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554 Are You Flirting With Me

Arso was obviously angry at Normans unreasonable request, but he was calmer than the others.

“Patriarch Norman, Im very sorry about Leta.

We dwarfs are willing to give you a gift as compensation.

I hope youll be magnanimous and forgive us this time.”

“A gift Are you talking about the scrap metal you make” Norman sneered, his eyes filled with disdain.

“Even if you give me that trash, Ill just think it takes up space!”

The dwarfs loved invention and were proud of it.

Normans sarcasm was an unbearable insult to the dwarfs.

It was even more unbearable than forcing them to work hard!

No one could underestimate their inventions!

No one!

The dwarfs were instantly blinded by anger and burned away what little rationality they had.

They roared at Norman.

“Youre trash! Youre a simple-minded idiot!”

boxn ovel.


Normans expression darkened.

Dwarfs hated it when people talked about height.

Goffins hated hearing people say things likesimple-minded.

The dwarfs provocation hit the Goffins sore spot.

Now, there was no possibility of reconciliation.

Normans gaze swept over the dwarfs, cruel and ruthless.

“Since you want to die, Ill fulfill your wish today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he ordered the Goffin warriors to rush into Swan Valley!

The shouts pierced the clouds.

They were deafening!

The dwarfs fled in a hurry, dodging the blades in the Goffins hands.

Arso stood in the chaos and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Stop! Stop!”

However, no one listened to him.

The Goffins were busy killing people, and the dwarfs were busy running for their lives.

Someone bumped into Arso in the chaos.

The old patriarch fell to the ground.

But before he could get up, the ferocious beast under Norman had already raised its front claws and stepped on Arso!

The sound of bones breaking was muffled by the shouts and cries.

Blood flowed to the ground.

The Goffins eyes were bloodshot as they harvested lives crazily.

One by one, the dwarfs fell.

Mark was almost killed by the Goffins as he fled.

At the critical moment, his uncle, Abe, rushed out and took the knife for him with his body.

Abe lay in a pool of blood, his eyes still fixed in Marks direction.

He let out a weak cry.

“Go… Go…”

“Uncle!” Mark rushed over crazily, picked him up, and rushed out of the battlefield.

When they got home, Mark lowered his uncle to a chair.

By now, Abe was covered in blood and dead.

Mark wiped his face.

Blood and tears mixed, smearing his face.

As he cried, he helped Abe close his eyes.

“Uncle, Ill avenge you!”

Mark rushed into the studio and exited the house with a cannon he had just finished.

He found a higher spot and saw that the entire Swan Valley had become a battlefield.

Blood was everywhere.

Norman was riding on the back of a ferocious beast with an unparalleled aura.

He was covered in blood, most of it from his enemies.

He licked the blood off his face and grinned like a lunatic dominated by killing.

He enjoyed the thrill of killing.

It made him feel like he was the master of the world.

No life could escape the blade in his hand.

With trembling hands, Mark adjusted the direction of the cannon.

After lighting the fuse, there was a bang.

A ball of fire shot out and flew into the sky.

It suddenly exploded into gorgeous fireworks.

Everyone in Swan Valley paused because of the loud bang.

But soon, they threw themselves back into the killing.

A cannon blast could not stop the Goffins from killing.

Mark stared blankly at the fireworks, then remembered that he could only make fireworks.

He couldnt make shells.

The formula for the gunpowder was in Huanhuans hand.

Cannons without shells could only release fireworks.

They had no attack power.

Mark covered his face and squatted down, crying.

‘Uncle, I cant avenge you.

The sun was almost setting, and the sky was gradually darkening.

The fireworks exploded in midair, making them stand out.

Huanhuan and the gnomes saw it from a few miles away.

This was the first time the gnomes had seen fireworks.

They all looked up with wide eyes and very surprised expressions.

“Wow! What beautiful flames!”

The fireworks were indeed quite beautiful, but Huanhuan was more concerned about…

The cannons were in Marks hands.

The person who set off the fireworks must be Mark.

But why would Mark set off fireworks for no reason

Could something have happened in Swan Valley

Huanhuan had a bad feeling.

She shouted, “Lance!”

The night elf, who had already run away without a trace, suddenly descended from the sky and landed steadily in front of her.

He looked down at her, his expression still dark.


“I suspect something has happened in Swan Valley.

Youre faster.

I want to ask you to go to Swan Valley first and see whats going on.”

“Who do you think you are Who are you to order me around!”

Huanhuan clasped her hands together.

“Just take it as though Im begging you, okay”

The snow veil covered her face, making it impossible to see what she looked like now, but her voice was soft like a feather that tickled ones ears.

The night elfs sharp ears twitched as if he was uncomfortable.

At the same time, his mood became even worse.

“Are you flirting with me Im telling you, I wont fall for it!”

“Are you sure you cant help me”

Lance was especially cold.

“No, find someone else!”

“Oh.” Huanhuan looked disappointed.

“Then Ill find someone else.”

“Who are you going to look for”

“Its none of your business.”

A moment later, the night elf walked through the forest like the wind and was so fast that his figure could not be seen clearly.

As he hurried along, Lance cursed himself for being spineless.

He was especially unhappy to hear that the girl was going to find someone else.

The consequence of being unhappy was that he impulsively agreed to her request.

He felt that this development was especially bad.

If this continued, he would be controlled by this girl sooner or later!

Lance made a mental decision…

After this matter was over, he would leave Lin Huanhuan and go far away.

He would never see her again, lest he was led by the nose by her again.

As for Murphys wishes, they were not within Lances consideration for the time being.

In any case, the control of this body was currently in Lances hands.

Lance could do whatever he wanted.

The night elf was very fast.

Before long, he successfully arrived at Swan Valley.

He looked over and saw that the entire Swan Valley was filled with figures fighting.

The rich smell of blood squeezed into his nose, almost suffocating him.

Oh, it was the Goffins!

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