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The black dragon was unwilling.

This was the second time Huanhuan had heard the wordforbidden area. She asked curiously what kind of place it was.

Xue Ling said, “Thats the burial ground of the dragon race.

The remains of generations of dragons are buried there.

Young dragons can obtain the inheritance of the dragon race there.”

Huanhuan understood.

She was actually quite interested in the dragon races burial ground, but she was injured now and could not leave the dragon pool for the time being.

She could only give up.

She said, “Little Black, you have to go to the forbidden area.

Only by obtaining the inheritance can you become stronger.”

In the past, Black Dragon didnt think there was anything good about becoming stronger.

However, after Xing Chen almost killed the silver dragon, the black dragon realized the need for strength.

Only when they were strong enough could they protect those they wanted to protect.

The black dragon asked seriously, “Will you still be here when I come out of the forbidden area”

Huanhuan nodded.

“Of course.

Ill wait for you to come out.”

“Dont lie to me.”

“Ill never lie to you.”

After getting her promise, the black dragon reluctantly followed Xue Ling.

When they were all gone, Huanhuan could finally transform into human form again.

She lay on the edge of the pool and shouted Little Brats name several times, but there was no response.

It seemed that the system was really gone.

Huanhuan was very worried about the safety of the system.

She was prepared to go to the City of 10,000 Beasts immediately after she recovered.

The system was gone.

The prophet must know something.

She had to see the prophet herself.


The hot water made her feel comfortable.

Huanhuan fell asleep unknowingly.

The forbidden area of the dragon race was hidden very well.

Xue Ling led the black dragon over the storm barrier, then let the black dragon dive underwater.

“The dragon races burial ground is at the bottom of the sea below Dragon Island.

Youll see it when you reach the bottom.”

The black dragon dived into the water and quickly swam into the deep sea.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the vast sea.

When the black dragon dived to the bottom of the sea, he saw the remains of many dragons piled up there.

Their huge white dragon bones were covered in thick crystals of sea salt.

Colorful coral bushes were everywhere, emitting a faint light.

He swam toward the largest remains of the dragons and saw a black python.

The black dragon did not understand.

This was the burial ground of the dragons.

Why were there foreign creatures here

He glanced at the black python and saw that it was motionless.

It had a head injury.

He didnt know if it was dead or alive.

The black dragon just so happened to find him, so he wrapped his tail around the python and threw it up.

The black dragon was extremely strong.

The python was immediately thrown out of the sea.

Xue Ling was about to fly back to the island when he saw a black figure rush out of the sea.

He thought that the black dragon had returned and immediately stopped.

However, he realized that the thing that rushed out of the sea was a black python!

Moreover, this python was none other than Sang Ye!

Xue Ling did not understand why Sang Ye would appear here in this way, but he still rushed down.

He grabbed the python and brought him through the storm barrier to land on the island.

There was a huge wound on the black pythons head.

His flesh had been torn open by the seawater.

Xue Ling found some fragrant and crispy fruits on the island, crushed them, and applied them to the pythons head.

Seeing that Sang Ye would not wake up for a while, Xue Ling went nearby to pick some fruits and brought them to Huanhuan.

When Xue Ling flew above the dragon pool, he saw that Huanhuan had fallen asleep on the edge of the pool.

He couldnt bear to wake her up, so he carefully landed beside the fruits and gently placed them on the ground.

Xue Ling raised his right hand, and a cluster of flames appeared in his palm.

He moved the flames closer to Huanhuan.

A steady stream of warmth spread out and enveloped Huanhuans exposed shoulders and arms.

Xue Lings gaze passed through the flames and landed on her face.

Although she was worlds apart from how she used to be, no matter what she looked like, he would like her as long as it was her.



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