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Chapter 497: Im An Old Hooligan, Hes Fresh Meat

Shangguan Yun looked at Huo Yao cautiously.

“Where are we going”

She had mentioned finding him a school previously.

Huo Yao took out her phone and sent a text message.

She replied without raising her head.

“Youll know when you get there.”

Shangguan Yun touched his nose and felt a little apprehensive.

“Must I go”

Huo Yao glanced sideways at him before she walked out of the villa without saying a word.

Shangguan Yun gave up trying to stop her and quickly followed behind Huo Yao like a little tail.

Before long, Huo Yao parked the car outside the police station.

Shangguan Yun looked out the window at the police station.

He did not understand the reason Huo Yao had brought him here, but he did not dare to probe and quickly got out of the car.

Chen Ming was already waiting at the police station entrance.

When he saw Huo Yao, he walked over and nodded reverently.

“Hi, Miss Huo.”

He glanced at the young man standing behind her curiously.

He was a good-looking young man.

When he stood behind Huo Yao, he could not help feeling that they bore a striking semblance and looked just like siblings.

“Hi, Uncle Ming,” greeted Huo Yao as she nodded.

She pointed at Shangguan Yun standing beside him and introduced the boy without giving any explanations.

“This is Huo Yun.”

Chen Ming looked at Shangguan Yun and smiled genially without stopping to probe.

He retrieved some paperwork from his bag and handed it to Huo Yao.

“Here is what you wanted, Miss Huo.”

Huo Yao took the documents from Chen Ming.

After going through its contents, she closed it and said, “Thanks, Uncle Ming.”

Chen Ming smiled as he shook his head.

“Youre welcome.

I have already made arrangements with the staff.

We just need to take a photo for the ID.”

He showed them to the police station.

Just as Huo Yao was about to take a step, Shangguan Yun pulled her by her coat.

She turned and asked.


Shangguan Yuns eyes lit up.

He glanced at the paperwork in Huo Yaos hand before looking at her.

“Are you getting my ID done”

Huo Yao raised her brow.

“What else”

Shangguan Yun cleared his throat.

He let go of Huo Yao and remarked.

“Even though the name sounds dumb, I can live with it, I suppose.”

Huo Yao glanced at him and caught the smile on his face, so she knew it was just bull**.

Before long, they entered the police station.

Chen Ming took Shangguan Yun to get his fingerprints and photo taken.

Huo Yao did not go with them and simply waited outside.

She stood in the corner looking at her phone.

When she opened her WeChat, she discovered that someone had added her as a new contact.

The moment Huo Yao saw the name, a look of surprise swept across her eyes.

She promptly accepted the verification request.

Huo Yao paused before she sent a text message: [Aunt Tong, is that you]

Shangguan Tong answered: [Uh huh.]

She had sent a succinct reply in her usual style.

Huo Yao pursed her lips slightly and typed: [Hows your health]

Shangguan Tongs face softened up as she replied: [Im good]

[Perfect.] Huo Yao pondered briefly before she continued: [Oh yes.

Aunt Tong, Yun is with me.]

Tong: [I know.]

Huo Yao tapped on the screen gently and wrote: [Im thinking of sending him to school.

I want to let him get a taste of normal life.

What do you think]

A sad feeling emerged in her heart as Shangguan Tong looked at the text message.

After some time, she raised her head and replied: [Go ahead.]

Huo Yao knew the clan leaders personality well.

Even though she looked cold on the surface, she was a good person inside.

For some reason, she was always strict with Shangguan Yun ever since he was a child and never let him leave home.

She once suspected whether Shangguan Yun was Shangguan Tongs biological son for being so severe with him.

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