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The meat buns Xue Ling made tasted different from Bai Dis, but they were just as delicious.

Huanhuan had not eaten meat buns for a long time.

Coupled with the fact that her body had an astonishing appetite, she finished two full trays of meat buns in one go.

She had a total of 50 meat buns!

After eating, Huanhuan touched her stomach, feeling like she wanted more.

Shuang Yin was dumbfounded.

She thought that she had a huge appetite, but Yu Tians appetite was much greater than hers.

However, when she thought of Yu Tians powerful strength, Shuang Yin quickly figured it out.

Usually, powerful beasts would eat a lot.

In contrast, Xue Ling was not surprised that Huanhuan could eat so much.

After all, her body was that of a dragon.

An adult dragon could swallow an adult bull with its mouth.

To the dragons, 50 meat buns were equivalent to dessert.

It was not even a proper meal.

Xue Ling said, “Why dont I roast you some more meat”

Huanhuan waved her hand.

“Forget it.

Im not very hungry now.”

It was very difficult for the dragons to be completely full, so most of them maintained a half-full state.

Usually, as long as they did not consume too much energy, they would just eat something to fill their stomachs.


She wanted to go down the mountain to shop.

Xue Ling immediately took off his apron and washed his hands.

“Lets go.

Ill show you around.”

Huanhuan asked Shuang Yin if she wanted to go shopping together.

Shuang Yin was about to agree when Xue Ling spoke first.

He asked, “Arent you going for a run this morning”

Shuang Yin said, “I just got back from a run.”

“Then hurry up and take a shower.

You stink of sweat.

You dont look like a female at all.”

Shuang Yin, who was looked down on, was furious.

“I dont stink of sweat!”

Xue Ling said matter-of-factly, “Of course, you cant smell it yourself.

I can smell it clearly.

Go take a shower.”

Shuang Yin lowered her head and sniffed her arm.

She didnt smell anything.

She looked at Huanhuan again.

“Do you smell sweat on me”

Huanhuan was about to say no when Xue Ling put an arm around her shoulders.

He half-leaned on Huanhuan and said with a smile, “Shuang Yin is a female.

She has to be clean.

It wont hurt her to take another shower.”

Huanhuan thought about it and felt that he was right.

If she was clean, she would leave a good impression on anyone she met.

Hence, Huanhuan said to Shuang Yin, “Go take a shower first.

Come and find us at the foot of the mountain after that.”

Shuang Yin had no choice but to resentfully wash up.

Xue Ling took Huanhuans hand and walked down the mountain.

Without a third wheel in the way, the two of them could go on a date.

How awesome!


Huanhuan broke free of his grip.

She frowned and said, “I can walk by myself.

Dont keep pulling me.”

“There are many people in the city.

Ill hold your hand.

That way, we wont easily separate.”

Huanhuan was not a three-year-old.

Of course, she didnt believe his excuse.

She put her hands behind her back and said as she walked, “With my current height and strength, not many people can squeeze me.

Dont worry.”

Xue Ling looked at her current height and couldnt help but sigh.

“Im really not used to you being so tall.”

Huanhuan pretended not to hear his sigh and strode forward.


After descending the mountain, Xue Ling brought Huanhuan around the city.

They went to see the sword tree first, then the vegetable fields and orchards.

Ever since Huanhuan left, these vegetables and fruit trees took a much longer time to grow.

They were almost no different from ordinary vegetables and fruits now, but Shuang Yun still valued them very much.

Not only did he specially mark out an area for them, but he also sent someone to take care of them.

As long as he was free, he would come to the vegetable fields and orchards.

When Huanhuan and Xue Ling walked to the vegetable fields, they saw Shuang Yun squatting in the vegetable garden and looking down at the leaves of a beet.

He noticed people approaching and immediately looked up at the newcomer.

Xue Ling greeted him.

“Youre in the vegetable garden again”

“I came to see how these plants are doing.” Shuang Yuns gaze paused on Huanhuan, and he frowned slightly.

“Why did you bring him along”

Xue Ling said, “Im bringing Yu Tian to have a look around the place.”

“Not just anyone can come in here and wander around.” Shuang Yun was unhappy.

The vegetable fields and orchards were filled with their memories.

Here, he seemed to be able to return to the past when Huanhuan was still around.

He didnt want any random people entering this place and disturbing the peace.

Xue Ling turned to look at Huanhuan.

Huanhuan immediately understood.

“Ill go elsewhere.

Take your time.”

Xue Ling reminded her, “Dont go too far.

Ill come and find you later.”


Huanhuan turned and left.

She was soon far away.

Shuang Yun saw how intimate the two of them were just now and was dissatisfied.

“Youre too good to Yu Tian.”

“Yu Tian is an old friend.

Its normal for me to be nice.”

“Its not normal.

Youre good to him beyond the boundaries of ordinary friends.

Especially when you look at him like you used to look at Huanhuan.

Its too explicit.”

Xue Ling chuckled.

“I thought you couldnt tell.”

Shuang Yun frowned.

“What do you mean”

“You like to be stubborn.

You can clearly think things through by taking a turn, but you just wont be flexible.

You just insist on ending up at a dead end.”

“Im stubborn I think youre too fickle.

You love everyone you meet, right” At this point, Shuang Yun couldnt help but mutter, “Youre too hardcore.

You even like a male beast like Yu Tian!”

Xue Ling smiled even more happily.

“Yu Tian is not a male beast.

Shes actually a female.”

“Huh” Shuang Yun was stunned.

“Its difficult for the dragon race to give birth.

Yu Tian is the only child of the last leader of the dragon race, but shes a female.

Logically speaking, she cant inherit the position of leader, so she was raised as a male beast.

When she grew up, she revealed astonishing talent and her strength far exceeded the other male beasts in the dragon race.

At that time, she already had the confidence to inherit the position of the leader.

The leader wanted her to return to being a female, but she was unwilling, so she kept maintaining the appearance of a male beast.”


Not many people knew about this, and Xue Ling happened to be one of them.


Shuang Yun was still puzzled.

“I can understand why she was forced to pretend to be a male beast when she was young, but later when she could regain her female identity, why wasnt she willing”

“Maybe its because shes used to it.

Her childhood education told her that she was a male beast.

This awareness has been carved into her bones.

Even when she knew later on that this perception was wrong, she couldnt change it.

In that case, she simply stopped trying to change her mindset.

As a result, she has continued to insist that shes a male beast.

In any case, shes strong enough.

Gender doesnt mean much to her.”

Shuang Yun seemed to understand.

“I see…”

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