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528 Murphy

Huanhuan lowered her head and kissed the words on the stone slab.

She felt warm inside.

Even the uneasiness of being in an unfamiliar place had eased a lot.

She wiped the words off the slab and wrote something new…

[Im safe here, dont worry.

Ive placed Yu Tians body in the space.

If youre free, help send her back to Dragon Island.

Its best if you can give her to Little Black for a proper burial.]

Yu Tian was a hero before she died.

After she died, she lent her body to her for a period of time.

Logically speaking, she had to treat Yu Tian well.

The stone slab that Huanhuan had written on was stuffed into the space.

The night gradually passed.

Dawn was coming.

Little Brat said that dawn in the dawn continent was very beautiful.

With Little Greens help, Huanhuan successfully climbed to the top of the tree.

She sat on a tall tree trunk and looked up into the distance.

She saw the huge red sun slowly rising from the horizon.

The first golden light shone on the ground.

The entire continent was covered in a golden veil, making the place look gentle and noble.

Huanhuan widened her eyes and couldnt help but praise, “Its so beautiful!”

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Little Brat echoed, “Thats right!”

After admiring the sunrise, Huanhuan slid down the tree trunk to the ground.

She saw the elfs eyelids move as if he were about to wake up.

Her eyes widened as she stared at him.

As soon as the elf opened his eyes, he saw a beautiful and exquisite young lady squatting in front of him.

Her big watery eyes were staring at him without blinking.

Even though elves were the most beautiful race on the dawn continent, the elf could not help but be stunned by the beautiful appearance of the woman in front of him.

He looked at her blankly.

Huanhuan also looked at him in a daze.

The elf looked even more beautiful and exquisite under the sun than she had seen last night.

She had never thought that a man could be so beautiful!

The two of them were immersed in each others beauty.

At this moment, Little Brat coughed lightly.

“Daughter, dont be dazzled by a handsome man.

Dont forget that there are four male beasts waiting for you at home.

You have to stand firm.

You cant be bewitched by this beautiful man!”

Huanhuan immediately came back to her senses.

She blushed a little.

She had just stared at a man in a daze.

How embarrassing!

Huanhuan tried to pretend to be calm.

She cleared her throat and asked, “Does your wound still hurt”

“It doesnt hurt anymore.” The elf paused after speaking.

His emerald eyes looked moist and very beautiful.

“Did you save me last night and bandage my wound”

His tone was very peculiar but melodious.

It sounded beautiful.

Huanhuan smiled.

“I happened to come across you, so I just decided to help.”

“You speak the elven language”

Huanhuan was stunned.

The elf took her silence as acquiescence.

“The elven language is very difficult to learn.

Few outsiders can speak it.

You speak it very well.

Its really rare.”

Huanhuan smiled awkwardly.


The elf held onto the tree trunk and stood up.

He pressed one hand to his chest and bowed slightly.

“Thank you for your help.

From now on, youre my benefactor.

Ill do my best to repay you for saving my life.”

His name was Murphy.

“My name is Lin Huanhuan.

You dont have to be so polite.

I really just helped you apply some medicine.

Its not a big deal.”

“Its a small matter to you, but you saved my life.

We elves never take advantage of others.

Since you saved me, I have to repay you.”

Seeing his determined attitude, Huanhuan could only smile helplessly.

“Alright, since you insist on repaying me, help me lead the way.

I want to leave this forest.”

“Okay,” Murphy agreed very readily.

Huanhuan was very happy to have gotten a free guide.

She said, “Im going to find some food.

Rest here.”

“Ill go with you.”

“No, Ill be fine alone.” Huanhuan ran away quickly.

Murphy watched her disappear into the forest.

He hesitated for a moment, then decided to follow her.

She looked like a weak woman.

What if she got herself into danger in the forest He had to protect her.

After a night of rest, Murphy was much better.

The wounds on his body were healed by the fragrant and crispy fruit.

As long as he didnt move violently, he would be fine.

Elves were very agile, and Murphy was a rare talent among them.

He quickly walked through the forest, his figure almost blending into the trees.

He made no sound.

Huanhuan did not notice that an elf was following her.

She circled the area and found a few fruit trees, but she didnt recognize them at all.

She didnt know if the fruits on the trees could be eaten directly.

What if they were poisonous

In the end, just to be safe, Huanhuan did not pick those fruits.

She took out a few sweet fruits from her space and squatted by the stream.

As she washed the fruits, she asked, “Little Brat, why did Murphy say I know the elven language I clearly spoke Mandarin.”

Instead of answering, Little Brat asked, “Then what language do you think Murphy spoke in”

“Of course, he also spoke in Mandarin.”

Little Brat was heartbroken.

“Silly girl, how can an elf speak Mandarin!”

“Then what language did he speak in”

“He spoke in a very orthodox elven language.”

Huanhuan was in disbelief.

“How is that possible He was clearly speaking Mandarin!”

“Is that so I guess your human language has been promoted to the elves.

Its really awesome!”

Huanhuan was speechless.

Little Brat said, “The elves speak in the elven language, the beasts speak in the beast language, and even the abyss has a unique language.

Every race in this world has its own unique language.”

“But from what I hear, theyre speaking Mandarin.”

“Then has it ever occurred to you that your ability to understand them has something to do with you and not them”

Little Brat stumped Huanhuan.

Ever since she transmigrated to this world, everyone she saw spoke Mandarin.

At first, it was indeed a little strange, but as time passed, she got used to it.

She also deluded herself into thinking that perhaps the common language of this world happened to be Mandarin too.

Now that she thought about it, everyone should speak a language unique to their race.

However, in her ears, all these languages automatically transformed into Mandarin.

When she spoke, it would automatically turn into a language they could understand.

Huanhuan stroked her chin thoughtfully.

“Could it be that theres a set of automatic translation programs in my body”

“If theres such a good program, please give me a dozen.”

“Then what the hell is going on with me”

“I dont know either.”

Huanhuan blinked.

“So you dont know either.”

“Im not Google.

I dont know everything.”

Neither the human nor the system could think of a reason, so they simply stopped thinking about it and pushed the matter to the back of their minds for the time being.

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