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Shuang Yin had originally come to pick Shuang Yun up.

She was not very familiar with this place and could not figure out the exact direction of the Snow Region, so she went to the beast soldiers camp nearby to ask for directions.

It was the first time the beast soldiers saw the princess.

They were all very excited and took the initiative to send her to the Snow Region.

By chance, they happened to miss Shuang Yun and accidentally encountered an army of demons.

Without a word, both sides started fighting!

At first, the beast soldiers led by Shuang Yun had the advantage.

However, this place was close to the territory of the demons.

Not long after, the demons sent reinforcements.

The beast soldiers were outnumbered and quickly fell to a disadvantage.

Only Shuang Yin could barely fight with her own strength.

The beast soldiers retreated, and wounds gradually appeared on Shuang Yins body.

The beast soldiers were prepared to cover her retreat, but Shuang Yin refused.

She gritted her teeth.

“We Rock Wolf Tribe never desert!”

The demon army clearly saw that this female beast was not ordinary and was prepared to kidnap her as a hostage.

At this moment, a tall figure descended from the sky and sent those demon beasts around Shuang Yin flying with a single shot!

Shuang Yin immediately looked up and saw a male beast in a bear fur coat land in front of her.

His aura was extremely strong.

Just by approaching him, the beasts legs would go weak.

As soon as Huanhuan landed, she held Shuang Yins arm and asked sincerely, “Are you okay”

Although Huanhuan had just saved her, she was still a stranger to Shuang Yin.

Ignoring Huanhuans sudden approach, Shuang Yin immediately broke free of her grip.

“Who are you” she asked with a frown.

Huanhuan felt a little sad.

Ever since she changed her identity, the line she heard the most wasWho are you

If this continued, she might not even remember who she was.

Huanhuan said, “My name is Yu Tian.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Huanhuan stabbed out with her spear.

The spearhead pierced through a demon who was about to launch a sneak attack!

She shook off the demon beast and rushed into the battle.

With unstoppable strength, she knocked all the demon beasts to the ground.

The demon beasts could tell that this person was not to be trifled with.

Although they were unwilling, they still decisively chose to retreat.

With the order to retreat, all the demon beasts retreated in the blink of an eye.

Shuang Yin was injured, but she endured the pain and stood upright.

“Thank you for saving me!”

Huanhuan looked at the wounds on her body, and her heart ached.

“Your wounds have to be treated immediately, or youll easily get infected.”

“Theyre just flesh wounds.

Theyre nothing.” Shuang Yin paused and asked abruptly, “You know medicine”

“I know a little.”

Shuang Yin sized up the male beast in front of her again.

Not only was this person powerful, but he also knew medicine.

His background must not be simple.

Huanhuan was also sizing up Shuang Yin.

Big Goody was already an adult now.

She was more than 1.7 meters tall, had a high nose bridge, and had handsome eyes.

Her long silver-white hair was tied into a ponytail.

Her dark green eyes were very similar to her fathers.

She did not expect the little one back then to be so beautiful now.

Huanhuan felt a little emotional.

Despite herself, she asked, “Have you been living well all these years”

Shuang Yin was puzzled.

“What do you mean Did you know me before”

Huanhuan was speechless.

How could a mother not know her daughter

But she couldnt say that.

She skipped the subject and said, “Youd better take your people back.

Its not safe here.”

Although the demons had escaped, who knew if they would return with more reinforcements Just in case, it was better to leave quickly.

Shuang Yin replied, “Thank you for your help this time.

Im Shuang Yin.

If you come to Rock City in the future, you can look for me.

Ill reward you handsomely.”

Huanhuan waved her hand.

“I dont need your thanks.


Shuang Yin quickly led the beast soldiers away from the battlefield.

When Xi Fei arrived with the caravan, all the beast soldiers had left.

Only Huanhuan was left on the battlefield.

Seeing that she had been staring in the direction of the beast soldiers retreat for a long time, he immediately said, “Thats Princess Shuang Yin, right Shes the only princess in Rock City.

Shes very beautiful and powerful.

She followed the beast king to the battlefield not long after she became an adult.

I heard that she has killed many demons and has a high reputation among the beast soldiers.

Shes a very powerful princess!”

Huanhuan felt proud to hear others praise her daughter.

She smiled.

“Shes really good.”

Xi Fei stared at her smile for a moment before suddenly asking, “Dont tell me you have a crush on that princess”

Huanhuan was stunned.


Xi Fei smiled mischievously.

“Dont play dumb.

I know you must have taken a fancy to her! Princess Shuang Yin is beautiful and doesnt have the delicate willfulness of other females.

Shes indeed a very good mate candidate.

Not to mention you, even I cant help but fall for her.”

Huanhuan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Youre really mistaken.

I treat her like my daughter.

How could I have such feelings for her”

“Daughter” Xi Fei was surprised.

“You already have a daughter”

“Thats right.

I have a daughter and five sons.”

Xi Fei clicked his tongue.

“I didnt know you had so many children at such a young age.

Im so envious!”

Huanhuan smiled.

“Theres nothing to be envious of.

Youll have many children in the future.”

“Not to mention children, but theres not even a female who likes me now.

Sigh!” Xi Fei sighed.

“Forget it, lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets hurry up and leave, okay”


After they left the battlefield, Huanhuan suddenly suggested, “Can we stay here for two days”

Xi Fei was puzzled.


“I have something to deal with and need two days.” Huanhuan paused and added, “If its not convenient for you, you can leave first.

Ill catch up later.”

She took out the five crystal coins.

“Ill return these crystal coins to you first, in case youre worried that Ill run away at the last minute.”

Xi Fei quickly refused and said, “No, no! I dont mean that.

Hurry up and keep these crystal coins.

Dont say such hurtful words again.

I remember theres a small tribe nearby.

Lets stay there for two nights.

After youre done, well leave together.

How about that”

In their caravan, Yu Tian was the strongest.

Without her, the journey would definitely be much more dangerous.

Xi Fei would rather delay things for a few more days than leave without Yu Tian.

Hearing his words, Huanhuan smiled.



Xi Fei followed the direction he remembered and found the small tribe not far from where they were.

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