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Huanhuan didnt know where the rock mountain was, so she could only follow the direction Shuang Yun had left in.

When she reached a nearby tribe, she used the fur she had obtained from hunting to ask the beasts in the tribe about the rock mountain.

The current rock mountain was no longer the nameless mountain from back then.

It now had a mightier name—Rock City.

The long-bearded old beast touched the fur that Huanhuan had given him.

The fur was very intact, and it was very soft to the touch.

It was considered top-grade.

He was very satisfied, and he became more serious when answering.

“Speaking of Rock City, their luck is really good.

Theyre also very strong.

In the middle-level beast city promotion selection 15 years ago, only their tribe completed the mission.

They built a middle-level beast city in one go!”


Huanhuan was stunned.

“15 years ago”


“Thats right.

Rock City was promoted to a medium-level beast city 15 years ago.

They used the past 15 years to expand their territory and recruit talents.

Their strength has soared.

Now, Rock City has become a medium-level beast city not inferior to Dark Moon City and Sun City.” Speaking of this, the long-bearded old beast couldnt help but sigh.

“If I werent old, I would have joined Rock City.”

Among the three middle-level beast cities, only Rock City was most tolerant of outsiders.

They only needed to verify their identities when entering the city.

They did not need to pay a high price, nor did they need at least three-star soul beasts.

The beasts who fled to Rock City a few years ago now occupied high spots in the city and were doing better than ever.

Huanhuan didnt hear the long-bearded old beasts nagging.

Her mind was filled with the words 15 years ago.

Unexpectedly, 15 years had passed since she was away.

She counted with her fingers.

Big Goody and the others should be adults now.

She wondered what they would look like when they turned into human form…

The long-bearded old beast asked, “You want to join Rock City too, right You look extraordinary, and your hunting skills are good.

Youll definitely do well there.”

Huanhuan smiled.

“Im going to Rock City to look for people.”

“Family or friends”


The long-bearded old beast quickly said, “When you find your family and friends, remember to ask them to get you a house in Rock City.

Dont ask for the kind that you have to pay rent for.

Just ask for a house that you can live in permanently.”

Huanhuan was puzzled.


“You dont know this, but the land in Rock City is frighteningly expensive now.

The rental of houses in the city is getting higher every day.

If you can get a house in the city, you can make a lot of crystal coins by renting it out!”

Huanhuan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“I see.”

The long-bearded old beast was extremely satisfied with this hide.

He thought for a moment and said, “If you want to go to Rock City, you can go to the tribe and look for Xi Fei.

He often goes to Rock City to do business.

If you can give him two good hides, he should be willing to take you along.”

This was good news.

Huanhuan thanked him and immediately went to look for Xi Fei.

Xi Fei was an ostrich beast.

He was tall and thin with a hide skirt around his waist.

He spoke especially quickly.

It was obvious that he was impatient.

Huanhuan explained her intentions and took out two hides she had hunted.

Xi Fei touched the animal hide.

They felt good, and she looked very imposing.

He asked, “Are you a soul beast”

Huanhuan said, “Yes.”

“How many stars”

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“About three stars”

Strictly speaking, her body had already entered the demigod realm.

Her soul beasts star level had even exceeded 10 stars.

However, she couldnt say this casually.

It would scare people.

It was better for her to keep a low profile.

Xi Feis eyes widened, and his voice rose.

“Three stars!”

Huanhuan was shocked by his big reaction.

“Whats wrong with three stars”

Were three stars too weak

Xi Fei immediately put down the animal hide and held her hand warmly.

“Our team lacks powerful soul beasts like you.

If youre willing, you can stay in our caravan for a long time.

Ill give you five… no, 10 crystal coins a month! How about that”


Huanhuan smiled embarrassedly.

“Im sorry, I still have things to do.

I cant work in your caravan.”

Xi Fei was disappointed that his invitation was rejected, but he quickly perked up.

No matter what, they would definitely be much safer on this trip with a three-starred soul beast on the team.

He had to take this opportunity to bring more goods to Rock City!

Xi Fei returned the two hides to Huanhuan and gave her another five crystal coins.

He said quickly, “Take this money and escort us to Rock City.

When we reach Rock City safely, Ill give you another five crystal coins, okay”

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

It was just as well that she could help him.

She took the crystal coins and nodded.


Xi Fei smiled very happily.

“Youre a straightforward person, Brother! I like dealing with straightforward people like you!”

He spent a day packing livestock.

Then, he took his companions and left the tribe for Rock City.

Huanhuan followed their team for two days and one night.

The journey was smooth without any accidents.

While they were resting, Xi Fei said, “After crossing this grassland and the mountain in front of us, we should be able to enter the territory of the Rock City in about 10 days.”

Huanhuan calculated that this trip would take more than half a month.

Xi Fei and the others had to travel this far every time they ran a business.

The journey was tiring and boring, and it was also filled with all kinds of dangers.

However, the high profits from traveling made them willing to take the risk.

It took them five days to cross the grassland and officially enter the forest.

When they finally crossed the tall mountain in front of them, they realized that there was a battle on the other side!

Huanhuan spread her wings and flew into the sky.

Looking down, she saw that the two groups of people were fighting fiercely on the battlefield.

From their appearance, it was obvious that the beast soldiers were fighting the demon army.

There were more demon troops.

In comparison, the beast soldiers were at a disadvantage.

Their female beast leader was already injured.

Huanhuans gaze fell on the leaders face.

She looked familiar, but she couldnt remember where she had seen her before.


She subconsciously flew lower, wanting to see the female beast clearly.

At this moment, she heard a beast soldier shout at the top of his lungs, “Your Highness Shuang Yin, we cant hold on anymore.


Huanhuan was stunned.

Shuang Yin.

Wasnt that Big Goodys name

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