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Sang Ye was very powerful.

In particular, his snake form was shockingly huge.

The beasts of the boar tribe were like little chicks in front of him.

But even the smallest chicken would bite if forced to.

Furthermore, there were many of them.

The anger they felt at their leader being eaten made the beasts of the boar tribe erupt with super combat strength.

They swarmed forward and attacked the python desperately.

They had to avenge the patriarch!

The pythons skin was very thick and was covered in a layer of fine scales.

Even when it was bitten, it did not cause much damage to Sang Ye.

Sang Ye dealt with the crazy wild boar beasts while looking for crunchy fruits.

He followed the smell of the food and found the cave where the boar tribe was storing their food.

He snatched all the crunchy fruits inside.

After getting the crunchy fruits he wanted, Sang Ye had no intention of fighting.

He immediately prepared to retreat.

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How could the beasts of the boar tribe let him go!

They realized that ordinary attacks were not very effective against pythons.

One of the more intelligent male beasts suddenly shouted, “Use fire! Snakes are afraid of fire!”

All beasts were afraid of fire, but snake beasts were most afraid of fire.

This might be due to their nature as cold-blooded animals.

A portion of the wild boar beasts immediately went to look for flint and dry wood.

The remaining beasts desperately stopped Sang Ye and refused to let him leave the wild boar tribe.

Sang Ye smelled danger.

He couldnt help but feel a little irritable and uneasy.

His huge snake tail swept over, sending all the wild boar beastmen in front of him flying.

Screams rose.

Sang Ye wanted to hurry back, but those wild boar beasts were like maggots.

They pestered him desperately and refused to let him go.

The other beasts finally found dry wood and flint.

They threw them at Sang Ye.

The scorching heat scalded the python, and the scales on its skin curled up.

Sang Ye was in extreme pain.

However, he still gritted his teeth and ignored the torches in the beasts hands.

He rushed out of the encirclement recklessly.

The huge snake burrowed into the forest and slithered quickly across the snow.

The beasts of the savage tribe chased after him with torches.

Wild boars were fast, but if they changed back to their original form, they wouldnt be able to hold a torch anymore.

That way, even if they caught up with the python, they wouldnt be able to hurt it.

Hence, they could only maintain their human form and give chase in the forest with their two human legs.

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Sang Yes body was covered in wounds from the fire.

His scales rolled up, and his snake skin was charred black.

Due to the friction from slithering on the snow, his scarlet flesh was revealed.

He was in so much pain but he had no intention of stopping to rest.

All he could think about was the little female being sick.

She was very sick and needed crunchy fruits to save her life.

He couldnt stop.

He had to get back quickly!

When Sang Ye finally rushed into the cave, he realized that Lin Huanhuan had fallen unconscious again.

But even though she had fainted, she was still coughing.

She coughed so violently that it seemed she was going to cough her lungs out.


Sang Ye quickly took out the crunchy fruits and said to her, “Ive already brought the crunchy fruits you wanted.

What should I do now”

Lin Huanhuan was dizzy from illness and could not answer him at all.

Helpless, Sang Ye could only chew the crunchy fruits before feeding them to her.

Fortunately, she could still swallow food.

Sang Ye fed her all the crunchy fruits in one go.

It was unknown if the fruits really worked, but Lin Huanhuans coughing gradually calmed down.

Sang Ye did not dare to sleep.

He stayed by her side silently, his snake eyes staring at her without blinking.

After a long time, Lin Huanhuan woke up.

She opened her eyes with difficulty.

Her throat was still itchy, and she felt a little dizzy, but she was much better than before.

“I fed you some crunchy fruits.

Are you feeling better now”

Lin Huanhuan looked in the direction of the voice and saw Sang Ye, who had transformed into a snake and was lying on the ground.

He looked down at her, his black snake eyes filled with concern.

She said gratefully, “Im better now.

Thank you!”

Sang Ye was relieved.

He glanced at the snow and ice outside the cave.

Then, he suddenly said to her, “Do you want to go home”

Lin Huanhuan was slightly stunned.


She didnt understand why he was suddenly asking about this.

Sang Ye tried his best to hide the wounds on his body and said calmly, “If you want to go home, go back quickly.

Its too cold in the forest.

This place isnt suitable for a delicate female like you.

If you continue to stay here, youll definitely fall sick again.”

Lin Huanhuan really wanted to go back, but she couldnt bear to part with this python that looked gloomy but was actually very gentle.

She asked carefully, “Can you come back with me”

Sang Ye was stunned.

“You want me to go with you Why”

“You saved me.

I have to repay you.”

Sang Ye said, “I dont need you to repay me.”


“No buts.

Hurry up and leave.” Sang Ye turned his head away from her.

Facing his sudden coldness, Lin Huanhuan was at a loss.

She quickly got up and walked over to him.

She wanted to pet the python as usual and get closer to him.

But when she approached the python, she realized that it was covered in wounds.

Blood was still seeping from the burned flesh.

It was a ghastly sight.

Lin Huanhuan was shocked.

She quickly asked, “How did these wounds come about What happened just now!”

Sang Ye said indifferently, “Theyre just small injuries.

I wont die.”

“But you—”

“Alright, stop talking.” Sang Ye laughed at himself.

“You dont like me anyway.

It doesnt matter even if Im injured.

You shouldnt care too much.”

“Dont say that!” Lin Huanhuan hugged the pythons body.

“Were friends.

I care a lot about your safety.


Sang Ye interrupted her again.

“I told you, I dont want to be friends with you.

I just want to be your mate.”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

Sang Ye looked at her calmly.

“I know you look down on me, and I wont ask for trouble again.

Hurry up and leave.

Go back to your mates and dont appear in front of me again.”

Hearing his cold words, Lin Huanhuan felt terrible.

She couldnt resist.

“Im not looking down on you.

I just dont think Im good enough for you.”

Sang Ye looked at her without saying anything.

He obviously didnt believe her.

Lin Huanhuan slowly approached the pythons body.

“Youre a very good male beast.

Not only are you powerful, but youre also good to females.

In the future, youll definitely find a female who can treat you wholeheartedly.

Im a female who already has two mates.

Im really not worthy of you.”

However, Sang Ye said, “I dont need you to be single-minded.

I just want to be by your side.”


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