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Huanhuan could only give up resentfully.

“Youve already followed me all the way here.

Why dont you want to see me”

Sang Ye pursed his lips.

“I didnt follow you here.

I was just passing by.”


Huanhuan felt helpless.

“Okay, you were just passing by.

You werent following us.”

Sang Ye: “…”

She had clearly gone along with him, so why did he still feel like he was being coaxed like a child

He wasnt happy.

“Im leaving.”

Huanhuan quickly called out to him, “Wait!”

The branch did not move, and the other party did not react, but Huanhuan could still feel that Sang Ye had not left.

The guy said he was leaving, but his body didnt move.

Thinking of this, Huanhuans hardened heart softened again.

She asked, “Do you still remember the slap I gave you before”

Sang Ye said nothing.

It seemed that he was still holding a grudge.

Huanhuan said slowly, “I hit you because I want you to remember that no matter what happens, you cant attack your family, especially those children at home.

Youre their elder.

They respect you.

You should love them too.”

After a long silence, Sang Ye said coldly, “I dont remember.”

“I know.

Youve lost your memory.

Youve suffered a lot.

Im sorry…”


Sang Ye interrupted her.

“Why are you apologizing This has nothing to do with you.”

Huanhuan was stunned for a moment, then she laughed at herself.

“Thats true.

Im really in no position to say these words now.”

Sang Ye couldnt help but ask, “Who are you Do you know about our past”

Huanhuan skipped the first question and answered the last question directly.

“Yes, I know everything.”

“Then can you answer me a question”

Huanhuan nodded.

Remembering that the other party couldnt see, she quickly added, “Ask away.

As long as I know the answer, Ill do my best to answer.”

“Do you know what kind of person Lin Huanhuan is”

Hearing this question, Huanhuans mood was rather delicate and complicated.

“I do.”

“Do you know how she died, then”

His question made Huanhuan involuntarily remember being killed by Xuan Wei.

Her throat went dry.

“She was killed.”

Sang Ye immediately asked, “Did I kill her”


Huanhuan was stunned.

“Why would you think that”

“Because many beasts say so.

They say that I killed Lin Huanhuan and snatched her corpse.” Sang Yes voice was very calm as if he didnt think this was a big deal.

However, in his heart, he was a little afraid.

He didnt dare face what had happened.

If the truth was as others said, that he had killed his mate, how could he live with himself

Huanhuan almost immediately realized why Sang Ye had been so cold about his memory loss.

It wasnt that he didnt care.

He was just afraid.

Huanhuans heart ached for him.

“What nonsense are you talking about Lin Huanhuan was killed by Xuan Wei.

It had nothing to do with you.”

Sang Ye was skeptical.


“I dont have to lie to you about such things.”

“Then why did the others say that I killed Lin Huanhuan”

“Those people dont know the truth at all.

Theyre spouting nonsense.

Dont believe them.

Lin Huanhuans death had nothing to do with you,” Huanhuan said with certainty.

Sang Ye thought for a moment.

“I believe youre not lying to me.”

Huanhuan said, “Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, can you go back”

“Go back where”

“To your home on the rock mountain, of course.”

However, Sang Ye said, “I cant go back.”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “Why”

“Ive been fighting everywhere with my uncle all these years.

Countless beasts have died in my hands.

If I return to the rock mountain, Ill definitely become a target.”

“Bai Di and the others will think of something.

As long as you go back, they can definitely protect you.”

Sang Ye said indifferently, “The price of protecting me is too high.

Its not worth it.”

“But you…”

“Im a demon.

My mother and uncle are demons.

This cant be changed.

In this world, only demons can tolerate me.

As for the rock mountain, perhaps it was my home once, but it has nothing to do with me now or ever again.”

Huanhuan felt terrible, but she couldnt argue.

“Thank you for answering my questions.

I should go.”

Huanhuan quickly said, “Wait!”

A breeze blew, and the figure on the tree disappeared.

Sang Ye was really gone this time.


Huanhuan leaned against the tree trunk and sighed.

“Maybe its because Im old, but Ive been thinking about it recently.

Ive been thinking about our life on the rock mountain and the people and things on it.

“Do you remember the fruit wine hidden in the cellar Every time Shuang Yun drank, he would become like a little wolf puppy.

He would hug me and cry and whine.

However, every time he sobered up, he would forget everything and think that he could hold his liquor well.

“And the last time we went to Chang Gus house to soak in the hot spring.

At that time, Xue Ling played the flute and Chang Gu played the drum.

I pulled you along to dance.

You were especially clumsy.

You stepped on my feet several times, but you danced well afterward and didnt step on my feet again.

“Oh, right.

Also, when I turned into a daffodil, you took the opportunity to touch my petals and bullied me in all kinds of ways.

However, you still pretended to be very cold.

Youre really bad and shameless.”

Huanhuan rambled on like an old woman.

Those happy days flew past her eyes like white horses.

She didnt stop until it was late.

“I know youre gone,” she said reluctantly.

“But I want to tell you that whether youre a demon or not, youre still family.

If you regret it one day, youre welcome to come home.”

Huanhuan carried her prey and fruits and turned to leave the forest.

The night breeze blew through the dense leaves, revealing a figure hidden in the tree.

Sang Ye landed steadily on the ground.

He looked at the slowly disappearing figure.

He had heard everything she had just said.


At the same time, he was even more puzzled.

Why would she say something like that

There were also those fragmented but clear memories.

When she said them one by one, Sang Ye could almost imagine those familiar yet unfamiliar images.

But the problem was that when she said those words just now, she was clearly narrating them from the perspective of the person involved.

What was her relationship with Lin Huanhuan

At this moment, Huanhuan did not know that her identity was at risk of being exposed.

After she went back, she roasted the pheasant, cut it into thin slices, and smeared them with sauce.

She sent them to Shuang Yin with the washed fruits.

Shuang Yin took a bite of chicken and couldnt help but say, “The meat you roasted is delicious!”

It was as delicious as Moms roasted meat!

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