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Huanhuan no longer had the strength to chase after the demons.

She fell to the ground and transformed back into human form.

To avoid being exposed, she wrapped her wings around herself.

The black dragon got up and walked over.

He lowered his head and nuzzled her wings.

“How are you”

Huanhuans voice was weak.

“Im fine.”


The black dragon was anxious when he smelled the blood on her.

Huanhuan forced out the words, “Get me out of here.”

The black dragon couldnt understand her.

Huanhuan could only imitate the pronunciation in the dragon language and repeat what she had just said.

The black dragon finally managed to understand.

He picked her up carefully, turned his head, and placed her on his back.

Then, he flapped his wings and flew into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Huanhuan lay on the black dragons back and took out her dragon spear with difficulty.

She asked the black crystal pendant to guide her.

“Little Black, as long as you follow the direction pointed by this black crystal pendant, we can return home.

Im very tired now and need to rest.

Wake me up when were home, do you understand”

She didnt know the black dragons name, so she casually named himLittle Black.

The black dragon didnt think there was anything wrong with the name.


The wound on Huanhuans back was still bleeding.

She felt her body temperature drop.

There was nothing she could do now.

She could only close her eyes and rest to conserve what little energy she had left.

At this moment, Tao Wei was also seriously injured.

He felt as if his internal organs were being roasted on a fire.


His hatred for the silver dragon and the black dragon reached its peak.

He endured the pain in his body and gritted his teeth.

“That silver dragon is seriously injured.

The black dragon is young and ignorant.

Bring your men and chase after them.

Find a chance to kill them!”

Han Ying frowned.

“Even if the silver dragon is seriously injured, we might not be able to defeat the black dragon with our strength.

Even if we manage to defeat him, itll definitely be a tragic victory.”

The price was too high.

It was not worth it!

However, Tao Wei said, “The dragon race is an extremely protective race.

If they know that we controlled the black dragon to injure the silver dragon, theyll definitely think of ways to take revenge.

At that time, the entire demon race wont be able to escape the revenge of the dragon race! Instead of waiting for our deaths, we might as well take the initiative to attack and kill those two dragons to prevent future trouble!”


Han Ying thought for a moment and felt that Tao Wei made sense.

“Rest first.

Ill arrange for our men to chase after the two dragons.”

Hearing this, the hatred in Tao Weis heart eased a little.

He lay back on the bed, closed his eyes, and continued to rest.

Han Ying walked out of the tent and called Sang Ye and three other trusted generals over.

“Im going to arrange for a team to pursue the silver dragon and the black dragon.

Are any of you willing to carry out this mission”

The four of them had seen how powerful the dragon race was.

It was not easy to chase after the dragons.

If they were not careful, they would be completely wiped out.

The three beast generals were a little hesitant.

Only Sang Ye stood up without hesitation.

“Ill go.”

Han Ying stared at his face and reprimanded in a low voice, “I havent settled the score with you for protecting the silver dragon on the battlefield just now!”

“Im willing to accept the punishment.”

“Changing sides on the battlefield is equivalent to betraying the enemy.

This is a capital crime!”

Sang Yes face was expressionless.

“I can apologize with my life.”

“You!” Han Ying was furious with him.

“You know that I cant bear to kill you, so you deliberately said that, right!”

“I dont mean that.”

Han Ying suppressed his anger.

“Tell me the truth.

Why did you protect that silver dragon Do you know each other”

“I followed your orders to capture Shuang Yin and encountered the silver dragon there.

I couldnt beat the dragon, so I retreated with my army.”

Han Ying did not believe that this was the only relationship between them.

He pressed, “Since youre not involved with her, why were you protecting her so desperately”


Sang Ye thought for a long time before saying slowly, “I find the dragon very familiar.

I think the dragon is someone I knew in the past.”


Sang Ye shook his head.

“I dont remember.”

Han Ying looked at him resentfully.

“You find the dragon familiar even though you dont remember.

Your feelings are really strong!”

Sang Ye lowered his head in silence.

Seeing how stubborn he was, Han Ying was furious.

He shouted, “No matter what, you have to be punished for violating military orders! Men, tie him up and punish him according to military law!”

According to military law, Sang Ye should die.

Hearing this, the other three beast generals quickly advised.

“Lord Han Ying, please calm down! Sang Ye is young and impetuous.

Its inevitable that hell be impulsive.

On account of his previous contributions, please spare him this time!”

“Yes, yes! The young should be forgiven when they make mistakes.

Dont lower yourself to his level.”

“If the child is disobedient, just teach him a lesson.

How can you use military law Dont be rash!”

Under the persuasion of the three generals, Han Ying finally gave up the idea of using military law.

He only got someone to lock Sang Ye up so that things could be explained to the others.

It was a light punishment for a serious crime.

No one else would have been able to enjoy this treatment.

As Han Yings trusted aides, the three generals naturally knew how much Han Ying valued his nephew.

Although he said that he would use military law, he was just going through the motions.

If he didnt even punish Sang Ye lightly, other beasts would say that he was biased toward his nephew and itd affect his future.

In the end, Han Ying did all this for Sang Ye.

Therefore, the three generals took the opportunity to put on a show with Han Ying so that the uncle and nephew could have a way out.

At the same time, this matter could be quietly resolved.

Sang Ye was locked in a dark dungeon.

He did not eat or drink.

He could not even straighten his back.


Han Ying opened the skylight and looked at Sang Ye sitting motionless on the ground.

“Do you know your mistake”

Sang Ye looked up at him.


But he had no intention of admitting her mistake.

Han Ying sighed.

“You havent learned anything else, but youve learned a lot from your mother!”

Sang Ye apologized.

“Dont apologize to me.

I dont need your apology.” Han Ying rubbed his temples.

He had really lost his temper after being tormented by his nephew.

“If you really want to appease me, hurry up and get rid of those two dragons.

Itll be a form of redemption!”

Sang Ye immediately perked up.

“Thank you, Uncle!”

Han Ying was furious when he saw him like this.

“Its as if I raised this nephew for nothing!”

With that, Han Ying left without looking back.

The skylight was not closed.

Sang Ye climbed out and saw that Fei Jue was standing there.

Fei Jue said respectfully, “The people Ive prepared for you are already waiting at the entrance of the camp.

Theyre all elite soldiers carefully selected by Lord Han Ying.

Theyll be at your disposal in the future.”

Sang Ye glanced at him.

“Help me tell Uncle that Ill be back soon.”


Sang Ye strode out of the camp with a team of nearly a hundred people.

They chased after the two dragons.

Sang Ye was worried about the silver dragons injuries.

He had to see for himself how the dragon was doing.

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