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They stopped here and there.

It took them almost 15 days to see Rock City.

After 15 years of development and expansion, the rock mountain was no longer the same.

The densely packed buildings in the city spread out like a spider web with the rock mountain as the center.

The streets in the city extended in all directions.

They were completely built and set up according to the building blueprints that Huanhuan had left behind.

The city had a very complete plan for the living area and business district.

There were also many green plants planted.

Among them, creepers took up the most space.

They covered nearly the entire rock city.

Other plants like sunflowers and Moonlight Mushrooms could be seen everywhere.

They all grew very well and added a lot of color to the city.

There was another moat outside the city.

The water was drawn from the Black River.

When Huanhuan stepped into the city, she realized that there were hidden sewers by the street.

These sewers helped solve the problem of wastewater discharge in the city.

At the same time, they also solved the problem of flooding on rainy days.

The effects were very obvious.

Now, the other beast cities were also imitating Rock City in building sewers.

Unfortunately, they did not have professional blueprints, so they could only make half-assed attempts.

The main road in the city was very spacious.

Beside it was a tributary that was drawn from the moat beside it.

This tributary extended along the main road to the center of the city and then ran through the entire city.

The caravan arrived at the largest square in the city.

There was a large pool beside the square, and green lotus leaves grew in it.

The water in this pool was also drawn from the tributary.

It was all active water, and there were even many fish and prawns in the water.

Xi Fei said, “Were going to the business district to sell things.

Where are you guys going”

Shuang Yin was almost fully recovered.

She was ready to go home.

Huanhuan had no specific purpose.

She was here just to see her home.

She said, “Ill walk around first.”

Xi Fei took out five crystal coins for Huanhuan.

“This is the money I promised you previously.

Thank you for your help along the way.

If you have any intention of escorting the caravan for a long time, please prioritize us.”

Huanhuan took the crystal coins and agreed.

“Then well part ways here.

Well meet again if fate allows!”

Huanhuan waved.


Shuang Yin waved back.

They watched the caravan leave and disappear into the crowd.

When they first entered the city, news of Princess Shuang Yins return quickly spread back to the palace.

Not long after, three tall and handsome young beasts ran to the square.

They found Shuang Yin and greeted her in unison!


Shuang Yin raised her hand and knocked on each of their heads.

“Why are you calling meBig Sister You just have to call meSister!”

The three beasts immediately laughed.

The youngest beast said with a smile, “Big Sister, you sound more imposing.

Anyway, everyone else in the tribe calls you that.

Its quite nice!”

“I dont care what others do.

Behave yourselves!”

The three of them touched their noses.

“Alright, Sister.”

Shuang Yin turned around and introduced, “This is a friend I met on the way.

His name is Yu Tian.

He saved me several times.

You can call him Brother Yu Tian.”

As soon as they heard that the other party was their eldest sisters benefactor, their feelings for Yu Tian immediately changed.

They called him Big Brother Yu Tian affectionately.

Huanhuan looked at the three of them for a long time.

These three were Dos, Tres, and Little Monster, right

They had all grown so big!

Huanhuans feelings were very complicated.

She was a little melancholic, relieved, and a little disappointed.

The children were grown, but she had no chance to watch them grow.

She owed them.

Seeing that she was staring at the three brothers without saying anything, Shuang Yin couldnt help but ask, “Whats wrong Do you know them”

Huanhuan came back to her senses and quickly replied, “No.”

Shuang Yin smiled.

“The three of them are my brothers.

Shuang Mu, Shuang Lin, and Shuang Hua.”

Huanhuan endured the complicated emotions in her heart and nodded at the three brothers.


Shuang Hua was the youngest and jumpiest.

He looked Huanhuan up and down, then leaned in front of Shuang Yin and smiled mischievously.

“Sister, tell us the truth.

Is this big brother your mate”

Huanhuan: “!!!”


Shuang Yin raised her hand and knocked him on the head.

“Nonsense! He saved my life.

Be respectful to him.

Dont say such nonsense!”

Shuang Hua covered his head and muttered softly, “Why is finding a mate irrelevant”

Shuang Yin said slowly, “These three guys like to joke.

Dont lower yourself to their level.”

What could Huanhuan say These brats were hers!

She smiled.

“Im fine.”

Compared to Shuang Huas jumpiness, Shuang Mu and Shuang Lin were slightly more rational.

They originally suspected that the male beast in front of them was the mate candidate their big sister had found, so they all looked at him with scrutiny.

But after hearing what Big Sister said, they knew that they had misunderstood.

Since he was not their brother-in-law, there was no need to be vigilant.

Shuang Hua and Shuang Lin took the initiative to come over.

They each grabbed Huanhuan and pulled her forward.

“Since youre Big Sisters savior, we cant treat you badly.

Come back with us quickly.

We must thank you heavily!”

With Huanhuans current strength, she could actually easily break free from these two guys hands.

At the same time, she understood that the reason why Shuang Hua and Shuang Lin took the initiative to thank her was that they hoped to help Shuang Yin resolve this favor as soon as possible so that Huanhuan wouldnt take the opportunity to pester her in the future.

Although these three boys were a little impatient, they were very protective of their eldest sister.

They were afraid that she would suffer at the hands of an outsider.

It just so happened that Huanhuan wanted to see what was going on at home, so she didnt struggle.

She followed their wishes and walked forward.

Shuang Hua ran to lead the way.

Shuang Yin followed them and said helplessly, “Take it easy.

Dont scare my benefactor.”

Shuang Hua chuckled.

“Sister, dont worry.

Your benefactor is our benefactor.

Well definitely treat him well!”

Shuang Mu and Shuang Lin echoed, “Thats right!”

The five of them quickly arrived at the foot of the rock mountain.

This had become the palace of Rock City.

There were many patrolling guards at the foot of the mountain.

When the guards saw Shuang Yin and the others, they placed one hand on their chests and bowed to them.

Shuang Yin waved her hand, dismissing the guards.

As they walked into the rock mountain, Huanhuan realized that this place was still the same.

It had barely changed.

Compared to the earth-shattering changes outside, this place seemed to have been forgotten by time.

Everything was still the same as 15 years ago.

Huanhuan even saw many familiar faces among the beasts passing by.

Some of them had grown up, while others were old.

Things had changed.


These words were emphasized again and deeply engraved in Huanhuans heart.

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