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549 Youre Lying To Us!

Huanhuan and Lance returned to the mine.

The gnomes were still mining methodically.

When there was no one around, Huanhuan told Little Brat about seeing Xing Chen in her dream that night.

This time, Little Brat finally stopped saying that she was dreaming.

He pondered and said, “Logically speaking, Xing Chen is trapped in the Sea of Illusions.

Its impossible for him to appear on the dawn continent unless…”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “Unless what”

“Unless hes returned to the abyss.”

“What do you mean” Huanhuan was puzzled.

“The Sea of Illusions can lead directly to the abyss.

With Xing Chens special identity, its very easy for him to return to the abyss.

The abyss has a special passage to various continents.

He can reach the dawn continent through that passage, but…”

Huanhuan couldnt stand him anymore and urged, “Cant you say it all in one go Why do you have to keep me hanging”

Little Brat didnt keep her in suspense anymore and said everything he wanted to say in one go.

“The abyss isnt a place you can come and go as you please.

As long as any creature wants to come out of the abyss after entering it, they have to break through layers of obstacles.

Only by passing those tests alive can they leave the abyss.

The stronger a creature is, the more dangerous the obstacles they face.

boxn ovel.


“When Xing Chen left the abyss for the first time, he was tortured until he couldnt even change into his human form.

Now that hes much stronger, the power to stop him from leaving the abyss will also be stronger.

Even if he doesnt die, hell lose a layer of skin.”

Huanhuan remembered that in her dream, Xing Chen could only condense into a human figure.

She couldnt even see his facial features clearly.

Could that be the price he had to pay to leave the abyss

She told Little Brat her guess.

Little Brat sighed.

“According to your description, hes indeed in a terrible state.

He doesnt even have a physical body.

He can only pester you in dreams.”

Huanhuan couldnt understand his obsession.

“Hes already like this.

Why cant he let me go”

To be honest, even Little Brat did not expect Xing Chens obsession with Huanhuan to be so deep.

Anyone who could do such a thing after returning to the abyss was either crazy or a maniac.

It seemed that Xing Chen was both.

Little Brat said coldly, “At this point, you only have two choices.”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “What are they”

“Kill Xing Chen and youll be free.”

Huanhuan: “…”

Little Brat quickly sensed the change in her mood.

“Youre not willing to do it”

Huanhuan lowered her shoulders.

“I cant do it.”

“Then you only have one last option.”


“Try to be at peace with him.”

Huanhuan felt that this was even more unreliable than the previous method.

She held her forehead.

“Hes a lunatic.

He has no bottom line at all.

Killing people is as normal as eating to him.

How would I dare to live peacefully with him What if he suddenly goes crazy one day and kills me!”

“Thats in the past.

Xing Chen is very weak now.

He doesnt even have a physical body.

He can only rely on your dreams to look for you.

It should be easy for you to train him.”

Huanhuan was still very hesitant.

“But hes Xing Chen, after all…”

It was the demon king who would do anything to achieve his goal.

He even opened the door to release demons who would cause misery and suffering to the entire beast continent!

In his eyes, principles and morals were nothing.

He only followed his own thoughts.

Could someone who did whatever they wanted really be changed

Little Brat didnt force her.

“This is a good opportunity.

If you lose it, you might not be able to have it again in the future, but you have a point.

Hes indeed a dangerous guy.

Think about it.

No matter what decision you make, Ill support you.”

Huanhuan replied softly, “Mhm.”

The light elves were good at archery.

Their archery skills allowed them to behead people easily.

Night elves were more suitable for close combat.

They moved through the forest and disappeared like the wind.

In the blink of an eye, they would have silently appeared behind the enemy.

Then, they would slit the enemys throat.

They were elves and also ghosts.

At the same time, they were the most unpredictable assassins on this continent.

When Lance entered Swan Valley, no one noticed his arrival.

He was here to take revenge on the Goffins.

Although Leta was dead, it didnt erase Lances hatred for them.

Night elves were sensitive and liked to hold grudges.

They also liked to take revenge.

Those Goffins were his enemies.

None of them could escape!

Lance shuttled through the Swan Valley like a ghost and quickly found the Goffins.

They lived in the cabin used to entertain outsiders.

The two-story cabin was much taller than the other houses around it.

Dwarfs usually couldnt use it, but it was just right for the Goffins.

Letas body was placed on the bed.

She was covered in animal hide.

The incision at her neck had stopped bleeding.

The other four Goffins sat around the bed, each with an ugly expression.

As Lance was about to sneak into the room and finish off the guys, there was a knock on the door.

A Goffin got up to pull it open, and Arso walked in.

At less than a meter tall, Arso looked especially small in this room.

Especially since there were four tall and strong Goffins standing in front of him.

He was like a round old tree stump in comparison.

Why was a dwarf here

Lance sensed that there might be something else going on.

He temporarily set aside his plan to take revenge and hid in the dark to wait and see.

In the beginning, when the few people inside spoke, they deliberately lowered their voices so that no one passing by outside would hear them.

But toward the end, the Goffins became more and more agitated.

They involuntarily raised their voices.

“Old Patriarch, you were the one who invited us over! You were the one who said that we could get that gold mine as long as we caught her.

But now, not only have we not seen a trace of the gold mine, but weve also lost Leta.

You have to be responsible for this to the end!”

Arso looked up at them.

“Calm down.

Letas death was an accident.

It has nothing to do with you or me…”

The Goffins became even angrier.

“Thats easy for you to say! Do you know who Leta is Shes the daughter of the tribe leader.

The tribe leader dotes on her.

If he finds out that Leta was killed, not only the four of us but the entire dwarf tribe will be in trouble!”

Arso explained anxiously, “You cant say that.

I asked you to help back then because I wanted you to send a few shrewd and capable Goffins.

I didnt expect you to take the tribe leaders daughter along with you.

I really didnt know things would turn out like this!”

“When you invited us here, you said that there was no one else with that woman but an elf.

You said it was easy to capture her.

Thats why Leta wanted to come and have some fun.

But what happened in the end She died!”

The other three Goffins were also furious.

“You lied to us! You have to take full responsibility for this!”


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