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512 What Do You Think I Can Do To You

Huanhuan took a bite of the carrot and looked at the mountain of stone slabs in front of her.

She wondered if all the stone slabs were portraits of her.

Her scalp tingled at the thought.

Little Brat leaned on her shoulder and whispered, “It seems that Xing Chen has really targeted you.

He actually drew so many portraits of you.”

Huanhuan clicked her tongue.

“Its quite scary.”

While Xing Chen was not paying attention, Little Brat asked her what she planned to do next.

To Huanhuan, the most direct way was to steal her body and run away.

It was best to run as far as possible and never see Xing Chen again.

But that would not complete the mission given to her by the prophet.

“I have to stay and think of a way to win Xing Chens trust.

Then, Ill find a chance to kill him.”

Huanhuan placed half of the carrot in front of her neck and gestured horizontally, making a gesture of cutting her neck.

She felt especially ferocious!

Little Brat reminded her, “Dont forget that you have a history of lying to Xing Chen.

Obtaining his trust is as difficult as ascending to the heavens.”

“I know its quite difficult, but I have no choice.

I asked for it.

I have to finish the mission even if I have to kneel.” Huanhuan took a big bite of the carrot, her cheeks bulging.

“Good luck.”

Huanhuan returned to the stone bed.

Unexpectedly, she saw Xing Chen lowering his head and kissing her face!

“Hey! What are you doing!” Huanhuan rushed over and grabbed him.

“You can even stomach kissing a corpse.

Thats too sick of you!”

Xing Chen brushed her hand away.

“I kiss your body every day.

Theres nothing strange about it.”

“Every day!” Huanhuans eyes widened.

She was so shocked that she forgot to eat the carrot.

“You hole yourself up in this damn place every day and kiss me for no reason Tell me honestly, have you done anything else besides kissing me”

Instead of answering, Xing Chen asked, “What else do you think I can do to you”

“Those inappropriate things…” At this point, Huanhuan looked Xing Chen up and down.

He was only a child in his teens.

Even if he had a perverted heart, he shouldnt have the ability.

She relaxed a little.

“Fortunately, youre just a child.”

The corners of Xing Chens mouth twitched, and an angelic pure smile appeared on his beautiful and cute face.

“Even if Im just a child, I can still use other methods to make females feel pleasure.”

Huanhuan: “…”

Xing Chen flexed his fingers.

“Do you want me to demonstrate it to you now”

“No, no! Theres no need!” Huanhuan quickly refused.

Children these days were too scary.

Fortunately, her children were good babies and not as perverted as Xing Chen.

After Huanhuan wiped her body, Xing Chen picked up the stone slab and began to draw again.

The drawing was naturally of Huanhuan.

Huanhuan leaned over to take a look.

The drawing was quite good and vivid, but just thinking about thousands of portraits like this made her feel uneasy.

If he were in the modern world, he would definitely be a pervert!

He would be sent to the police station for ideological education!

Unfortunately, there were no police stations in this world.

No one could treat a pervert like Xing Chen.

Huanhuan sighed.

She continued to wander around the island.

After eating 10 carrots, she picked up firewood and started a fire.

She began to roast peanuts and potatoes.

She chiseled out a stone pot and threw the cut bamboo shoots into it.

She added water to cook them.

Xing Chen, who was drawing, smelled the fragrance of food.

He looked up at Huanhuan, who was squatting by the fire and busying herself.

An unpredictable expression appeared on the young and beautiful boys face.

Huanhuan stood up and shouted at Xing Chen, “Its time to eat!”

After a while, Xing Chen put down the half-drawn stone slab in his hand and slowly got up to walk to the fire.

As Huanhuan fiddled with the roasted potatoes and peanuts, she said without looking up, “Go wash your hands before eating.”

Xing Chen had no choice but to turn around and go to the beach to wash his hands.

Previously, he had complained that Huanhuans hands were dirty and asked her to wash her hands.

He did not expect her to complain that his hands were dirty now.

The roles changed not only quickly but naturally.

Huanhuan divided the food into two portions.

She pushed a roasted potato and a bowl of hot soup in front of Xing Chen.

“Here, this is yours.”

Xing Chen looked at the large pile of roasted potatoes and peanuts in front of her and frowned.

“Why do you have so much more food than me”

“Because Im an adult and youre a child.

I eat more than you do.”

Xing Chen looked at her, who was taller than 1.8 meters, then at himself, who was only 1.5 meters tall.

In the end, he could only be silent.

In the Sea of Illusions, he could only maintain the appearance of a youth.

In the past, he didnt think there was anything wrong with this, but at this moment, he felt that this restriction was quite terrible.

Huanhuan ate the fragrant roasted potatoes in big mouthfuls and drank delicious bamboo shoot soup from time to time.

She felt very happy.

The only flaw was that there was no seasoning.

She thought that she had to go out and get some seasonings when she was free.

It would be best if she could get some meat too.

Meat and vegetables would be more delicious together!

After Huanhuan ate and drank her fill, she leaned against the rock and slowly ate peanuts.

She saw that Xing Chen had gone to draw again.

Bored, she asked casually, “Dont you do anything other than draw every day”

Xing Chen said casually as he drew, “I only know how to draw.”

Huanhuan recalled.

“I remember.

I was the one who taught you to draw.”


Huanhuan was very curious.

“Then how did you pass the time before I knew you and you couldnt draw”

“Daydream,” Xing Chen replied simply.

“You just… daydream every day” Huanhuan found it unbelievable.


“Werent you bored”

Xing Chen said indifferently, “Sometimes Id be bored, sometimes I wouldnt be.

You get used to it.”

Huanhuan threw the peeled peanuts into her mouth.

“If I were you, I wouldve died of boredom.”

“I cant die.

I can only endure the boredom.”

Huanhuan asked, “Why cant you die”

Hearing her question, Xing Chen finally raised his head and glanced at her.

“Didnt you already see my true form in the dark space Im a Soul-Devouring Vine from the dark abyss.

My regeneration ability is very strong.

Even if you cut me into pieces and burn me to ashes, I can still come back to life.”

Huanhuan clicked her tongue.

“Then youre really impressive.”

“Immortality is a terrifying thing.

No matter how painful your life is, you wont die.

Youll have to get through it slowly.”

“But there are still many people who are desperate for immortality.”

The corners of Xing Chens mouth twitched, and mockery appeared in his amber eyes.

“Thats why the world is so stupid.”

Huanhuan felt that his thoughts were too extreme.

But everyone had their own ideas.

She didnt have to force him to change them.

Besides, she couldnt change them.

Hence, she could only end the topic.


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