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519 Unique

After rowing for an entire day and night, they finally reached their destination.

Huanhuan carried the big bag and jumped ashore.

Fortunately, dragons were strong.

Coupled with the fact that she had a full meal yesterday, she did not feel tired even after rowing the raft all day.

She was still in good spirits.

While the two of them were crossing the mountain, Huanhuan went to hunt more prey.

She cleaned the meat and brought it back with her.

She had wanted to catch a few pheasants to raise as reserve food.

But Xing Chen said that those little things could not survive in the Sea of Illusions.

Huanhuan could only give up.

When they rested in the mountains at night, Huanhuan took out the two fluorite stones and pierced a small hole through them with her claws.

She then threaded a fishing line through them to make two small and exquisite pendants.

Xing Chen asked, “What are you doing”

Huanhuan waved the fluorite pendant in her hand.

“Does it look good”

“It doesnt look good.”

“Tsk tsk, youre not giving me any face.” Huanhuan handed him one of the fluorite pendants.

“Its for you.”

Xing Chen froze and reached out to take the pendant.

“Why did you give me this”

“I just want to give it to you.

Theres no need for so many questions.”

Huanhuan leaned against the tree and fell asleep.

Xing Chen looked down at the fluorite pendant in his hand, his amber eyes glowing in the night.

In so many years, this was the first time someone had sincerely given him a gift.

Huanhuan and Xing Chen returned to the camp.

Sang Ye had long received the news and was waiting at the entrance of the camp.

He took the mountain-like bag from Huanhuan and asked, “Did you have fun”

“Not bad.” Huanhuan took out the hide pouch he had given her previously.

“Here, there are some crystal coins left.

Ill return them to you.”

“Keep them for yourself.”

Huanhuan didnt stand on ceremony with him.

She took the crystal coins back and took out a fluorite pendant.

“This is for you.

Do you like it”

Sang Ye took the pendant.

It was a fluorite common among demons.

It did not look special, but from its shape, he knew that Huanhuan must have made it herself.

His lips curved.

“I do.”

Huanhuan smiled even more happily.

Her husband was the best.

He would smile whenever she gave him something, unlike Xing Chen.

He didnt even thank her for giving him something.

When Xing Chen saw her give the fluorite pendant to Sang Ye, he realized that what she gave him was not unique.

Apart from disappointment, he also felt angry.

Huanhuan did not notice his abnormality.

She said a few words to Sang Ye, then carried the mountain-like bag and returned to the Sea of Illusions with Xing Chen.

Nothing on the island had changed.

It was still the same as before they left.

Huanhuan spread the animal hides on the bed and placed the items she had bought this time.

The days seemed to have returned to normal.

Other than tidying up the house, Huanhuan would take care of the vegetables in the fields every day.

She would make delicious food every day.

While drawing, Xing Chen would stare at her as she busied herself.

Occasionally, Huanhuan would ask him for help.

Although he was unwilling, he would do as she asked.

Xing Chen liked the days that were spent like this.

They were calm and stable.

He didnt need to come into contact with complicated people or things outside.

He was alone with her.

Xing Chen carried the fluorite pendant she had given him with him.

He would occasionally take it out to take a look.

Every time he saw it, he couldnt help but think of the other fluorite pendant.

Huanhuans gift was not unique.

Did this mean that his status in her heart was not unique

The more Xing Chen thought about it, the more unhappy he became.

If he was unhappy, he naturally didnt want others to be happy either.

“Im going out.”

Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Did the sun rise from the west today Why do you suddenly want to go out today”

Xing Chen didnt answer.

His translucent wings that were as thin as cicada wings spread out behind him as he flew out of the Sea of Illusions.

After he left, Huanhuan immediately took out the Demon Scroll and sat on a stool to study it.

Little Brat lay on her shoulder and looked at the scroll in her hand.

He asked, “What does it say”

“There are some legends about the dark abyss recorded on it, including the Soul-Devouring Vine.” Huanhuan found the paragraph describing the Soul-Devouring Vine and tapped it with her finger.

“Its here.

It says that the Soul-Devouring Vine comes from the abyss and devours souls for a living.

Its extremely regenerative and immortal.

Its one of the most powerful creatures in the abyss.”

At this point, Huanhuan couldnt help but click her tongue.

“The Soul-Devouring Vine is so powerful, but its only one of them.

Could it be that there are many powerful creatures like it in the abyss”

“There must be more powerful creatures like the Soul-Devouring Vine, but there shouldnt be many of them.

Otherwise, the dark abyss would have exploded long ago,” Little Brat urged.

“Continue reading.”

Huanhuan was a little puzzled.

“Cant you read the words on the scroll”

“I cant.

These words are ancient words unique to the dark abyss.

Even the prophet might not be able to understand them all.

I can only vaguely understand a few words.”

Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Is it difficult to understand These words are no different from ordinary words in my eyes.”

Little Brat was stunned for a moment, then he pretended not to care.

“Perhaps the original owner of your body knows more.

Perhaps shes seen these ancient words somewhere before and the consciousness left in your body allows you to understand this language too.”

Huanhuan thought about it and felt that it made sense, so she accepted the explanation.

She continued reading.

“The Soul-Devouring Vine is not afraid of fire and water.

Its difficult to kill, but it has a weakness—its heart.

As long as you find its heart and destroy it, the Soul-Devouring Vine will die with it.”

Little Brat was very puzzled.

“Thats strange.

What does it mean by its heart Is its heart not in its chest”

“The scroll says that after the Soul-Devouring Vine has an independent consciousness, itll hide its heart to protect itself.”

Little Brat asked, “Where did Xing Chen hide his heart”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“I dont know.”

There was only so much about the Soul-Devouring Vine in the scroll.

She took the opportunity to read a few more paragraphs, but most of them were legends.

She studied the few paragraphs that recorded the Soul-Devouring Vine a few more times.

“The things in this scroll are basically legends.

They dont seem reliable.”

“Id rather believe them than not.

Whether the information is true or not, lets try it.”

Huanhuan nodded.


Little Brat analyzed, “A treasure like the heart thats linked to ones life must be placed not far from ones own body.

Xing Chen has been locked in the Sea of Illusions for so many years and rarely goes out.

Perhaps his heart is hidden in the Sea of Illusions.”

Huanhuan looked up.

There was no end to the sea.

“How do I find a small heart in such a big place”

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