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532 Weapon

The metal arrow was very sharp and pierced deeply into the wall.

Huanhuan tried her best but could not pull it out.

In the end, it was Mark who pulled it out.

Although the dwarf was short, he was quite strong.

Mark asked her what she thought about it.

“Its very good!” Huanhuan touched the small crossbow lovingly.

It was light, but it was much more lethal than ordinary bows.

It was most suitable for a weak woman like her to defend herself with.

Mark was very proud to be praised for his work.

“This isnt my proudest work.

Ive been researching a more powerful weapon recently.

If that thing is done, itll be really awesome.”

Huanhuan looked humble.

“What kind of weapon is it Can I have the honor of seeing it”

If it were when he first saw Huanhuan during the day, Mark would definitely not agree with her request.

But after eating her delicious food just now, his perception of her had improved a lot.

Coupled with her beautiful face that made one forget about everything else and her pitiful background…

Mark readily agreed to her request.

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“Come with me.”

Huanhuan put away the small crossbow and followed Mark into the underground studio.

The studio was even larger than she had imagined.

There were seven or eight large cabinets, each filled with strangely shaped parts.

The firewood in the stove was burning brightly and red metal liquid was boiling in the big crucible.

On the big workbench in the middle was a cannon that had already taken shape.

Its black metal appearance emitted a cold luster.

Mark stroked it as if he were stroking a child of his.

He was filled with pride and intimacy.

“This is the latest weapon Ive developed.”

Huanhuans eyes widened.

This was a small cannon that was less than a meter long.

It was very simple and far less impressive than the cannons in the modern army.

But no matter how simple it was, it was still a real cannon!

If this thing was placed on the beast continent, it could blast those disgusting worms into pieces in minutes!

If Rock City had such powerful firearms, they would no longer have to worry about being bullied.

If anyone dared to come looking for trouble, they could blast those bastards away and make them into the most brilliant fireworks on the horizon!

Huanhuan praised from the bottom of her heart, “Youre really amazing.

You made such a good cannon!”

Mark squared his shoulders, enjoying her praise.

But what was a cannon

He had never heard of it.

Mark thought for a moment and felt that this name was very appropriate for the new weapon he made, so he decided to name it a cannon!

Huanhuan asked carefully, “Can this cannon be mass-produced”

Mark frowned.

“The materials used to make cannons are a little difficult to procure, and the craftsmanship is more complicated, but thats not the most troublesome part.”


“Its energy crystals.

These cannons rely on energy crystals to fire.

Without crystals, they cant fire shells.”

A cannon that couldnt fire shells was no different from scrap metal.

Huanhuan quickly said, “I still have a lot of crystals.

As long as you can produce more cannons, I can be in charge of providing the crystals needed to make cannons.

I can also use crystals as payment for making the cannons!”

Hearing the last sentence, Mark was immediately tempted.

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