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Chapter 493: Youre Too Selfish!

It was because Xuan Weis leg was injured that Bai Di could knock him down so easily.

He lay on his back on the ground.

He looked at his brother, who was on top of him, and said calmly, “I didnt expect you to find me here.”

Bai Di said, “Theres a lot you didnt expect.”

“I thought it would be a while before we saw each other again.

You appeared earlier than I expected.

Someone must have given you directions.”

“Thats none of your business.”

Xuan Wei sighed.

“It seems that youre very hostile to me.”

Bai Dis lips twitched, and his gaze was cold.

“You used our trust in you to kill Huanhuan.

Its already the limit of my patience that Im not killing you now.”

“Im sorry about Huanhuan.”

Bai Di was unmoved.

“Shes dead.

Your apology is meaningless.”

Xuan Wei was very calm.

“I dont expect you to forgive me.

In any case, from the day I changed my appearance, I was prepared to be despised by all of you.”

There was no point in asking, but Bai Di couldnt resist asking, “Why did you betray us”

“Youve already gone to Rainbow Lake, right Im sure you know about Chen Yue.

I dont need to explain again.”

“I can understand why you want to revive Chen Yue.

You couldve told us this and we wouldve thought of a way to help you.

Why did you hurt Huanhuan Shes innocent!”

Xuan Wei said in a low voice, “Chen Yue is innocent too.”

“So you think you can exchange Huanhuans life for Chen Yues Youre too selfish!”

Xuan Wei chuckled at Bai Dis accusation.

“From the moment I was born, everyone around me told me that I was the heir to Sun City.

In the future, I was destined to inherit the throne and become the next beast king of Sun City.

All of you would then be my responsibility.

I had to shoulder the entire beast city.

Even when I was betrayed by a traitor on the battlefield and almost died under the enemys claws, I still insisted on this belief.”

Later, he was lucky enough to escape and meet Chen Yue.

After experiencing love for the first time, he knew that there was something else to his life rather than just responsibility.

He loved Chen Yue, but in the face of domestic responsibilities, he still chose the latter.

Hence, he left Chen Yue without hesitation and wanted to return to Sun City.

He had to tell his father the truth about his betrayal.

He had to go back and protect his family and the citizens of Sun City.

“When I returned to Sun City and saw Father, he told me that one of the 12 divine guards of the 10,000 Beasts Temple had unfortunately died.

There was a vacancy for the divine guards.

He hoped that I could compete for that position.”

Even now, Xuan Wei still remembered what his father beast had said to him—

‘Youre already a dead person in everyones eyes.

Why dont you take this opportunity to compete for the divine guards The 10,000 Beasts Temple wont suspect a dead person.

If you can stabilize your position in the 10,000 Beasts Temple, youll be a very powerful helper to Sun City.

‘I know a secret method that can greatly increase your strength in a short period of time, but the process will be painful.

With your endurance, I believe you can definitely survive it.

‘As for the throne of Sun City, your two brothers can inherit it.

They might be slightly inferior to you in terms of their soul beasts, but theyre not inferior to you in terms of scheming.

Sun City can be handed over to them.

Xuan Wei agreed to his fathers request and chose to sacrifice himself.

However, Xuan Wei made a condition.

“I dont know if Ill be able to return after this.

I hope you can send someone to Rainbow Lake to deliver a message and tell Chen Yue not to wait for me anymore.

I might not be able to return.”

His father agreed.

At this point, the corners of Xuan Weis mouth twitched, and he revealed a mocking sneer.

“In order to increase my strength in a short period of time, I didnt hesitate to destroy my flesh.

I became neither human nor a ghost.

It wasnt until I became a divine guard and returned to Rainbow Lake to look for Chen Yue many years later that I realized she was dead.

She was killed because of me.

Thinking about it carefully, I was one of the accomplices.”

The fact that his beloved died because of him was like a thorn that pierced his heart.

The more time passed, the more it hurt.

In the end, when he learned that the Divine Wood seed could revive dead people, he was like a dying person grasping at straws.

He deliberately approached Lin Huanhuan and gained her trust step by step.

When he was seriously injured and about to die, she saved him with her blood and erased all the scars on his body.

At that time, he could finally confirm that Lin Huanhuan had the Divine Wood seed.

Xuan Wei deliberately did not tell the truth about how his appearance had recovered.

He continued to cover his face with a metal helmet, trying to learn more about the Divine Wood seed from Huanhuan.

Unfortunately, before he could ask what he wanted, she discovered his true identity.

He had no choice but to kill her in advance and snatch the Divine Wood seed.

Xuan Wei said, “You called me selfish, and I admit it.

I am selfish.

I lived for Sun City for the first half of my life.

This time, I want to live for myself.”

He wanted to revive Chen Yue.

Even if he would have to betray everyone because of this, he would not hesitate!

The dragon spear in Huanhuans hand swung majestically!

As she advanced, she killed countless flying snakes.

Now, she was completely lost and had no idea where she was.

Perhaps there was something wrong with the fog.

After staying here for a long time, Huanhuan felt her limbs become heavier and heavier.

Her head was a little dizzy, and her speed gradually slowed down.

Just as she was in a daze, she suddenly felt that the space under her feet was empty.

She fell straight into the water!

She was surrounded by fog.

She couldnt see what was going on, but she could sense that the current was very fast.

This must be a river.

Huanhuan spread her wings and wanted to fly into the sky.

But at this moment, an extremely huge flying snake suddenly appeared at the bottom of the river and pounced on her!

Huanhuan simply transformed into a silver dragon.

The flying snake, which was supposedly terrifyingly big, immediately became very short in front of the silver dragon.

The silver dragon kicked the big flying snake out, then flapped her wings and flew up.

She sat down and forced the big flying snake to sit at the bottom of the river.

Water splashed.

The flying snake sank to the bottom of the water under the silver dragons weight, unable to move.

The silver dragon raised her claws and mercilessly crushed the flying snakes head.

Its brain exploded, and a thick black liquid overflowed from the flying snakes body.

It quickly filled the river.

It smelled terrible.

The silver dragon quickly flapped her wings and flew into the sky.

But as soon as she flew, she felt dizzy and fell back into the water.

The silver dragon automatically transformed into human form.

The river was fast, and Huanhuan was extremely dizzy.

She was powerless and could only be washed away by the river.

In the end, she rushed down the waterfall and fell heavily into an extremely cold pool.

Even as a dragon, she was lightly frozen.

Her already dizzy head became even more confused.

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