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Lin Huanhuan was sleeping soundly when she was suddenly woken up by the noise outside.

She quickly got dressed and got out of bed.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Lang Zhu running toward her house with several females.

Mu Xiang was among them.

Behind them were many male beasts covered in blood.

They were all mates of these females.

“What happened” Lin Huanhuan looked at them in surprise.

Lang Zhu was very anxious.

“Lets go in first!”

The group walked into the house.

The originally spacious house was immediately filled up.

Lang Zhus snow-white beard was stained with bright red blood.

His wrinkled face was tense.

It was obvious that he was very solemn and anxious.

“The beasts of the Black River Wolf Tribe are coming up the mountain.

Hurry up and hide with Mu Xiang!”

Lin Huanhuan was shocked.

“How did this happen!”

A male beast raised his hand to wipe the blood off his face and said angrily, “The beasts of the Black River Wolf Tribe have long been eyeing the rock mountain.

Previously, their witch doctor brought Ya Qiu to our tribe to scout the way!”

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He regretted it!

If he had known that Ma Qing and Ya Qiu were spies, he would have killed them the moment they entered the rock mountain!

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Are there many people from the other party What are our chances of winning”

Lang Zhu said in a low voice, “Shuang Yun is not here now, and all the males in the tribe have been taken away.

There are only more than 70 beasts left on the rock mountain, and more than a dozen of them are females who cant fight at all.

However, there are nearly 200 of them, and they all came prepared.

We have no chance of winning!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Huanhuans expression immediately turned ugly.

She fell into deeper thought than the others.

If Ma Qing and Ya Qiu had come to scout the way, it meant that they had made up their minds to annex the Rock Wolf Tribe from the beginning.

And the chain of events that followed… From Li Weis deliberate provocation to the eruption of conflict between the two sides, with Shuang Yun killing Li Wei, Ma Qing, and Ya Qiu escaping, and Shuang Yun leading men to pursue them…

They lured their targets out of the mountain and created a diversion!

One after another, everything connected seamlessly.

Such meticulous planning was terrifying!

Lin Huanhuan had previously thought that these primitive beasts were a group of rough people who ate raw meat and drank blood.

Their nature was simple and straightforward.

Now, it seemed that she had underestimated them.

Unexpectedly, there were some extremely shrewd beasts among them.

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but worry.

If this was all planned by the other party, then were Shuang Yun and Bai Di in danger!

But before she could think about it, Lang Zhu had already pushed her and the females into the kitchen.

Lang Zhu looked at Lin Huanhuan very seriously.

“Hurry up and hide with the females.

No matter what happens outside, dont come out.”

They had gone through a lot of trouble to save these females.

They were all pregnant, so nothing could happen to them!

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Lin Huanhuan quickly asked, “What about you guys”

Lang Zhu smiled, a hint of freedom in his despair.

“Well help you guard the door.”

Lin Huanhuan grabbed his hand tightly.

“No, youll be killed by them! Run with us!”

“The males of the Rock Wolf Tribe only consist of heroes willing to die in battle.

There are no cowards who escape! Besides, protecting females is every males duty!”

Lang Zhu forced her fingers apart and pushed her a few more steps into the house.

The females were in a bad state.

Their clothes were a mess, and their faces were covered in tears.

Their eyes were filled with fear and unease.

Especially Mu Xiang.

Her face was as pale as paper.

She could barely stand.

Lin Huanhuan quickly held Mu Xiang and looked at Xin Han and Lang Zhu at the same time, trying to persuade them to hide together.

But before she could speak, she heard a flurry of footsteps rapidly approaching.

Everyones expressions changed.

“Theyre here!”

The male beasts eyes were ferocious as they turned around and rushed out the door to stop the enemies who were trying to barge in.

Lang Zhu handed the wolf fang necklace around his neck to Lin Huanhuan.

“After I die, hand this to Shuang Yun and let him avenge us!”

Then, he closed the kitchen door, transformed into a wolf, and resolutely turned to charge at the enemy.

“Come on! You scumbag, Ill show you the power of the Rock Wolf Tribe today!!”

Behind the door, Lin Huanhuan was already in tears.

The battle cries outside were deafening.

The voices of the beasts and Lang Zhu were quickly drowned out until they were gone.

The thin door could not stop those ferocious beasts at all.

Lin Huanhuan suppressed her sadness and forced herself to be energetic.

She said to the females, “Come with me.”

Below the kitchen was the cellar.

Very few people knew about this place.

Other than her, Bai Di, and Shuang Yun, only Lang Zhu and Mu Xiang, who often came to their house as guests, knew.

This was also why Lang Zhu had specially brought Mu Xiang to look for Lin Huanhuan.

This was because her family was the only one in the entire Rock Wolf Tribe that had a cellar.

The cellar was well-hidden, and there was enough food in it to make it perfect for hiding.

Lin Huanhuan slowly pulled open the floor and let the females crawl in first.

She was the last to enter the cellar.

She carefully covered the floor and found sticks to hold it from the other side.

Mu Xiangs body was exhausted.

She sat on the ground with her back against the rock wall.

Her face was pale, and she was sweating profusely.

Lin Huanhuan felt that something was wrong with her.

She suspected that Mu Xiang was injured, so she carefully checked her body for wounds.

In the end, she accidentally found mucus flowing out of her lower body!

Mu Xiang was going to give birth prematurely!

She did not expect Mu Xiang to give birth at this juncture.

This was too dangerous!

The females were all frightened and restless.

Lin Huanhuan gestured for them to calm down.

This was not the time to panic!

At that moment, they heard footsteps!

There were a lot of people coming into the kitchen.

They were walking around as if looking for something.

The cellar was not high.

As long as Lin Huanhuan stood up straight, she could touch the ceiling.

The footsteps above her seemed to be in her ears, and she could hear them exceptionally clearly.

She even heard the conversation of the people above.

“Ive searched everywhere.

Theres no one in this house!”

“Impossible! That little female lives in this house.

She must still be in this house.

Even if I have to dig three feet into the ground, I have to have her!”

It was Ya Qius voice!

The females all covered their mouths tightly and froze on the spot, afraid that they would make a sound that would alarm the people above.

They knew very well that if they were discovered, they would definitely end up in a terrible state!


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