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Chapter 495: You Need To Be Taught A Lesson!

Xuan Weis leg was injured, so it was difficult for him to move.

However, Huanhuan had been poisoned by the fog, so her head was still very dizzy.

Both sides strength had been greatly reduced.

Even so, they had no intention of backing down.

Their attacks were extremely fierce and ruthless!

The water level in the cold pool plummeted.

He carried his sisters corpse and quickly sank to the bottom of the pool.

Seeing that he was about to be sucked into the black hole, he hugged his sister tightly and raised his head to let out a sharp whistle!

Invisible sound waves spread out and swept through the entire cold pool.

In an instant, the ground shook, and rocks exploded!

Even the fog dissipated layer by layer under the attack of the sound waves, revealing a little of Misty Forest.

The little flying snakes that were attacking Bai Di screamed and exploded into clouds of blood.

Bai Di didnt feel good either.

He felt as though his eardrums had been punched hard.

It hurt so much that his mind was buzzing.

He involuntarily covered his head and endured the pain while looking over at the pool.

He saw that Huanhuan and Xuan Wei were also dizzy from the sound waves and had to stop attacking.

Chen Yuans sound wave attack was too powerful.

Even people as powerful as Xuan Wei and Yu Tian could not resist its invasion.

When Chen Yuan finally stopped, the sound waves gradually weakened until they disappeared.

Bai Di felt better.

He put his hands to his mouth and called Huanhuans name.

Huanhuan couldnt hear anything at all.

She didnt hear Bai Di shout.

However, Xuan Wei heard him.

The words sounded very faint.

This powerful female in front of him was called Huanhuan

Was it a coincidence

But from Bai Dis anxious expression, it wasnt just a coincidence.

Xuan Wei barely managed to maintain his balance.

He held his head with his hand and stared at the female not far away.

His expression changed again and again as many thoughts flashed through his mind.

At the same time, Chen Yuan was surprised.

Wasnt that female called Yu Tian Why was Bai Di calling her Huanhuan

Which was her real name

Huanhuan didnt notice the others abnormality.

She felt like her head was about to explode.

She shook her head vigorously and rubbed her ears, but she still couldnt hear anything.

Damn it, was she deaf!

The rocks at the bottom of the pool had all shattered.

Water gushed out of the ground like a fountain!

The water level quickly rose and quickly drowned Huanhuan and Xuan Wei.

Chen Yuan quickly swam over and dragged Huanhuan up.

Huanhuan wanted to speak, but when she opened her mouth, she swallowed a large mouthful of ice water.

She choked and could only tug on Chen Yuans hair.

Then, she pointed at Xuan Wei, who was still at the bottom of the pool.

Chen Yuan immediately understood what she meant.

She wanted him to bring Xuan Wei along, but he only had two hands.

He was carrying Chen Yue with one hand and dragging Huanhuan with the other.

He no longer had a third hand to pull Xuan Wei.

He could only speed up and send Huanhuan and Chen Yue ashore.

Bai Di helped pull them up.

Then, he swam to the bottom of the water again.

He was very fast and arrived in front of Xuan Wei in the blink of an eye.

Chen Yuan pulled Xuan Wei upstream.

Xuan Weis leg was injured to begin with.

Coupled with the fact that his head hurt from the sound waves just now, he had yet to completely recover.

His entire body was limp, and he could not break free from Chen Yuans hand.

He was dragged ashore by Chen Yuan.

At the same time, Xue Ling suddenly descended from the sky and landed steadily in front of them.

After getting separated from his companions just now, Xue Ling immediately flew into the sky.

There were only clouds in the sky.

There was no fog.

Xue Ling circled in the air and looked down at Misty Forest, hoping that Huanhuan would fly up to meet him.

However, he waited and waited, but Huanhuan did not appear.

Just as he was about to rush into Misty Forest without a care, he was surprised to find that the fog below suddenly rolled away.

An invisible force in the center of the fog dispelled it, revealing a small area.

It seemed to be a pool.

Xue Ling immediately rushed down.

As soon as he landed, he saw that Huanhuan, Bai Di, and Chen Yuan were all here.

To his surprise, even Xuan Wei was here!

However, compared to Xuan Wei, Xue Ling was more concerned about Huanhuan.

She was actually naked!

Other than the dead Chen Yue, everyone present was an adult male beast!

How dare she run around naked!

Xue Ling rushed forward aggressively, took off his clothes, and wrapped her up.

His red eyes were almost spitting fire as he gritted his teeth.

“Youre not even wearing clothes.

How great of you!”

Huanhuan felt better now, but her ears were still ringing, and she couldnt hear him clearly.

She saw Xue Lings mouth open and close, and she couldnt help but ask loudly, “What did you say I cant hear you clearly!”

Xue Ling thought that she was deliberately pretending not to hear him, so he was even angrier.

“Youre asking to be taught a lesson!”

Huanhuan pricked up her ears, but she still couldnt hear clearly.

She rubbed her ears hard with a desperate expression.

“This is bad.

Im deaf! Well, Im going to be the first deaf dragon on the beast continent!”

Only then did Xue Ling notice her abnormality.

He quickly turned to ask the others, “What happened to her”

Chen Yuan walked over and covered Huanhuans ears with both hands.

Then, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

A moment later, Huanhuan felt her ears gradually recover their hearing.

She was pleasantly surprised.

“I can hear again!”

Xue Ling immediately pulled Huanhuan behind him.

He stared at Chen Yuan warily.

This merman had actually kissed Huanhuan just now!

Facing Xue Lings hostility, Chen Yuan didnt mind.

He turned around and returned to Chen Yues side.

He pulled her into his arms and carefully tucked the hair on her cheek behind her ear.

While they were talking, Bai Di tied Xuan Wei up with vines.

Xuan Wei looked down at the vines on his body and looked helpless.

“If I want to run, its useless even if you tie me up.”

Bai Di said, “I know these vines cant tie you down, but Chen Yue is here.

You wont want to run.”

Xuan Wei could not refute.

He looked at Chen Yue, who was not far away.

Seeing that she was being carried by Chen Yuan, his gaze couldnt help but become complicated.

Bai Di asked, “Wheres the Divine Wood seed”

However, Xuan Wei said, “Answer me a question first.”

“Ask away.”

“Why did you call that female Huanhuan”

Bai Di was very calm.

“Her name is Huanhuan, so I called her Huanhuan.

Whats the problem”

Xuan Wei stared into his eyes.

“You know thats not what Im asking.”

The two brothers eyes were very similar.

They were as blue as the sea.

When their eyes met, they could almost see their other selves in each others eyes.

Bai Di said, “What good will it do you to know that”

“Of course, its useful information to me.

If shes Huanhuan, it means that shes revived! Since she can revive, Chen Yue should be able to revive too!”


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