhuan doesnt want to have your children at all.

You forced her last night!”


Shuang Yun snorted and refused to be outdone.

“What do you mean by forcing her Thats called having fun!”


In the past, Bai Di wouldnt have said anything.

However, under the influence of the main ring, his way of thinking had unconsciously become more unyielding.

He now found Shuang Yun very unpleasant to the eye.

He wished he could immediately make Shuang Yun disappear from this world!

Huanhuan was his, both physically and mentally! What right did others have to share her!

Lin Huanhuan sensed that something was wrong with Bai Dis expression and quickly said, “I wasnt forced.

I did it willingly.

Dont be angry.”


Bai Di looked down at her.

“Are you really willing to bear his children”

“Im not too willing…” Lin Huanhuan noticed that Shuang Yuns expression was a little ugly, so she quickly continued, “But if Im really pregnant, then Ill give birth! ”


She was going to give birth anyway.

It was just a matter of time.


Besides, she couldnt do something as cruel as aborting the children.

If she got pregnant, she would give birth.

If she wasnt, so be it.

Shuang Yun said firmly, “Youll definitely get pregnant! I believe in you!”


Lin Huanhuan was speechless.

“How can you be sure about this!”

“Anyway, I believe you can get pregnant!”

Lin Huanhuan really did not know where Shuang Yuns confidence came from.

Bai Di didnt want Huanhuan to be pregnant with someone elses child, but she had already made her stand.

No matter how uncomfortable he felt, he had to endure it.

Lin Huanhuan looked at Shuang Yun.

“Arent you going out to hunt today”

Shuang Yun was very excited now.

He did not want to hunt at all.

He only wanted to guard Huan Huan and not go anywhere.

“Ill rest for the next two days.”

“Huh But I have something to ask of you!”

Shuang Yun raised his eyebrows.

“What is it”

“I want to grow some vegetables.

Youre more familiar with this place.

Help me see if theres any place around here suitable for farming.”

She still had nearly 400 seeds in her bag.

She had to plant them all in spring.

The future of vegetables and fruit crops depended on these seeds!

Although Shuang Yun was reluctant to leave, he still satisfied her request.

“I really dont know what to do with you, you annoying little female!”

Lin Huanhuan was speechless.

Shuang Yun reluctantly went down the mountain.

Only Lin Huanhuan and Bai Di were left in the house.

Lin Huanhuan took this opportunity to talk to Bai Di.

“You dont look yourself today.

Did something happen”


Bai Di held her close to him for a long moment.

“I regret it,” he said.


“If Id known youd take a fancy to Shuang Yun, I wouldnt have agreed to stay in the first place.

I should have taken you somewhere else for winter.

That way, you wouldnt have become Shuang Yuns mate.

Youd have belonged to me alone.”

Lin Huanhuan looked at him in confusion.

“But you were the one who made me mate with Shuang Yun.”

“Thats why I regret it.

I regret it very, very much.”


Seeing that he didnt seem to be joking, Lin Huanhuan immediately said seriously, “If you had said such things before we became mates, I would definitely have listened to you and not become mates with other males.

But now that Ive already established a mate contract with Shuang Yun, I cant abandon him.”

Bai Di looked down at the contractual ring on his finger in silence.

He knew his reaction was making things difficult for Huanhuan.

At the same time, he knew that he was acting a little abnormal.

In the past, he had always prioritized taking care of Huanhuans feelings.

But now, he wanted to kill Huanhuan because she was mating with someone else.


And all these changes had started when he wore the master ring.


It seemed that he was affected by the main ring.

Seeing that he was silent, Lin Huanhuan thought that he was unwilling to let go of his hostility toward Shuang Yun.

She said helplessly, “Shuang Yuns matter has been decided.

Its impossible for me to go back on my word.

However, I can promise you that I wont accept any male beasts other than you and Shuang Yun.”



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