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Qianqian kept asking Huanhuan why she didnt like her.

“What are you dissatisfied with I can change it!”

Huanhuan quickly said, “Youre very good.

Im the one whos not good enough.”

But no matter how she explained, Qianqian refused to give up.

She had to find out something before she would stop.

In the end, Huanhuan had no choice but to make an excuse.

“I already have someone I like.”

Stunned, Qianqian stared at her in disbelief.

“Who do you like”

“You dont know that beast.”

“Really” Qianqian looked at her suspiciously.

“Youre not lying to me, are you”

Huanhuan raised her right hand.

“I can swear to God that I already have someone I like.”

“But you havent mated.”

“Because Im still pursuing that beast.” Huanhuan smiled bitterly.

“That beast is ignoring me now.

Of course, we cant mate.”

Qianqian was disappointed, but she perked up and asked, “Tell me about her.

What kind of female is she”

She really wanted to know how outstanding her love rival was to make such an outstanding male beast fall for her.

Huanhuan smiled awkwardly.

“Its not a female.”


“Hes a male beast.”

Qianqian was speechless.

Huanhuan coughed lightly.

“I like male beasts, not females, so no matter how you change yourself, we cant be together.”

The little girls worldview was impacted, and she swayed.

She asked shakily, “How can male beasts be with male beasts How will you mate”


Huanhuan coughed lightly and said very seriously, “We wont mate.

We just have to stay together.”

Qianqian struggled to absorb the cruel truth that the person she liked was gay.

She said weakly, “It sounds like its hard, but I wish you all the best.

I hope youll be together forever.”


“Thank you.”

Qianqian turned and crawled away.

She looked as if she had suffered a terrible blow.

She was in a daze.

She crawled back into the polar bears arms and said aggrievedly, “Father, I was rejected again.”

The polar bear had heard the conversation between Qianqian and Huanhuan.

He sighed helplessly.

“Youre still young.

Youll definitely meet a male beast more suitable for you in the future.

Forget him.”

Qianqian snuggled into his arms and whimpered.

Huanhuan wiped her cold sweat away.

She had finally dealt with her admirer.

The system said, “Shocking! In order to make the little girl give up, the God of War actually took the initiative to admit that hes gay! Women will cry when they hear this, and men will fall silent!”

“…You can pack up and report to another host after this.”

The system said, “No can do.

Im tied to this host.”

Huanhuan smiled dryly.

“Thats a pity.”

“Whats a pity” Shuang Yun had walked up to her.

Huanhuan looked up at him and blinked.


Shuang Yun sat down beside her.

Huanhuan glanced at the space under his butt.

Qianqian had just sat there when she rejected her with the excuse that she was gay.

Unexpectedly, only two minutes had passed before Shuang Yun sat in the same spot.

Was he going to confess too

Huanhuan let her imagination run wild in her heart, but she still put on a serious expression.

“Whats the matter”

Shuang Yun said, “I want to ask you something.”


Shuang Yun made anOK gesture.

“What does this mean”

Huanhuan said slowly, “It means that everythings fine.”

“Where did you learn this gesture Did anyone teach you this”

“Well, I did learn this from somewhere else, but a long time has passed.

I cant remember where it was exactly.” Huanhuan paused and asked tentatively, “Why are you asking this”

Her answer disappointed Shuang Yun.

He said indifferently, “Nothing.

I suddenly thought about it and asked casually.”


“Im going to sleep.” Shuang Yun stood up and walked away.

Huanhuan was a little confused.

“Little Brat, what did Shuang Yun mean just now”

The system guessed that Shuang Yun might be a little suspicious of Huanhuans identity, but he did not intend to tell her the truth, lest she foolishly exposed her identity and caused trouble.”

He snorted.

“Im not him.

How would I know what he meant by that”

For the rest of the journey, Qianqian stole glances at Huanhuan from time to time.

Every time Huanhuan noticed her, she immediately looked away and shrank into the polar bears arms.

After repeating this a few times, Huanhuan stopped looking at her and let her stare at her secretly.

Qianqian peeked for a long time.

After knowing that Brother Yu Tian was gay, many things that she had not noticed in the past were magnified in front of her and became extremely clear.

For example, Brother Yu Tian would often talk to Shuang Yun.

He would speak nonsense.

It was obvious that he was deliberately hitting on him.

Shuang Yun remained very cold, but it did not affect Huanhuans enthusiasm to continue hitting on him.

As the saying went, an outsider could see the bigger picture.

Seeing the interaction between the two of them, Qianqian felt that there was something going on.

Perhaps the male beast Brother Yu Tian liked was Shuang Yun!

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that was the case.

While Huanhuan was hunting with the polar bear, Qianqian took the initiative to approach Shuang Yun and gossip with him.

“Brother Shuang Yun, what do you think of Brother Yu Tian”

Shuang Yun looked cold.


“Do you like him, then”

Shuang Yuns lips twitched into a mocking smile.

“What do you think”

Qianqian answered truthfully, “I dont think you like him very much.”

Shuang Yun said nothing else, silently acknowledging the answer.

Qianqian was quiet for a moment, thinking that Brother Yu Tian had a one-sided love like her.

She immediately felt sorry for him.

She couldnt help but say, “Brother Yu Tian is actually quite good.

Hes a good person.”

Shuang Yun replied casually, “Oh.”

“You have to treat him better from now on.

Dont always keep a straight face.

Its not good.”

“I dont just do this to him.

I do this to everyone.”


Qianqian was anxious.

“But Brother Yu Tian is different!”

“Whats different about him” Shuang Yun chuckled.

“In my heart, every beast is the same except for my mate.”

Qianqian froze.

“You already have a mate”

“Not only do I have a mate, but I have four children.

Theyre much taller than you.”

Qianqian was speechless.

She didnt know whether to be stunned that Shuang Yun had already mated and had children, or angry that he looked down on her height.

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