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530 Energy Crystal

Huanhuan was sleeping soundly, completely unaware that danger was approaching.

A dozen monsters with barbs on their backs walked out of the grass.

They bared their sharp fangs, and saliva flowed down their grinning mouths.

Their scarlet eyes were fixed on Huanhuan and Murphy.

The two of them had clearly become food in the eyes of these dozen monsters.

Murphy had been expecting them.

Unhurried, he nocked an arrow and aimed at the largest monster.

His slender figure looked especially tall at night.

The ends of his golden hair fluttered in the wind, and his emerald eyes were cold.

The monsters suddenly jumped up and pounced on Murphy!

At the same time, Murphy released his fingers, and the arrow flew out.

The arrow tore through the night sky with a sharp aura!

It shot right into the largest monsters eye!

The monster fell to the ground and howled in pain.

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Murphy immediately fired several more arrows.

They were extremely fast, and each arrow hit the monsters right in their eyes.

Clearly, their eyes were their weakness.

After being hit by the arrow, they immediately lost their combat strength and could only roll on the ground and scream.

Their cries woke Lin Huanhuan from her sleep.

As she rubbed her sleepy eyes, she looked in the direction of the sound and saw several strange things rolling on the ground not far away.

“What are they”

Murphy stared at the monsters.

“These are monsters from the abyss.

They only appear on the night of the full moon.

Theyre very ferocious creatures.

If you encounter them alone, you have to run far away.

Dont be caught by them.”

“Oh.” Huanhuan got up and walked to his side, craning her neck to look at the monsters.

These things also had magic patterns on them, but they looked very different from demons.

Murphys archery was very good.

He hit almost every target.

Under his impenetrable defense, the monsters could not approach.

The two sides were in a deadlock for the entire night.

It was not until dawn that the monsters had no choice but to drag their injured bodies away.

Murphy lowered his bow, indicating that danger had passed.

Huanhuan said, “Youve been busy all night.

Hurry up and rest.

Ill go nearby to find something to eat.”

Murphy knew that she might be an alchemist and should have no problem protecting herself, so he didnt stop her and let her leave alone.

Huanhuan picked some purple leafberries and took out some sweet fruits from her space.

After washing them, she brought them back to make breakfast for Murphy.

After eating and drinking their fill, the two of them continued on their way.

Two days later, they finally reached Swan Valley.

There were no swans in the so-called Swan Valley.

There was only a group of very short dwarfs.

It was the first time Huanhuan had seen such short people.

She couldnt help but stare curiously at the passing dwarfs.

Murphy reminded her, “In Swan Valley, youd better not mention words like height or laugh at them for being short.

If you encounter impatient dwarfs, dont argue with them.

Theyre alright when theyre calm.”

He paused again and said in amusement, “I almost forgot.

You dont know the language of the dwarfs.

You shouldnt need to bother with these taboos.”

Huanhuans gaze swept over the buildings on either side of the street.

The buildings here had a very obvious common characteristic…

They were all very short!

All the houses were very short.

Huanhuan was already relatively short, yet these houses were even shorter than her!

If she wanted to go in, she had to lower her head and bend down.

For the first time in her life, Huanhuan thought that she was actually quite tall.

Murphy said, “I have a friend here I know.

Let me take you to him.”


Murphys friend lived deep in Swan Valley.

He had a small, independent building with a red roof.

It looked rather pocket-sized and cute.

“This is my friend.

His name is Mark.”

Mark was a very round dwarf.

He was fair and fat with dark eyes.

He even had a pair of big black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Coupled with his short legs, he looked like a roly-poly doll.

Mark pushed up his big glasses and looked Huanhuan up and down.

“You dont look like an elf or a dwarf or a giant.

What race are you”

Huanhuan said vaguely, “Im a beast.”

Mark and Murphy looked surprised at her answer.

Mark was surprised that Huanhuan was a beast.

Meanwhile, Murphy was surprised that she could understand the language of the dwarfs.

Not only that, but she could also speak the language very fluently.

“When did beasts appear on the dawn continent” Mark circled Huanhuan, his fair and chubby face filled with curiosity.

“Whats your true form”

Huanhuan tried to look calm.

“My true form is an ape beast.”

“Then can you transform into an ape beast now”

Huanhuan looked troubled.

“We females dont usually return to our original forms.”


“Because we need to take off our clothes in our true form.”

Mark immediately looked understanding.

“I see! I understand.”

He didnt make any more requests for Huanhuan to return to her original form.

It was rude to have a beautiful woman strip naked in front of the opposite sex.

Even the dwarfs who didnt care much about rules wouldnt do such a thing.

Huanhuan hoped to stay here for a while.

Mark said that he could lend her the small attic above, but he would have to charge a rent of 10 silver coins a month.

Huanhuan looked troubled again.

Mark assumed she thought it was too expensive, so he explained seriously, “Logically speaking, we cant take in outsiders here, especially people like you, who are much taller than us.

If the leader finds out, hell definitely come to me to ask about the situation.

I think its already very cheap that Im charging you 10 silver coins, and thats only for Murphys sake.”

“I appreciate you taking me in, but I dont have any silver coins with me.”

Mark could tell that the clothes she was wearing were not cheap.

He guessed that she might be the daughter of a rich family, so he asked, “Then do you only have gold coins on you Theres a trade center in Swan Valley that specializes in exchanging gold coins to silver coins, but theres a fee.”

Huanhuan whispered, “I dont have any gold coins either.”

The only thing she had was a crucible made of gold, but that thing was important to her.

She had no intention of melting it.

Marks eyes widened.

“You dont have any money with you”

Huanhuan blushed with embarrassment.

“I have money, but not gold and silver coins.”

“What do you have, then Dont tell me you have copper coins”

Huanhuan took out a colorless crystal.

“I only have this kind of money.”

As soon as Mark saw the crystal, his eyes lit up.

“This is an energy crystal!”

Huanhuan was confused.

Mark rubbed his hands together and asked ingratiatingly, “Can you hand me this crystal for a while”

“Of course.”

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