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Chapter 485: Resurrection

Wu Huo turned his head and said to Xuan Wei, “Do you remember our previous agreement As long as I can complete the resurrection ritual, show me that seed.”

Xuan Wei replied expressionlessly, “Yeah.”

The blood of the slave dyed the entire stone bed.

Faint streaks of light appeared on the patterns on the surface of the stone bed.

Wu Huo walked to the stone bed on the right and pressed a hand to the slaves forehead.

“Dont be afraid,” he whispered.

“Ill free you soon.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the slave aged visibly.

His muscles quickly shriveled, his skin went slack, his hair turned snow-white, his eyes sunk, and his pupils turned cloudy.

After a while, the slave completely lost his life and became a thin and dried corpse.

The look of horror on his face was still there.

Without looking at him again, Wu Huo turned around and walked to the stone bed on the left.

He pressed his hands on the top of the dead beasts head.

A powerful vitality flowed out of Wu Huos palm and entered the corpses body.

The corpses skin quickly became rosy and lustrous, and its chest and nose gradually rose and fell.

The beast had really come back to life!

Everyone was shocked.

Their eyes widened in disbelief.

Even Xuan Wei, who had been expressionless, had a change in his expression.

Wu Huo retracted his hand and turned to Xuan Wei.

“Come and verify it.”

Xuan Wei strode forward.

He first checked the corpses breathing, then pressed his chest and neck to feel for the heartbeat.

The beating was very weak, but it was indeed beating.

Xuan Wei used the tip of his claws to cut the skin of the corpse again.

Immediately, red blood flowed out.

The blood was hot.

This beast had really come back to life!

During Xuan Weis inspection, Wu Huo stood at the side and watched.

Clearly, he was very confident in his results.

After Xuan Wei finished checking, Wu Huo said, “How is it”

Xuan Wei looked at him.

“You succeeded.”

“Since Ive succeeded, shouldnt you show me the seed”

“Sure.” Xuan Wei took out a green seed from the hide pouch he carried with him and placed it in his palm.

Wu Huo had originally planned to get Xuan Wei to take out the seed in private when no one else was around.

He did not expect Xuan Wei to take out the seed in front of everyone.

The moment the seed was taken out, Wu Huo felt an extremely strong vitality.

With just one look, he could confirm that this seed was the legendary Divine Wood seed!

Wu Huos gaze instantly became extremely hot.

Even Hei Yao could not help but circle around Xuan Wei, his big eyes staring at the Divine Wood seed in Xuan Weis hand.

At the same time, Huanhuan, who was hiding in the shadows in the corner, was staring at the seed too.

The thing she had been looking for for a long time finally appeared in front of her.

She couldnt hold it in anymore.

Wu Huo stared at the Divine Wood seed.

“Can I pick it up and take a look”

Xuan Wei retracted his fingers and held the seed.


“Its just a touch.


Before Wu Huo could finish, he saw a figure rush in front of him like a whirlwind!

Xuan Wei reacted extremely quickly.

The moment Huanhuan reached out to snatch the Divine Wood seed, he put it away.

At the same time, he took a few steps back and distanced himself from Huanhuan.

Huanhuan immediately followed.

The dragon spear in her hand tore through the air and pierced Xuan Weis chest!

Xuan Wei transformed into a white tiger.

After dodging the dragon spear, he waved his sharp claws and pounced at Huanhuan!

He was too fast.

Huanhuan could not retract the dragon spear for a while.

She kicked the stone bed beside her, sending it flying and smashing it at Xuan Wei!

Wu Huos expression changed drastically.


However, it was too late.

The beast lying on the stone bed was sent flying and fell heavily to the ground.

There was a snap.

The beast was like a balloon filled with water.

His skin ruptured, and blood flowed out.

Meanwhile, he was still lying motionless on the ground.

This was definitely not the behavior of a normal beast.

When Xuan Wei saw this, he immediately understood that the sacrificial ritual just now had not succeeded at all.

The beast had not been revived, and all his vital characteristics were an illusion.

Wu Huo had lied to him!

When Xuan Wei thought about how he had fallen for Wu Huos trick just now, he was extremely angry.

If not for the fact that the enemy in front of him was too troublesome, he would have long cut Wu Huo into pieces!

When Wu Huo saw that his plan to fool Xuan Wei had been exposed, he felt quite regretful.

Due to Huanhuans sudden attack, the entire hall was in chaos.

The beasts dodged everywhere.

The civet looked up at Wu Huo.

“What should we do now”

Wu Huo picked it up.

“Lets go.”

“You dont want the Divine Wood seed anymore”

“Were not Xuan Weis match.

If we fight head-on, our chances of winning are too slim.

Hes already wary of me.

Itll be difficult for me to trick him into giving me the Divine Wood seed.

Ill have to think of another way.”

The civet looked back at Xuan Wei and Huanhuan, who were still fighting fiercely.

“What about them Are we going to leave them here”

Wu Huo carried the civet out of the hall and said without looking back, “Let them fight.

Its best if both sides get injured.

We can then take the opportunity to get some benefits.”

The beasts in the hall quickly ran away.

Xuan Wei and Huanhuan fought more and more intensely.

In the end, Huanhuan, who was forced into a corner, turned into a silver dragon and gave a roaring breath to Xuan Wei!

Xuan Wei never dreamed that this difficult opponent in front of him was actually a dragon!

The dragons breath was extremely hot and corrosive.

Everything it touched melted and disappeared at a visible speed.

Xuan Wei quickly retreated, broke through the ceiling, and jumped out of the underground hall.

Even so, one of his hind legs still came in contact with the dragon breath.

His fur melted, revealing red flesh.

Xuan Wei endured the pain and rushed out of the wall with his injuries!

Huanhuan wanted to chase after him, but the silver dragon was too big.

She was stuck in the underground hall.

She could only twist her body desperately and try to squeeze out.

In the end, the entire temple shook because of her.

It was in danger of collapsing at any moment.

Xue Ling and Bai Di were looking around for Wu Huan when the temple suddenly shook.

Bai Di asked, “What happened Is there an earthquake!”

Xue Ling sensed carefully.

“Its not an earthquake.

Huanhuan must have transformed.

I smell the scent of the dragon race.”

“Dragon race” Bai Di didnt understand when Huanhuan was related to the dragon race!

Xue Ling followed the dragons aura, and Bai Di followed.

Before they could find Huanhuan, she had already broken free and soared into the sky.

The underground hall was turned upside down by the silver dragon, and even the foundation was destroyed.

Coupled with the hard kick of the silver dragon before she left, the already shaky Dark Moon Temple was toppling over.

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