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552 Youre Still Inexperienced!

Two days later, Huanhuan and Lance headed to Swan Valley again.

This time, in order to prevent Arso from turning hostile, she specially brought the gnomes with her.

For this, Huanhuan specially paid 100 gold coins to Elman as abodyguard fee for hiring the gnomes.

The gnomes only mission was to protect Huanhuan and Lance until they returned to the mine.

With a large sum of gold coins as payment, Elman gladly accepted the seemingly easy mission.

To be honest, Lance didnt think this group of short gnomes was very useful.

He thought Huanhuan was wasting money.

Huanhuan spread her hands helplessly.

“I need bodyguards to protect me because Im too rich.

Its not easy to be rich these days.

I have to be careful of being robbed at all times.

Im so tired~”

Lance: “…”

‘Go ahead and show off.

Ill admit defeat if youre beaten to death!

Huanhuan actually did not expect these gnomes to really protect her.

She had brought the gnomes along for show.

The more ostentatious it was, the more imposing it was.

boxn ovel.


When Arso saw that she had so manybodyguards with her, he would definitely be afraid of her and wouldnt dare to easily snatch her belongings in the future.

Huanhuan and Lance set off for Swan Valley with nearly a hundred gnomes.

Lance was different from Murphy.

Murphy would deliberately slow down and accompany Huanhuan.

When he saw that she was tired, he would even take the initiative to stop and rest.

He displayed the demeanor of a light elf to the fullest.

Lance was the opposite.

When he ran, he didnt care about Huanhuan beside him at all.

He darted through the forest like the wind.

In the blink of an eye, Huanhuan and the gnomes were already far behind him.

Huanhuan and the gnomes could only follow behind on their short legs.

After walking for a long time, Huanhuan was so tired that she was panting.

Just as she held the tree trunk to rest, she heard a cold voice floating down from above.

“Youve only walked for so little, yet you cant do it anymore”

Huanhuan looked up and saw Lance standing on the tree trunk, looking down at her.

Even from afar, Huanhuan could clearly see the mockery on his face.

She panted.

“Huff, huff.

Im not as good as you.

My stamina is poor.”

Seeing her admit her shortcomings so frankly, Lance had nothing to say.

He snorted, thinking that if she was willing to ask him for help, he would reluctantly carry her for a while.

Unfortunately, Huanhuan was stubborn.

She walked for a long time, and her legs trembled with exhaustion.

Even when the sun had set, she didnt say a word.

Lance looked at her as if she were a fool.

The gnomes legs were shorter than Huanhuan, but their stamina was many times better.

After walking for a day, Huanhuan was as tired as a dog.

However, the gnomes were still not red-faced or panting.

They looked almost the same.

Huanhuan sat down on the grass and panted.

“I cant take it anymore.

Lets rest here tonight.

Well continue tomorrow.”

Like a ghost, Lance descended silently from the sky and landed steadily in front of her.

He didnt hide the disdain in his eyes.

“Youre useless.”

Huanhuan ignored his mockery and closed her eyes to rest.

Under Elmans direction, the gnomes methodically picked up firewood and lit a fire.

They went nearby to pick some berries.

After washing them, they brought them back and shared them with everyone for dinner.

Lance was given a share, but he didnt take it.

He looked down at the berries picked by the gnomes and went to a nearby tree to pick some big and round wild fruits.

When Lance returned with a bag of wild fruits, he saw Huanhuan sleeping soundly against a tree trunk.

He asked the surrounding gnomes and learned that this girl had not even eaten dinner.

He walked over and flipped the bag over.

Wild fruits were poured out and smashed against Huanhuan.

Huanhuan was forcefully woken up.

Huanhuan was very unhappy that her good dream had been disturbed.

She glared at Lance angrily.

“What are you doing!”

Lance then picked up a wild fruit and said as he ate, “Eat.”

“No!” Huanhuan closed her eyes and wanted to sleep again.

Lance spat the core out of his mouth.

The small fruit core passed through the snow silk as if it had eyes and hit Huanhuans face.

She winced at the pain.

Lance said, “Sleep after.”

This guy was so annoying! Huanhuan was furious.

She casually grabbed a wild fruit and threw it at Lance!

Lance caught the wild fruit easily and raised his chin.

A row of words seemed to be written on his handsome face,You want to hit me Youre still too young!

This was too much! Huanhuan was so angry that she completely lost sleep.

She got up and slammed into Lance like a small steel cannon!

Caught off guard, Lance was thrown to the ground.

Huanhuan rode on his waist and grabbed his collar with both hands.

A corner of the snow silk veil on her straw hat was raised, revealing her angry face.

“If you provoke me again, Ill beat you up!”

Instinctively, Lance held her waist so she wouldnt fall.

Unexpectedly, when he touched her, he realized that her waist was thinner and softer than he had imagined.

After his palm touched it, he immediately seemed to be in a trance and couldnt bear to move away.

Huanhuan did not notice how ambiguous their actions were at this moment.

She focused on threatening the other party.

“Im very tired now and need to rest.

Dont disturb me again, or dont blame me for being rude to you!”

Lance was so focused on her soft and light body that he didnt quite know what she was talking about.

Seeing that he didnt react, Huanhuan had no choice but to repeat what she had just said.

Lance finally reacted this time.


Huanhuan let go of his collar and got up from him.

She turned around and realized that all the gnomes present were looking at the two of them.

There was indescribable ambiguity in their gazes.

As an experienced person who had been married for many years, Huanhuan was too familiar with such gazes.

In the past, when she was intimate with her four male beasts, the acquaintances and friends around her would show such tacit ambiguous expressions.

The corners of her mouth twitched.

“What are you thinking I was just playing with Lance.”

Elman swallowed the berries in his mouth and nodded.

“Yes, yes, we understand.”

Huanhuans expression turned awkward.

“What do you understand!”

“Of course, we understand.

Youre unmarried.

Its normal for you to be attracted to each other.

As friends, we sincerely wish you well!”

Huanhuan chuckled.

“Youre really mistaken.

Im already married.

My children are already taller than me.”

Everyone: “…”

She looked like she had just reached adulthood, but she had already given birth!

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