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518 Demon Scroll

Huanhuan finished 10 portions of raw meat unhurriedly.

When the waiter carried the 11th piece of meat to her, many beasts present had already withdrawn from the competition.

One portion of raw meat was equivalent to half a wild boar.

An adult male beast could only eat five portions.

Many beasts reluctantly ate a few more portions.

In the end, they really couldnt eat anymore and could only choose to give up.

One by one, the contestants were eliminated.

Among the last four contestants, other than Huanhuan, the other three had no choice but to slow down.

They were full and couldnt eat anymore.

They were almost forcing themselves to stuff meat into their mouths.

Huanhuan maintained her initial eating speed and finished 20 portions of raw meat unhurriedly.

Immediately, a waiter carried a new portion of raw meat over and placed it in front of her.

Little Brat reminded him, “You have to eat faster.

Those three opponents are about to die.

If you dont eat more, the competition will end.”

Hearing this, Huanhuan immediately sped up her eating speed.

She grabbed a piece of meat that was half the height of a person, opened her mouth, and swallowed it.

She had to fill her stomach before the competition ended.

Otherwise, she would have wasted such a good opportunity!

Under everyones surprised gazes, Huanhuan ate one portion of food after another at a frightening speed.

No one even noticed when the other three participants withdrew from the competition.

Everyone focused their attention on Huanhuan.

Now, only Huanhuan was left on the field.

Logically speaking, she was the final winner.

This competition should be over.

Granny Ban Yue wanted to announce the end of the competition, but she was stopped by Xing Chen.

He said, “Wait.”

Granny Ban Yue did not understand his intentions, but she did not dare to ask further.

She could only agree respectfully.


Huanhuan was still eating quickly.

The guys in charge of moving the food were starting to sweat.

On the one hand, they were sweating from exhaustion, but on the other hand, they were sweating from Huanhuans appetite.

They had never seen a beast that could eat so much.

Huanhuan was not just the king of food.

She was simply the God of Food!

Before the competition, they had stored a warehouse full of meat.

Now, it was almost empty.

If this beast continued to eat, they wouldnt have enough food.

A shop assistant quickly ran to Granny Ban Yue and whispered, “Theres no more meat.”

Granny Ban Yue carefully looked at Xing Chen.

Seeing that he still had no intention of stopping the competition, she could only say to the shop assistant, “If theres not enough meat, well buy more.”

“Yes, yes!”

The shop assistant quickly called someone to buy meat.

Huanhuan couldnt remember how many portions of meat she had eaten.

The beasts in charge of moving the food had changed several times.

Everyone looked at her in awe.

She didnt stop until she felt full.

At last, she burped contentedly.

Ever since she was reborn as a dragon, this was the first time she felt full.

It was rare!

Xing Chen said, “Its done.”

Granny Ban Yue wiped her sweat and quickly announced the end of the competition.

The competition finally came to an end.

In order to buy a large amount of raw meat in a short period of time, Granny Ban Yue spent several times the usual price to buy raw meat.

She spent a large number of crystal coins, but she did not dare to feel any heartache.

She only hoped that Father would enjoy himself.

Huanhuan won first place with her invincible appetite.

According to the rules, she could now go to Granny Ban Yues treasure room to choose something as a prize.

Huanhuan followed Granny Ban Yue to the door of the treasure room.

Granny Ban Yue opened the door.

“Go in and choose for yourself.

Just let me know when youre done.”

Huanhuan informed Xing Chen, then happily entered the treasure room.

When she entered, the door to the treasure room was closed again.

Xing Chen was still standing in the doorway.

At his feet was the hide bag filled with wild fruits.

Granny Ban Yue asked tentatively, “If you dont mind, why dont you come to my residence to rest for a while”

Xing Chen said nothing, his eyes fixed on the closed treasure room door.

He couldnt see Huanhuan, which made him rather anxious.

After just a moment, he couldnt take it anymore.

“Open the door.”

Granny Ban Yue responded, “Huh”

Xing Chen glanced at her, his gaze sharp.

“Do you need me to repeat myself”

“No, no.

Ill open the door now!” Granny Ban Yue did not dare to anger Father and hurriedly opened the door.

Coincidentally, Huanhuan walked out at this moment.

She looked at the open door in surprise.

“The door opened automatically before I even said anything.

How impressive!”

Granny Ban Yue quickly said, “Father asked me to open the door.”

Huanhuan looked like she understood.

She waved the sheepskin scroll in her hand.

“I want this.”

Granny Ban Yue glanced at the scroll and immediately knew what it was.

The Demon Scroll was said to be something that Father had brought out of the abyss a long time ago.

There were many strange words on it.

Granny Ban Yue had studied it curiously in the past, but unfortunately, she had found nothing.

No beast knew what those words meant.

She had thrown this thing into the treasure room for many years.

She did not expect Huanhuan to find it.

Granny Ban Yue nodded, indicating that she understood.

After Huanhuan and Xing Chen left, Granny Ban Yue closed the door of the treasure room again.

Huanhuan put away the Demon Scroll and pulled Xing Chen through the streets.

She happily bought things.

She bought some hides as well as some grass and fruits that could be used in place of seasonings.

She wanted to buy some sugar, but she couldnt find any to buy throughout the underground city.

Huanhuan could only settle for the next best thing and buy a jar of honey.

She dipped her finger in the honey and put it in her mouth.

“Its so sweet!”

Huanhuan handed the jar of honey to Xing Chen, indicating that he should try it too.

Xing Chen was very cold.

“I dont want it.”

“How can you not want such delicious food Youre really unfortunate!” Huanhuan snorted.

She had bought many miscellaneous things.

The colorless crystal coins in her pocket had almost all been spent, and she was only left with a few red and green crystals.

Huanhuan had packed the things she bought with animal hide.

She carried them over her shoulder as if she was carrying a small mountain.

At this moment, she really missed the contractual ring.

It was convenient and safe.

She didnt have to go through so much trouble.

She carried the bag that looked like a mountain and left the underground city with Xing Chen.

Granny Ban Yue personally sent them out of the city.

The raft was still by the river.

Huanhuan slowly placed the mountain-like bag on the raft.

After Xing Chen sat down, she let go of the vines that were bound to the stones and rowed the raft upstream.

They were going from the bottom up, against the current.

Huanhuans task this time wasnt as easy as when they were going downstream.

She had to paddle hard without stopping.

If she relaxed a little, the raft would go backward.

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