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After confirming that Shuang Yins condition had stabilized and that she would recover after resting for a few days, Huanhuan relaxed.

She suppressed her reluctance and returned to the tribe after saying goodbye to Shuang Yin.

She had already delayed the caravan for two days because of her private matters.

Since Shuang Yin was fine, they could set off again.

Not long after Huanhuan left, the demons attacked the beast camp.

The camp was surrounded by enemy legions, and the situation was extremely critical.

Shuang Yin dragged her sick body that had yet to recover and led the troops into battle.

Without warning, she met Sang Ye on the battlefield.


Ever since Sang Ye returned to the demons, Shuang Yin had not seen him again.

All these years, she had only learned some bits and pieces of information about Sang Ye from Shuang Yun and Xue Ling.


She knew that Sang Yes strength had increased greatly, and he was already recognized as the next commander of the demons.

She had also expected to meet him on the battlefield one day.

But she didnt expect the day to come so quickly.

Facing her former family member, Shuang Yin couldnt bring herself to fight.

She couldnt imagine how sad her mother would be if she were still alive and knew that they had turned against each other.

Shuang Yin took two steps forward and asked, “Third Daddy, do you remember me”


The children had privately ranked their four fathers.

They called Bai Di their first father, Shuang Yun their second father, and Sang Ye their third father.

It had been a long time since this address was brought up.

Now that she had shouted it, the nostalgia in Shuang Yins heart deepened.

She really missed their big happy family back then.


Behind Sang Ye were 500 demon beasts.

Their long hair was as black as ink, making their faces look even paler and colder.

Sang Ye looked at Shuang Yin coldly, his thin lips as sharp as blades.

“Princess Shuang Yin, I was ordered to bring you to the demons.

I hope you can cooperate.”

Shuang Yin immediately frowned.

“Do you really not remember anything”

Sang Ye was still expressionless.

“I just need to remember that the blood of the demons flows in my body and that my mother was killed by you beasts.

Thats enough.”

“What about my mother” Shuang Yin couldnt help but clench her fists.

“Have you forgotten her too!”

“I dont know her.”

This answer instantly shattered the last trace of hope in Shuang Yins heart.

She unclenched her fists, her dark green eyes filled with disappointment.

“Did you come here today to capture me”


Shuang Yin said no more.

She transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf and lowered her body, revealing her sharp fangs.

“If you want to catch me, lets see if you have the ability!”

Sang Ye transformed into a black python that was covered in dark red demonic patterns.

He raised his huge snake body and pounced at Shuang Yin!

A battle was imminent!

Huanhuan was about to follow the caravan out of the tribe when she saw the kangaroo mother running over in a hurry.

“You should leave in another two days!”

Xi Fei was puzzled.


“The demon races army has raided the beasts camp.

Both sides are fighting, and its not peaceful in this area.

Its best for you to wait two days until theyre done fighting before leaving.

Otherwise, youll be dragged into the war.”

Huanhuans expression changed when she heard this.

She said to Xi Fei, “Im going out for a while.” Then, she flew away.

The distance between the tribe and the camp was not far.

She increased her speed and soon saw the camp.

Heavily armed demons surrounded the camp.

The entire camp had been surrounded.

Under Princess Shuang Yins lead, the beast soldiers in the camp were fighting fiercely with the demon army.

Beast soldiers and demons were entangled with each other, and the sound of fighting rang out.

Huanhuan looked down and quickly found Shuang Yin in the crowd.

She was fighting a black python.

When Huanhuan saw the black python, her gaze suddenly paused.

This was Sang Ye!

Why was he here

Huanhuans gaze involuntarily followed the black python.

Only when Shuang Yins neck was bitten by the python did Huanhuan suddenly come back to her senses!


Without thinking, she bent down and charged down, the dragon spear in her hand stabbing out!

Sensing danger approaching, the black python immediately let go of Shuang Yin and quickly retreated.

Shuang Yin took the opportunity to save her life, and Huanhuan landed beside her.

Her heart sank when she saw the bite wound on her neck.

“How are you”

“Im fine,” Shuang Yin said with difficulty, shaking her head.

“Im just a little dizzy.”

Sang Yes fangs were poisonous, so Shuang Yin was most likely poisoned!

Huanhuan immediately said, “Hurry up and hide.

Leave this to me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the black python opened his bloody mouth and bit down at Huanhuan!

Huanhuan tightened her grip on the dragon spear and flew toward him.

They fought face-to-face.

The black python was bigger and looked stronger, but after a few rounds, Sang Ye clearly felt that the other party was far stronger than him!

He was quickly suppressed by the other party and could not fight back.

He could only defend passively.

In the end, Sang Ye was no match for Huanhuan and was thrown to the ground.

Huanhuan stabbed her dragon spear into the ground and stared coldly at the black python.

“Are you done If not, Ill continue with you.”

Sang Ye knew that he was no match for her.

He silently got up and transformed into his human form.

He was dressed.

There were wounds on his arms and shoulders from the dragon spear.

He looked a little disheveled.

He looked at Huanhuan expressionlessly.

Huanhuan looked at him expressionlessly.

“If you dont want to fight anymore, lets talk.”

Sang Ye didnt think he had anything to say to her.

He asked coldly, “Who are you Why are you helping her”

“I should ask you this.

Do you remember who you are”

Sang Ye looked her up and down.

“You used to know me”


Sang Ye understood.

“Oh, Ive forgotten everything.”

He said it casually as if he didnt care about his memory loss.

Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Dont you want to remember the past at all”

“I dont want to.”

His straightforward answer stunned Huanhuan for a moment, then she felt deeply disappointed.


“Im a monster born from the union of a demon and a beast.

With your hatred for the demon race, you must hate me very much.

The time I lived among you beasts must not have been a pleasant experience.

In that case, why should I remember that experience Its better for me to forget those unhappy things.”

His answer was reasonable.

After listening to it, Huanhuan couldnt say anything to refute it.

Sang Ye said, “The demons and beasts are enemies to begin with.

You and I are also enemies.”

Huanhuan walked forward slowly and asked in a low voice, “You think Big Goody is your enemy Did you really want to kill her just now”


As soon as he finished speaking, Huanhuan slapped him!


There was a crisp sound.

Sang Yes face was slapped to the side.

Everyone present was stunned.

Even the demons and beast soldiers who were fighting were collectively stunned.

Not far away, Shuang Yins eyes widened as she looked at the two of them in disbelief.


Huanhuan said word by word, “I gave you this slap on behalf of Big Goody!”

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