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When light appeared in front of Huanhuan again, she realized that she was standing on the edge of the cliff.

In front of her was a bottomless dark abyss.

‘Where am I

Huanhuan looked confused.

She looked down at herself and realized that her body had returned to its original state.

Her fair and delicate feet were on the ground, and her legs were slender and straight.

She was wearing a long dress made of shark silk.

Her black hair reached her waist, and her skin was so fair that it almost glowed.

She touched her cheek.

“Why am I back to normal Little Brat, do you know whats going on”

The systems voice came from behind her.

“This is the dark domain created by Xing Chen.

Your soul has been sucked in.

From now on, everything you see is fake.

Dont believe it.”

Huanhuan immediately turned around and saw the system standing not far away.

He was slender and thin.

He was wearing a white shark silk robe.

His pale golden hair fell to its waist.

White shark silk veil covered the eyes on his pale and handsome face.

Behind him was endless darkness.

He looked even more ethereal, as if he could float away with the wind at any time.

Huanhuan quickly ran over.

“How do we get out of here”

“Find Xing Chen and kill him.”

Huanhuan was very nervous.

“Hes so powerful.

He must have discovered our existence by now.

Can we really kill him”

The system took her hand, wrapped his large palm around hers, and gave her strength.

“If you want to, you can dominate everything and win every battle.”

He took out a bone knife from somewhere and handed it to Huanhuan.

“Take it in case you need it.”

Huanhuan held the bone knife with one hand and nodded.


Countless beasts had gathered by the cliff.

They had transformed into their beast forms, revealing their sharp fangs and claws as they stared warily at the bottom of the cliff.

They didnt seem to see the system beside Huanhuan.

No one looked at him twice.

He was completely invisible to them.

Huanhuan asked, “What are they doing”

The system said, “Theyre waiting for something.”

“What are they waiting for”

“A dirty thing from the dark abyss.”

Huanhuan seemed to understand.

She craned her neck and looked into the abyss.

It was dark below.

She couldnt see anything.

She heard the beasts discussing at the edge of the cliff.

“We have to kill him today!”

“Thats right! If we dont kill him, hell eat all the living things on this continent!”

“I cant understand how such a disgusting monster can exist in this world!”

A moment later, there was a rustling at the bottom of the cliff.

Something seemed to be climbing up!

Everyone was on guard, and the atmosphere became extremely tense.

Huanhuan knew that all of this was fake, but she still couldnt help but tense up.

The system held her hand tightly and comforted her softly, “Dont be afraid.

Im here.”

The first thing to reach out from the bottom of the cliff was a black vine.

It was as thick as an adults arm.

There were also fine burrs on the surface of the vine, and a few red leaves with sharp serrations hung from it.

It was a very odd vine.

As soon as they saw the black vine, all the beasts immediately pounced on it and fought to bite and tear it apart!

However, a second, a third, and a fourth…

Countless black vines extended from the abyss.

The beasts desperately bit and tore, trying to destroy all those vines.

However, their attacks were still not as fast as the black vines.

Some of the weaker beasts were accidentally swept up by the black vines and dragged into the endless dark abyss.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared, leaving behind only a deafening scream.

The number of beasts decreased, but the number of black vines increased.

The scales of victory gradually tilted toward the black vines.

The beasts attacks began to falter.

They had no choice but to retreat as they fought, trying to leave this dangerous cliff.

They would bring enough people to fight these ferocious black vines next time.

Huanhuan looked at the black vines and couldnt help but ask, “What are they”

The system watched everything coldly.

He was so calm that he was almost cold.

“Theyre called Soul-Devouring Vine.”

“Soul-Devouring Vine”

“Like the Divine Wood, its a very ancient divine plant.

If the Divine Wood is the symbol of life, the Soul-Devouring Vine is the symbol of death.

It was born in the darkness and grows in the abyss.

It uses the method of sucking souls and lives to strengthen itself.

Compared to the name of the Soul-Devouring Vine, beasts prefer to call it a monster.”

The vines of the Soul-Devouring Vine pierced into the body of a beast.

In the blink of an eye, they sucked away all his flesh, leaving only his bones.

Huanhuans scalp went numb.

“This Soul-Devouring Vine is really powerful.

Even with so many beasts, they cant kill it.”

“The Soul-Devouring Vine is immortal.

Even a god cant kill it.

Of course, these beasts are no match for it.”

While the two of them were talking, the remaining beasts were all sucked dry by the Soul-Devouring Vine.

The ground was filled with messy bones, and the air was filled with the cold and rotten aura of the abyss.

The vines of the Soul-Devouring Vine spread along the ground like poisonous snakes.

As long as there was a beast or a plant, the vines would eat them clean.

The system said, “Lets follow it.”

Huanhuan was puzzled.

“Why are we following it”

“The plant is the original Xing Chen.

The only way we can get out of here is to kill it.”

Huanhuans eyes widened.

“The Soul-Devouring Vine is the original form of Xing Chen! But didnt you say that the Soul-Devouring Vine is immortal How can we kill it”

“We have to kill it even if we cant.

We have to leave this place as soon as possible.

If we stay here for too long, our souls will be assimilated into this place.

In the end, well lose our minds and become toys in Xing Chens hands.”

The Soul-Devouring Vine kept extending forward, and the system followed closely behind.

At this moment, the Soul-Devouring Vine suddenly stopped.

Huanhuan didnt understand why it had stopped.

She looked up and saw a big tree not far ahead.

The trunk of the tree was extremely slender, only as thick as a rice bowl, but the leaves were extremely lush.

They stretched out in all directions like a huge green umbrella, and the strong smell of life assaulted her face.

Huanhuan involuntarily felt happy and blurted out, “Is that the Divine Wood”

The system replied, “Yes.”

The Soul-Devouring Vine extended a vine and carefully touched the leaves of the Divine Wood.

In an instant, green tender leaves immediately grew on the tip of its vine and quickly spread to the entire vine.

At the tip of the vine, a small white flower even bloomed.

A stiff, jerky voice came through the Soul-Devouring Vine.

“Is this for me”

The leaves of the Divine Wood swayed as if they were saying something.

Unfortunately, Huanhuan couldnt hear anything.


The Soul-Devouring Vine sounded happy.

“Its beautiful.

I like it.”

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