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Chapter 498: Will You Believe Me

Bai Di and Xue Lings words made Huanhuans heart turn cold.

She didnt want to believe that the prophet was a bad person, but she had to admit that Bai Di and Xue Ling had a point.

Emotions and reason competed in her heart, leaving her at a loss.

She got up and walked forward.

“I want solitude.

Dont ask me who solitude is.

I dont know who she is.”

Bai Di and Xue Ling were speechless.

Huanhuan was strong enough to protect herself now, so the two of them let her leave alone.

Seeing her leave, Xue Ling leaned back against the tree trunk and looked up at the starry sky.

“Do you think shell choose to believe us or the prophet”

Bai Di cleaned up the bones on the ground and said casually, “Huanhuan has her own ideas.”

“Shes too soft-hearted and trusting.”

Without looking up, Bai Di said, “Isnt that one of her strengths”

Xue Ling smiled.

“Thats true.

If she were cold-blooded and heartless, Im afraid we wouldnt be unable to let her go like this.”

Huanhuan flew to the top of the mountain and sat down cross-legged to look at the distant horizon.

She thought about what Bai Di and Xue Ling had said many times.

She also recalled the details of her previous interactions with the prophet and thought about them for a long time.

Then, for some reason, she remembered her previous life.

In the past, she was alone and busy.

Now, she had a lover, children, and many friends who had helped her.

She thought about this for very long.

By the time she came back to her senses, it was dawn.

The huge red sun rose slowly from the horizon.

The morning light shone on the ground, covering the land in a golden veil.

Huanhuan took out the Divine Wood seed.

In the morning light, it looked even more delicate and small.

No one could imagine that such a small seed hid such a huge vitality.

Huanhuan closed her fingers and held the Divine Wood seed in her palm.

When Bai Di had finished preparing breakfast, Huanhuan returned.

She said, “I still want to go back to the City of 10,000 Beasts.”

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows and smiled faintly.

“Youre really stubborn!”

Huanhuan said slowly, “I just want to explain things to the prophet in person.”

“Arent you afraid hell kill you when he finds out the truth and take the opportunity to silence you”

“If he attacks, lets fight.

Im not afraid of him.”

Xue Ling said half-jokingly, “Youre getting bolder.”

Huanhuan raised her chin.

“Im not alone.

I have you guys with me, so Im not afraid of him.”

Looking at her confident appearance, Xue Lings heart raced.

He was already so old, but he was still seduced by this little fool!

Xue Ling couldnt help but reach out and pinch her cheek, but he realized that there was almost no flesh on her face.

It was hard and not as soft and smooth as before.

He could only retract his claws resentfully.

“It feels like Ive touched a rock.”

Huanhuan snorted.

Bai Di wasnt surprised by her decision.

He smiled.

“Since you want to go to the City of 10,000 Beasts, well go with you.”

Huanhuan hugged him happily.

“Bai Di, youre the best!”

Bai Di stroked the sturdy back of the female in his arms and sighed.

“Its best if youll recover.”

He felt that the person in his arms was not a female but a male beast.

It felt especially twisted.

Huanhuan deliberately patted his back and chuckled.

“You can treat me as a brother.

I dont mind.”

Bai Di and Xue Ling said in unison, “But we mind!”

Huanhuan: “…”


A month later, the three of them returned to the City of 10,000 Beasts.

The stairs on the divine mountain were still tall.

Huanhuan walked in front, followed by Bai Di and Xue Ling.

They climbed the stairs.

Finally, they reached the door of the temple.

The guards guarding the door had already been instructed in advance.

When they saw Huanhuan and the other two, they immediately moved aside and let them walk into the temple.

The hall was still empty and frighteningly calm.

A moment later, the prophet walked out.

His white shark silk robe made him look even more slender and cold.

His face was still very pale.

He had bled too much last time, so his body had not completely recovered.

He gestured for Huanhuan and the other two to sit down.

Huanhuan sat on the futon and took out the Divine Wood seed.

“Ive brought it back.”

The prophets eyes were covered by the shark silk.

He didnt reach out to take the seed but nodded slightly.

“Yes, youve done well.”

“What should we do next”

“Theres no hurry.

Youve worked hard.

Stay and rest for two days.

Ill tell you what you need to do next.”

Huanhuan hesitated.

“This seed…”

“The seed will stay with you.”

“Oh.” Huanhuan put away the seed.

“Wheres Little Brat How is he”

“Hes still asleep.

He should wake up tonight.”

Huanhuan was very happy.

“Thats great!”

“If theres nothing else, go and rest.

Ive already gotten someone to tidy up the guest room for you.”

Huanhuan hesitated for a moment, then said, “Can I ask you something”

The prophet said, “Yes”

“Xuan Wei is dead.

Do you know about this”

The prophet didnt answer.

Huanhuan was not frightened by his silence.

She mustered her courage and continued, “Before Xuan Wei died, he told us that you gave me the Divine Wood seed just to use me as a sacrifice.

When the Divine Wood seed completely fuses with me, youll sacrifice me.

Is that true”

Bai Di and Xue Ling were surprised.

They originally thought that it would take some time for Huanhuan to make up her mind to confront the prophet in person.

Unexpectedly, she chose to confront him at this moment.

She asked too directly.

If it were an ordinary beast, they would probably be angry now.

But the prophet was still very calm.

He even smiled faintly.

“Do you think its true”

Bai Di and Xue Ling were worried that the prophet would fall out with them.

Now that they saw the faint smile on his face, they were immediately relieved.

It seemed that instead of being angry, the prophet was quite happy.

Indeed, compared to probing, the prophet preferred Huanhuans straightforward style.

If one had any doubts, one should ask him directly in person.

Huanhuan shook her head.

“I dont know, so I came to ask you for guidance.

I hope you can give me a definite answer.”

The prophet asked softly, “Will you believe me if I say its not true”

“Ill believe you,” Huanhuan replied without hesitation.

The prophet could tell from her tone that she was really willing to believe him.

She wasnt lying at all.

His expression softened at her sincerity.

“I finally know why Little Brat likes you so much.”

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