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514 I Dont Need You To Carry Me

Huanhuan said slowly, “Why cant I”

Xing Chen said, “You cant go out without my permission.”

Huanhuan laughed angrily at him.

She deliberately ruffled his short gray-white curly hair.

“Why are you so stubborn, brat”

Xing Chen was not used to being touched on the head.

Before he could dodge, she retracted her hand.

He couldnt tell if he was satisfied or disappointed.

Ever since Huanhuan appeared, his emotions had been very unstable.

Xing Chen smoothed his hair and warned, “Im much older than you.

Stop pretending to be an adult in front of me.”

Huanhuan bent down to look at him.

“But you look no different from those brats who want to eat candy but cant.”

Xing Chen was even more unhappy.

He felt that he had been underestimated.

He was about to argue when he heard Huanhuan ask.

“Speaking of candy… Have you ever eaten candy”

Xing Chen shut up.

Huanhuan understood.

“From the looks of it, youve never eaten candy.”

Xing Chen felt that his image as a demon king was getting weaker.

He said unhappily, “Ive eaten a lot of good things.

I dont lack one or two delicacies!”

Huanhuan smiled at him.

“Then do you want candy”

“I dont want to eat it.”

“But I really want to eat it.

Do you want to go out with me to buy candy”

Xing Chen studied her with a skeptical expression.

“Are you planning to sneak out again and never come back”

“Look at you.

Youve become smaller and stupid.” Huanhuan raised her chin in the direction of her body.

“My body is still here.

Even if I run to the ends of the earth, wont I have to come back here”

Xing Chen thought about it.

That seemed to make sense.

Huanhuan took his hand.

“Dont hesitate.

Hurry up and go out with me.

Its so boring to stay in this damn place all day!”

Xing Chen looked at her hand and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Youre not allowed to leave my sight after you go out.

Otherwise, dont even think about seeing your body again.”

“Yes, yes.

My body is in your hands.

Ill do anything you say.

Lets go!”

Huanhuan picked him up and sat him on her arm.

Then, she spread her wings and flew into the sky.

It was Xing Chens first time being hugged.

He involuntarily reached out and wrapped his arms around her neck.

He found it a little refreshing but was also angry at the same time.

“I dont need you to carry me.”

Huanhuan asked, “Whats wrong Didnt you say you wanted me to hug you”

He wanted Huanhuan in his arms, not her!

There was an essential difference between the two, okay!

Xing Chens face was tense.

“Only male beasts carry females.

Which female carries a male beast You dont look like a female at all.”

“Then just treat me like a male beast.” Huanhuan flew close to the sky and stopped.

“How do I get out”

Xing Chen reached out and made a cut in the sky.

Huanhuan carried him out.

As soon as the two of them emerged from the jellyfishs body, Xing Chens body immediately became that of an adult.

The weight instantly increased several times.

Huanhuan quickly let go.

Xing Chen landed steadily on the ground.

He tidied his clothes.

The big jellyfishs tentacle reached over and gently touched his wrist.

Xing Chen also touched the tentacle.

After being comforted by its master, the big jellyfish was extremely happy.

Its tentacles trembled slightly.

Huanhuan landed on the ground and looked Xing Chen up and down.

He was more than half a head taller than her now, and his aura was much stronger than when he was young.

His narrow amber eyes were especially piercing.

In TV dramas, he would be the perfect villain.

Thered be black clouds lingering around him.

Huanhuan sighed sincerely.

“I still think youre cuter in the Sea of Illusions.”

The angel-like beautiful boy made one want to dote on and take care of him.

If not for his naturally harmless face, she wouldnt have been willing to take care of him without even knowing his identity.

However, it turned out that she was completely mistaken.

The more beautiful the childs face was, the darker his heart was.

Xing Chens bright red lips moved, and a ghost-like smile appeared on his pale face.

“I think you were cuter when you were soft and delicate-looking.”

Huanhuan smiled.

“It seems that youre as straightforward as me.”


“Youre someone who obsesses over looks.

You like good-looking people, and you despise ugly people.”

Xing Chen glanced at her with obvious disdain.

“Well, you really dont look good now.”

Huanhuan snorted.

She looked around and asked casually, “Do you know if theres a market nearby”

“I dont.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but frown.

“You dont even know where the market is Then how do you go about your day-to-day life Do you stay in the Sea of Illusions every day”

“I dont usually go out.”

In any case, he didnt need to eat, drink, or wear clothes.

There was no need for him to go out.

Huanhuans face was filled with sympathy.

“So youre a homebody!”

Xing Chen: “…”

Although he didnt know what a homebody was, his instincts told him that it wasnt a good thing.

Huanhuan wanted to touch his head, but she realized that he was too tall.

She could only pat his shoulder and sigh earnestly.

“No wonder youre so perverted.

You keep your feelings bottled up at home.

From now on, youll follow me and see more of the outside world.

Youll feel the beauty of this world.

Youll be healthy then.”

Xing Chen glanced at the spot where she had patted him and frowned.

Although he still despised it, he endured it in the end.

Huanhuan asked again, “Do you have money on you”

Xing Chen said, “No.”

Huanhuan sighed.

“Look at you.

Not only are you a homebody, but youre also poor.

No wonder youre still single after living for so many years.

What a waste of your good-looking face.”


Huanhuan turned to leave, but Xing Chen immediately stopped her.

“Where are you going”

“Im going to ask someone for directions and borrow some money.” Huanhuan looked back at him and saw that he was looking at her with a dark gaze.

She reached out and took his wrist.

“Come with me.”

Xing Chens dark gaze quickly softened when he saw her grip on his wrist.

She had become bolder after becoming a dragon.

Not only was she not afraid of him, but she could also treat him like an ordinary beast.

This made him feel as if he had returned to the first time they met.

At that time, she didnt care about his identity at all.

She took care of him sincerely and was as close to him as a real family member.


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