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Chapter 492: Long Time No See, Brother

When Huanhuan made this suggestion, the expressions of the three male beasts present became very interesting.

Chen Yuan wanted to refuse, but before he could say anything, he heard Xue Ling ask unhappily, “Can you carry him”

Huanhuan looked very casual.

“Well know when I try.”

Seeing that she was really planning to carry him and fly, Xue Ling was even more dissatisfied.

“Are you really planning to carry him and fly in the sky”

Did she remember the fact that she was a female Males and females could not be so close to each other!

Huanhuan replied, “Yeah.”

“No, I wont allow it!”

Huanhuan was not angry that he had rejected her suggestion.

“In that case, Ill let you carry Chen Yuan.”

Xue Ling immediately looked extremely disgusted.

“In his dreams!”

Huanhuan had expected this reaction.

She sighed and turned to Bai Di.

“Can you help carry Chen Yuan there”

Bai Di said, “As long as Chen Yuan is fine with it, I have no objections.”

Hence, Huanhuans gaze landed on Chen Yuan again, waiting for his answer.

Chen Yuan apologized.

“Ive become your burden.”

Huanhuan said slowly, “Its fine.

Youre helping us.

This small matter is nothing.”

In the end, the white tiger carried Chen Yuan forward, while Huanhuan and Xue Ling flew in the sky.

The four of them traveled for three days.

When they stopped to rest, Chen Yuan looked at the fishbone pendant in his palm.

“It should be up ahead.”

Xue Ling spread his wings and flew into the sky, looking into the distance.

“Misty Forest is ahead.”

Huanhuan had never heard of Misty Forest and looked confused.

Chen Yuan looked thoughtful.

“I heard that Misty Forest is filled with fog all year round.

Once beasts enter, theyll immediately lose their way.

In addition, the forest is filled with danger.

Almost no one can walk out of it alive, so no beasts usually go in.”

Bai Di said, “Its dangerous, but its a perfect place to hide.”

Xue Ling landed on the ground.

“I have to admire Xuan Weis courage.”

The four of them successfully reached the edge of the forest.

The entire forest ahead was shrouded in grayish-white fog.

It was almost pitch-black.

Xue Ling and Huanhuan landed on the ground.

Bai Di found a vine and tied all of their wrists together.

“This will keep us from getting separated,” he said.

Xue Ling disagreed.

“It doesnt matter even if we cant see.

We still have our noses and ears.”

Beasts had sensitive noses and hearing.

As long as they were not too far away, they could rely on their sense of smell and hearing to determine each others location.

Bai Di said, “Its better to be careful.”

He was the first to walk into Misty Forest.

Chen Yuan followed closely behind, then Huanhuan, and finally, Xue Ling.

As soon as the four of them entered the forest, their vision was completely occupied by the white fog.

They could not see anything.

What was even more terrifying was that their sense of smell and hearing had become extremely weak.

If the four of them werent close, they wouldnt even be able to sense each others presence.

Misty Forest was even stranger than expected.

Xue Ling had no choice but to put away his indifference and brace himself to deal with it.

Chen Yuan had to put his palm in front of his eyes to barely see the direction of the fishbone pendant.

The needle that should have been fixed in front of him had become extremely unstable and kept spinning.

There were only two reasons for this to happen.

Either the fishbone pendant was broken…

Or theyd already found where Chen Yue was.

Chen Yuan felt that the latter was more likely.

He reminded them, “Chen Yues corpse should be nearby.

Perhaps Xuan Wei is also nearby.

We have to be careful.”

As soon as he spoke, he was immediately swallowed by the vast white fog.

Huanhuan, who was following behind him, could only hear the end of the sentence.

Unable to resist, she took two steps forward and pricked up her ears.

“What did you say I didnt hear you clearly.

Say it again.”

No one responded to her.

Huanhuan stretched out her hand, wanting to pat Chen Yuan in front of her.

She wanted him to stop and explain himself first.

Unexpectedly, she missed.

There was no one in front of her!

Huanhuan immediately stopped and shouted Chen Yuans name.

No one replied.

Where did he go!

Huanhuan turned around to look for Xue Ling, but he was nowhere to be seen either.

She quickly realized that something was wrong.

She immediately spread her wings and flew up, trying to fly out of the fog.

However, before she could fly, a gray shadow suddenly rushed out and pounced on her!

Huanhuan couldnt see the other partys face clearly and could only instinctively dodge to the side.

The gray shadow stepped on her ear and flew over.

It brought with it a sharp wind.

The white fog around her was stirred by the wind, which allowed her to find the gray shadows trajectory.

She pulled out her dragon spear and stabbed at the gray shadow!

The dragon spear was extremely fast, and the tip of the spear carried a blue arc of light.

Although the blue light was quickly swallowed by the white fog, its powerful might did not decrease at all.

The gray shadow hurriedly dodged.

Knowing that it was no match for her, it turned to escape.

Huanhuan chased after it and finally pierced its body.

She vaguely heard a muffled pop.

She retracted her dragon spear and leaned closer to take a look.

She realized that there was a strange animal that looked like a flying snake stuck in the spearhead.

Its body was shorter than ordinary snake beasts.

It had a pair of small fleshy wings on its back and a mouth full of sharp fangs.

It had died in great pain.

Its red eyes were round, and its entire body was in a ferocious state.

Huanhuan threw the flying snake to the ground and stepped on it.

With a crack, the flying snake was crushed.

Bai Di realized that his companions were gone.

He tried to shout a few times, but there was no response.

It seemed that they had gotten separated.

Bai Di wasnt surprised by the outcome.

Hed guessed it would happen long before they entered Misty Forest.

Even though theyd bound their wrists together with vines, they still werent able to stop themselves from getting separated.

Misty Forest was indeed worthy of its reputation.

Once they entered, no matter how careful they were, they would still be lost.

Bai Di knelt down, picked up the soil, and rubbed it between his fingers.

The soil was very wet and smelled a little fishy.

There should be a water source nearby.

Bai Di was about to stand up when a shadow jumped out and pounced on him from behind!

His reaction was extremely fast.

He rolled on the ground and dodged the other partys sneak attack.

After the other party landed, he immediately pounced on Bai Di again!

When the other party approached, Bai Di smelled a familiar scent.

He didnt dodge this time.

Instead, when the other partys sharp claws reached for him, he took the initiative and grabbed the other partys wrist!

Bai Di took the opportunity to throw him to the ground and pressed one leg against his chest.

He grabbed the opponents neck with his other hand and looked down at his face.

Even through the fog, Bai Di could see the face he knew so well.

“Brother, long time no see.”

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