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After eating and drinking, Huanhuan was so drunk that she swayed as she walked.

Xue Ling took her arm.

“Ill walk you to your room.”

Huanhuan tried to tighten the last string of her rationality.

She pushed his hand away and said, “No, I can walk.”

Xue Ling looked at her and wanted to carry her away.


But she was too tall now.

He might not be able to carry her…

Even if he managed to pick her up, it wouldnt be romantic at all.

Xue Ling could only suppress the desire in his heart.

He clenched Huanhuans hand and ignored her rejection as he pulled her up to the attic.


Huanhuan sat down on the bed.

Her mind was still blank.

She stared straight ahead, looking especially silly.

Seeing her like this, Xue Ling couldnt help but lean over and ask, “Do you still know me”


The system was afraid that his silly daughter would be tricked again, so he started playingMarch of the Volunteers in her mind!

“Get up, people who dont want to be slaves! Let our hot blood build our new Great Wall!”

Huanhuan: “…”

Although she really wanted to complain about the choice of song, she had to admit that it was really good at sobering her up.

She sobered considerably.

Huanhuan pinched Xue Lings cheek unceremoniously and chuckled.

“Of course, I know you.

Youre my son!”

Xue Ling: “…”

The system cheered and clapped.

“Well done! Go all out against him.

Lets see if he still dares to trick you in the future!”

Xue Ling smiled helplessly.

“Alright, youve passed this test.

I still have two questions for you.”

Huanhuan tensed and stared at him warily.

What else did this old beast want!

Xue Ling stared into her eyes and approached her bit by bit.

“I didnt mention the name of Bai Dis brother at the dining table just now.

How do you know his brothers name is Xuan Wei”

Huanhuan: “…”

She shrank back involuntarily.

The system hugged his head.

“Oh no!”

Xue Ling continued to approach her.

“Also, how do you know that Bai Di has two sons I dont think Ive ever told you about this.”

Huanhuan continued to shrink back, her voice lacking confidence.

“Ive heard others mention it before…”

“Oh Who told you that Give me the name and Ill ask him.”

Huanhuan: “…”

She couldnt answer at all.

She just kept shrinking back until her back was against the wall.

Only then did she realize that she had unknowingly climbed into bed.

Behind her was the wall.

She had nowhere to go.

Xue Lings hands were on either side of her.

The tip of his nose was only about a centimeter away from hers.

His blond hair slid down and swept across his cheek, touching her short black hair.

This posture was too ambiguous.

Coupled with the strong aggressive aura Xue Ling exuded, she felt like she had become his prey.

The system shouted in her head, “Its over, its over! Your identity is going to be exposed! If your identity is exposed before Yu Tians last wish is completed, you wont be able to use this body! Youll definitely be forced out of this world and your soul will dissipate!”

Huanhuan was so nervous that she was sweating.

Xue Ling stared at her pale face and asked softly, “What are you afraid of”

Huanhuan couldnt answer.

In this situation, no matter what she said, she could no longer justify herself.

She was cornered.

Her mind went blank.

At this point, she wasnt afraid.

“Do you really want to know the answer” Huanhuan asked instead of answering.

Xue Lings gaze lingered on her face.

“Of course.

I dream of knowing the answer.”

“Even if the price of knowing the answer will burn me to ashes”


Xue Ling: “…”

Huanhuan clenched her fists, her voice trembling.

“If thats the case, I can tell you the answer.

Actually, Im…”

“Enough,” Xue Ling suddenly interrupted.

He stepped back and raised his hands.

“I surrender.

I dont want to know anything else.

Dont tell me anything either.

Pretend nothing happened.”

Huanhuan did not speak.

Her face was still a little pale.

Clearly, she had not recovered from the fear of almost being reduced to ashes.

Seeing her like this, Xue Ling was a little annoyed.

He had been too impatient just now.

He reached out to touch her back and help her breathe.

However, before his fingers could touch Huanhuan, she subconsciously dodged.

His hand froze in place.

After a moment, Xue Ling retracted his hand in disappointment.

“If I scared you just now, I apologize.

I hope you can forgive me.”

Huanhuan pinched her temples and said tiredly, “You dont have to apologize.

I was making a fuss.

It has nothing to do with you.”

“Ill get you some hot water to wash your face.”


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