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523 Sinner

Huanhuan felt the vitality in her body quickly draining.

She was too weak to struggle.

She could only let the powerful force drag her into the abyss at the bottom of the sea.

Her body grew colder.

His consciousness was getting murkier.

Was she going to die again

At this moment, Huanhuan suddenly felt her body lighten.

She opened her eyes and realized that she had become a huge tree.

The thin trunk, lush leaves, and huge tree cover were like large umbrellas that could almost cover the sky.

It was the Divine Wood!

Huanhuan realized that she had become the Divine Wood!

Just as she was surprised, a black vine wrapped around her.

Huanhuan immediately recognized that this was part of the Soul-Devouring Vine!

The thought of being tightly entangled by Xing Chen made her feel uneasy.

She instinctively wanted to break free, but her body refused to listen.

No matter how hard she tried, her body refused to move.

The powerful vitality of the Divine Wood was very comfortable for ordinary beasts, but it was a bone-piercing torture for the Soul-Devouring Vine from the abyss.

The powerful vitality of the Divine Wood was very comfortable for ordinary beasts, but it was a bone-piercing torture for the Soul Devouring Vine from the abyss.

The burning feeling was very painful, but the Soul-Devouring Vine endured it.

It carefully extended the tip of its vine and touched the leaves of the Divine Wood.

Huanhuan couldnt move, but she could clearly feel the itchy feeling of her leaves being touched.

The Divine Wood placed a small white flower on the Soul-Devouring Vine.

Wherever the flower touched, it was immediately burned.

But the Soul-Devouring Vine didnt care.

He carefully rolled the little flower up.

“Thank you,” he said very softly.

It was indeed Xing Chens voice.

Huanhuan heard undisguised joy in his voice.

She couldnt help but be surprised.

She didnt expect the demon king to be so innocent.

In the following days, Huanhuan maintained the appearance of the Divine Wood.

Every day, she saw the Soul-Devouring Vine climb out of the abyss and pass through the layers of obstacles to arrive in front of the Divine Wood.

Knowing that approaching the Divine Wood would burn him, he still insisted.

He was like a young boy in love.

As long as he could be with the person he loved, it didnt matter if he suffered terrible pain.

The Divine Wood would send him a flower every day.

The Soul-Devouring Vine would endure the pain of the burn and sweep the flower away like it was a treasure.

At this moment, Huanhuan was almost certain that she was in Xing Chens memories.

Everything she saw was what Xing Chen had experienced.

After an unknown period of time, the flowers on the Divine Wood decreased.

Even the leaves had gradually become sparse.

Huanhuan had attached herself to the Divine Wood.

She could clearly feel that the vitality in the Divine Wood was draining.

This was because there were fewer and fewer beasts who believed in the Divine Wood.

Without the power of faith, the Divine Wood had no nutrients to survive.

The heart of nature in its body would gradually shrink until it disappeared.

Without the heart of nature, the Divine Wood would wither and die.

The Soul-Devouring Vine discovered this.

As usual, he wrapped himself around the trunk of the Divine Wood.

He had become very powerful now.

Even if he approached the Divine Wood, he would not be burned again.

Instead, the Divine Wood, which was gradually weakening, had charred wounds where he touched the trunk.

The Soul-Devouring Vine rubbed against the branch of the Divine Wood affectionately.

“Are you about to die”

The Divine Wood plucked the last flower from her body and placed it on him.

“I dont have any more flowers to give you.

Dont come again.”

“I wont let you die.”

The Soul-Devouring Vine left with the flower.

From then on, the Divine Wood did not see the Soul-Devouring Vine again.

Huanhuan thought that their paths would end here.

However, to her surprise, the Soul-Devouring Vine opened the abyss door and released the dark creatures in the abyss.

Those dark creatures were the ancestors of the demons.

They slaughtered wantonly on the beast continent, and the beasts suffered heavy casualties.

In the end, they had no choice but to beg the Divine Wood.

“Great Divine Wood, please save us poor believers!”

Countless beasts knelt in front of the Divine Wood, crying and begging for help.

The power of faith returned to the Divine Woods body.

Her originally sparse leaves instantly became lush.

White flowers hung between her lush leaves.

The Divine Woods roots went deep into the ground and spread.

Her powerful vitality spread as well.

The destroyed forest regained its vitality.

Those dark creatures seemed to be afraid of the life force of the Divine Wood.

As long as the Divine Woods roots spread, all the dark creatures would retreat consciously.

With the help of the Divine Wood, the beasts chased those dark creatures out of the beast continent.

This bitter war that had lasted for years was finally over.

The Divine Wood became the guardian of the beast continent.

She had gained countless believers.

The power of faith made her heart of nature stronger, her leaves lusher, and her flowers more beautiful.

But from then on, the Divine Wood never saw the Soul-Devouring Vine again.

He had completely disappeared from the beast continent.

The surrounding scene disappeared, and Huanhuans soul left the Divine Wood.

She found herself in the Sea of Illusions.

The dark seawater stretched as far as the eye could see.

Xing Chens body was firmly grabbed by the bone claw.

The small, thin boy was pale and silent.

A dignified voice came through the sky.

“You opened the abyss door on your own and released dark creatures, causing misery and suffering on the beast continent.

Your crimes are unforgivable! From now on, reflect on your sins in the Sea of Illusions!

“In the future, every time the moon is full, youll be skinned and torn apart.

Youll experience the pain of the beasts you killed!”

The bone claw pressed Xing Chen into the sea and pulled him out.

The seawater was like sulfuric acid, dissolving all the flesh on his body, leaving only a white skeleton.

However, the powerful regeneration ability of the Soul-Devouring Vine quickly allowed the young man to grow intact flesh again.

The bone claw seemed to be waiting for this moment.

When his flesh grew back, the bone claw pressed him into the sea again.

The flesh that had just grown on the young mans body was melted by the seawater again.

This cycle went on and on without end.

The young man was in so much pain that he wished he was dead, but he gritted his teeth and did not make a sound.

Huanhuans heart tightened.

At this point, how could she not understand

Xing Chen wanted the Divine Wood to regain the power of faith, so he forced open the abyss door and released the dark creatures.

He caused misery and suffering on the beast continent, forcing those beasts to ask the Divine Wood for help.

The Divine Wood saved the beast continent and regained faith.

It became the guardian god that everyone worshiped.

As the instigator, Xing Chen was locked in the Sea of Illusions by the gods.

Getting skinned time and again was his punishment.

He saved the Divine Wood and became the sinner of the entire beast continent.

Huanhuan involuntarily reached out to the young man, wanting to save him from the painful punishment.

But her hand went through his body.

She could only see but not touch.

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