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525 Land Of Dawn

The huge shadow of the black dragon slowly enveloped Huanhuan.

She stopped and looked up to see the black dragons sharp claws grabbing at her!

Little Brat shouted, “Run!”

However, the black dragon was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Huanhuan.

Just as she was about to be grabbed, a black vine suddenly stretched over, wrapped around Huanhuans waist, and dragged her back!

Huanhuan staggered and almost fell.

She hurriedly put Yu Tians corpse into her space.

After Yu Tian disappeared, Huanhuans weight decreased.

She was immediately dragged to Xing Chens side by the black vine.

The black dragon missed.

He stepped onto the crumbling island and looked around, but he couldnt find Yu Tians corpse.

That female must have hidden Yu Tians corpse!

The black dragon was very angry and pounced at Huanhuan again!

Xing Chen shielded Huanhuan behind him.

Countless black vines darted out of his body and wrapped around the black dragon.

The vines pierced through the dragons scales and burrowed into the black dragons body, devouring his flesh.

The black dragon was furious.

He didnt care about his own safety at all.

He forcefully tore off the vines wrapped around his body and dragged his bleeding body toward Xing Chen.

He had to kill this guy!

He wanted to avenge the silver dragon!

Xing Chen drew a circular arc, and a huge black hole appeared in front of the black dragon.

The cave was filled with a ghostly aura.

Countless bony hands reached out of the hole, grabbed the black dragon, and dragged him into the cave!

The black dragon opened his mouth and released his dragon breath.

The white bony hands melted.

He flapped his wings and flew higher, crossing the black hole.

His abdomen turned slightly red, and he opened his bloody mouth to spit out another ball of dragon breath!

The dragon breath blasted at Xing Chen.

Xing Chen drew another black hole in front of him, and the dragon breath was completely devoured by the dark space.

The two sides exchanged blows.

They were almost on par.

Huanhuan was surprised by the black dragons strength.

She did not expect his strength to increase to such a powerful level after obtaining the inheritance of the dragon race.

Xing Chens left hand held Huanhuan tightly.

He did not let her take half a step away from him.

Just as Xing Chen and the black dragon were fighting, the stars in the sky gradually disappeared.

In the middle of the dark night, the outline of a moon vaguely appeared.

Huanhuans eyes widened as she looked at the bright moon that was getting clearer.

Before the full moon, Xing Chen would be punished.

It had been many years since the full moon had appeared.

She did not expect it to suddenly appear at this juncture!

Huanhuan immediately shouted at Xing Chen, “The moon has appeared.

Find a place to hide!”

However, the black dragon was still attacking desperately.

Xing Chen could not approach the sky and leave the Sea of Illusions.

Xing Chen slowly retreated and dodged the large ball of dragon breath spat out by the black dragon.

Huanhuan said, “Let go of me…”

The black dragon had completely gone berserk now.

He kept attacking crazily.

The moment Xing Chen let go, Huanhuan would immediately be killed by the black dragon.

Xing Chen refused her without hesitation.

“Dont even think about it! Even if you die, you can only die at my hands!”

Huanhuan was speechless.

He was already so old, so why did he still act as though he was a teen

A huge white bone claw extended from the bottom of the sea and grabbed at Xing Chen!

Xing Chen slowly dodged, but the black dragon pounced at this moment.

Xing Chen couldnt dodge the attack and was grabbed by the bone claw.

He was forced to go into the sea, and Huanhuan was dragged down with him.

As soon as Xing Chen touched the seawater, his body quickly dissolved.

Huanhuan was not as miserable as him, but she was not doing much better.

The seawater had become especially cold.

She was so cold that her blood almost froze.

She could not move her limbs and was almost suffocating.

The black dragon lingered in the air and watched this scene coldly.

Little Brat announced, “The hosts life is in danger.

The emergency transfer program is about to be activated!”

As if sensing that Huanhuan was about to leave, Xing Chen suddenly became very agitated.

“Youre not allowed to leave!”

“The countdown begins! Three!”

Xing Chen hugged her tightly, his white bones almost digging into her flesh.


Huanhuan saw his face dissolve bit by bit by the seawater, turning into a sinister and terrifying skull.

Her feelings were very complicated.


As soon as the last syllable sounded, Huanhuan felt her vision go black.

The surrounding seawater retreated, and Xing Chen, who was grabbed and punished by the bone claw, disappeared.

It was pitch-black.

Huanhuan couldnt see anything.

Huanhuan was a little afraid.

“Where are we”

Little Brat said, “The system is teleporting.

Wait a little longer.”

After a while, it was still dark.

Nothing had changed.

Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Were not there yet”

Little Brat sounded puzzled.

“Huh The teleportation seems to be sending us a little farther away this time.”

“How far is it”

“The location was randomly chosen by the system.

I cant be sure.”

Faced with the endless darkness alone, Huanhuan felt very uneasy.

Little Brat revealed his human form and took her hand.

“Dont be afraid,” he said gently.

“Im here.”

His palm was broad, warm, and very reliable.

Huanhuan seemed to have found reassurance, and the fear in her heart eased a lot.

Little Brat said, “Were almost there.”

The surrounding darkness suddenly dissipated, and white light slowly enveloped Huanhuan.

“Were here.” Little Brats body gradually turned transparent in the white light and quickly disappeared.

The white light was too blinding.

Huanhuan involuntarily closed her eyes.

After a while, when her eyes had adapted a little, she opened them again and found herself standing in the forest.

Looking up, she was surrounded by tall trees that towered into the clouds.

The species of these trees were very unfamiliar.

Huanhuan had never seen them before.

There was no record of these trees in Ancient Flora and Fauna Illustrations.

Huanhuan asked, “Little Brat, where are we”

“Wait a moment.

Let me check our coordinates…”

A moment later, Little Brat suddenly raised his voice.

“Damn it!”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “Whats wrong”

“This is the dawn continent! We were randomly teleported to the dawn continent!”

Huanhuan looked confused.

“Whats the dawn continent”

“The dawn continent is also known as the Land of Dawn.

Like the beast continent, its one of the four largest continents in the world.

The Sea of Illusions happens to be between the dawn continent and the beast continent.

When the system carried out the emergency teleportation, it automatically chose the dawn continent as its closer to the Sea of Illusions.”

Huanhuan asked in a daze, “You mean weve already left the beast continent”


Huanhuan panicked.

“Why is the Sea of Illusions between the dawn continent and the beast continent Isnt it in the big jellyfishs body”

“That jellyfish is Xing Chens pet.

Xing Chen used the method of interlacing space to open a door to the Sea of Illusions in the jellyfishs body.

The real Sea of Illusions is between the dawn continent and the beast continent.”

No matter how huge the jellyfishs body was, it was impossible for it to accommodate the entire Sea of Illusions.

Huanhuan almost went crazy.

“How can we go back!”

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