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Not long after Sang Ye left, Tao Wei dragged his weak body up.

He knew very well that even with Sang Ye and those elite soldiers of the demon race, they were no match for the dragons.

Tao Wei asked them to chase after the dragons, but he never expected them to really kill them.

He just wanted them to slow down the dragons so that he could have time to ask Father for help.


In the center of the demon territory, a huge jellyfish floated on the lake.

Countless thin and long translucent tentacles floated in the air.

Tao Wei knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the lake.

“Father, I want to see you.”

A moment later, Xing Chens voice floated out of the jellyfish.

“What is it”

Tao Wei knelt on the ground respectfully.

“Father, the dragon egg you gave me successfully hatched a black dragon, but that black dragon was taken away by another silver dragon.

I was seriously injured by them.”

Xing Chen didnt care if Tao Wei was injured, but he was a little interested in the silver dragon Tao Wei mentioned.

“What silver dragon”

“Its an adult silver dragon.

Its very big and powerful.” Tao Wei recalled carefully.

“Before he turned into a silver dragon, he was a tall, thin beast.

He had short black hair and held a spear in his hand.”

Xing Chens voice became meaningful.

“Its her, but isnt she already dead…”

Tao Wei didnt hear him clearly.

“Whos dead”

“Yu Tian, the most talented female beast of the dragon race.

She has a demigod body and is very strong.

Even if all of you join forces, you wont be her match.”


Tao Wei did not expect that silver dragon to have such a powerful background.

He immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

“The dragon race has always been protective.

We injured Yu Tian this time.

What if she takes revenge on us in the future”

“Thats your business.

Since you dared to hurt her and let her go, you have to be prepared for her to kill you and come back for revenge.”


Tao Weis pale face turned even paler.

His forehead hit the ground.

“Please save me, Father!”

But Xing Chen didnt give any more replies.

Tao Wei was extremely anxious, but he did not dare to urge him.

He could only kneel for a long time.

He was weak to begin with, and he was already exhausted to have forced himself here.

It wasnt long before he passed out from exhaustion.

This was the Sea of Illusions.

The boundless black seawater was almost one with the night.

In the middle of the ocean was a small island.

The island was filled with green bamboo, peanuts, and potatoes.

The green leaves looked especially eye-catching at night.

The thin young man sat on the grass, his amber eyes staring at the stone slab in his hand as he carved seriously.

Behind him was a small mountain of stone slabs.

Those slabs were all engraved with portraits of Huanhuan.

They were all personally carved by Xing Chen.

There were a lot of them.

There was a stone bed not far from him.

Huanhuans corpse was lying quietly on the stone bed.

She was wearing a long dress made of the best shark silk.

Her long black hair was loose, and her eyes were closed.

Her beautiful face added a lot of brightness to the originally dark and cold Sea of Illusions.

Other than her face being too pale, she looked no different from a living person.

Anyone who didnt know better would think she was just asleep.

In no time, Xing Chen had carved a vivid portrait.

He looked at the portrait on the stone slab, then looked up at Huanhuan on the stone bed with satisfaction.

Xing Chen stood up and casually placed the stone slab on the mountain behind him, adding a little more height to the mountain of stone slabs.

He dusted off his hands and walked slowly to the stone bed.

He gently stroked Huanhuans cheek with the back of his hand and sighed almost reverently.

“Your face is perfect.”


No matter how long he looked at her, he still found her extremely beautiful.

His hand slid down Huanhuans cheek, neck, and chest before finally stopping at her abdomen.

This spot should have been badly mutilated, but it was sewn up by Xing Chen.

He stitched it so carefully that the stitches were barely visible.

But that wasnt enough for Xing Chen.

He couldnt allow her to have any flaws.

Xing Chen gently stroked her abdomen and whispered in her ear, his tone extremely gentle, “I heard that the soup made from dragon bones can grow flesh and bones.

Ill get you two dragons later.”

Huanhuan still didnt react.

Xing Chen was a little disappointed.

Compared to the beautiful but cold corpse in front of him, he preferred the lively female.

Especially when she smiled.

It made him feel a rare warmth.

If only she could be revived…

Xing Chen took her hand and lowered his head to kiss the back of it.

“Be good and rest here.

Im going out to do something.

Ill be back soon.”

When Tao Wei woke up from his coma, he opened his eyes and saw that Xing Chen had appeared in front of him.

Tao Wei immediately dragged his tired body to the ground and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Father!”

Xing Chen looked down at him.

“Where did those two dragons go”

“Theyre flying southeast.”

“Southeast…” Xing Chen looked thoughtful.

“Looks like theyre going home.”

He put one hand behind his back and walked away.

Tao Wei quickly asked, “Where are you going”

“Im going to kill a demigod.”


When the last word was uttered, Xing Chen had disappeared.

Shuang Yun and Xue Ling rushed to the battlefield with a mighty beast army.

However, the battle was already over.

The beast soldiers were checking the battlefield to see if there were any survivors.

Xue Ling flew across the entire battlefield with the feathered beasts, but he could not find Yu Tian.

In the end, he found a pool of dark red blood on a patch of grass.

As soon as he approached, he could smell that it was dragon blood!

Could it be that Yu Tian was injured!

Xue Lings heart tightened.

He immediately flew back to Shuang Yun and told him what he had discovered.

Shuang Yun called over a beast general.

This general had always been stationed nearby.

When the demons invaded, he led the beast soldiers to fight the enemy and knew the situation on the battlefield very well.

He started with the black dragons appearance, then mentioned the silver dragon getting injured.

Finally taken, he told them that the silver dragon was away by the black dragon.

Xue Ling was even more certain of his guess now.

Yu Tian was injured, and he was seriously injured!

He pressed, “Do you know where the two dragons flew to”

“I dont know where they went.

I only know that they flew in that direction.” The beast general pointed southeast.

Xue Ling immediately said, “Ill go after them now!”


He brought the feather beasts to chase after Yu Tian.

Shuang Yun stayed on the battlefield and personally supervised the beast soldiers to calculate the losses.

At the same time, he prevented the demon army from making another attack.

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