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Cang Hua replied respectfully, “This is a dragon spear.

Before you fell asleep back then, you inserted it here.

All these years, no one has been able to pull it out.”

Huanhuan gripped the spear.

Without much force, the spear automatically left the crack in the glacier.

With a buzz, the frost on the surface of the spear fell off, revealing the pitch-black shaft and the sharp spearhead polished from dragon bone.

Huanhuan swung it casually, and the spear drew an ice-blue sharp arc in the air.

Her aura was very shocking!

Three days later, Shuang Yun was ready to leave the wolf pack.

There were still many things that he had to deal with in Rock City.

He couldnt stay here any longer.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Huanhuan immediately said goodbye as well.

Cang Hua tried to persuade them to stay, but seeing that he couldnt, he could only personally send them out of the canyon.

“The roads in the Snow Region arent easy.

I want to send you out of the Snow Region, but Im old and my legs make it inconvenient for me.

Besides, there are still many things in the wolf tribe that I have to deal with.

I can only ask Old Bear to send you off.”

Huanhuan was worried that they wouldnt know the way.

When she heard this, she agreed very happily.

“Well have to trouble you, Old Bear.”

As he would be away from home for a few days, Old Bear was worried about leaving Qianqian alone at home, so he brought her out of the house with him.

The four of them set off and crossed the vast snowfield.

On the way, Huanhuan tried to talk to Shuang Yun several times, but Shuang Yun remained cold and distant.

He wasnt just cold to Huanhuan.

He was equally cold to Old Bear and Qianqian.

There were very few animals in the snowfield.

Almost all their meals were fish, and they were all raw fish.

Huanhuan wanted to eat something hot.

However, there was no firewood in this snowfield.

The few thin trees were also covered in frost.

They were wet and could not be lit.

She could only endure the pain and give up on the idea of cooking.

Huanhuan looked into the distance with a pained expression.

“Why am I not a fire-breathing dragon That way, Ill be able to cook a meal just by breathing fire.

Its energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

How good is that!”

The system said, “You can consider shaving your legs for kindling.

Theyll definitely burn especially well.”


Huanhuan: “…”

‘Someone, bring me my Green Dragon Crescent Blade!

‘Im going to kill this bastard system!


The snowfall was lighter tonight.

The four of them found a place to rest and planned to continue their journey tomorrow morning.

Old Bear transformed into a huge polar bear.

He held Qianqian in his arms.

His fur was very soft and thick.

Qianqian didnt feel cold leaning against him at all.

Huanhuan was not treated that well.

She could only build a simple igloo with ice and snow and hide in it to avoid the snowfall.

It was the first time Qianqian had seen an igloo.

Unable to resist, she crawled out of the polar bears arms and into it.

She widened her eyes and looked at the igloo as if she had seen something special.

She couldnt help but praise, “Big Brother, this house is so beautiful!”

Huanhuan spread two thick layers of animal hide on the ground.

She sat on the animal hide and patted the empty seat beside her.

“Do you want to sit”

“Yes!” Qianqian sat beside her happily.

Qianqian raised her face, her eyes filled with curiosity.

“Big Brother, why are you leaving the Snow Region Cant you stay and live with us”

Huanhuan smiled and said, “I have something important to do.

I cant stay here.”

“I see…” Qianqian looked disappointed.

Huanhuan stroked her head.

“When Ive done what I have to do, Ill visit you when Im free.”

“How long will it take you to come back, then”

“Well, I cant be sure.” Huanhuan looked apologetic.

Hearing her words, Qianqian understood that after this separation, they would probably never see each other again.

Unable to resist, Qianqian leaned toward her.

“Can you take me with you” she asked, blushing.

Huanhuan was stunned.

“You want to come with me Why”

Qianqian was shy.

“I like you very much.

I want to be with you.”

Huanhuan thought that thelike she said was just the liking between ordinary friends.

She didnt think too much about it and asked, “Do you not want your father anymore Will he be willing to let you go”

Her shoulders sagged as she thought of her father.

Her father would definitely not let her go with anyone else.

Besides, she couldnt bear to leave her father alone in the Snow Region.

Seeing her troubled look, Huanhuan smiled and said, “Youre still young.

You can think about these things when youre older.”

Qianqian said indignantly, “Im not young anymore.

Im an adult.

I can choose the male beast I like as my mate!”

Hearing the last sentence, Huanhuan was stunned.


It was the first time shed confessed.

Qianqian was embarrassed, but she gathered her courage and shouted, “I want you to be my mate!”

Huanhuan: “…”

The system gloated in her mind.

“Hey, hey, your masculine charm really cant be resisted.

Even such a cute little girl has fallen under your dragon spear!”

Huanhuan gritted her teeth.

“Shut up!”

Hearing the big brother telling her to shut up, all the blood drained from Qianqians face.

Her eyes turned red as she asked aggrievedly, “Dont you like me”

“Thats not it…”

“Then why did you want me to shut up just now”

Huanhuans head hurt.

“I wasnt talking to you just now.”

Qianqian persisted.

“Then who were you talking to Theres only you and me in this igloo.”

Unable to answer, Huanhuan could only forcefully change the topic.

“I like you very much too, but my liking for you is just an elders liking for a junior.

I cant be your mate.”

Tears filled Qianqians eyes.

“At the end of the day, you just dont like me!”

With that, she stood up and ran off crying.

Huanhuan called her several times, but she didnt stop.

Huanhuan had no choice but to get up and chase after her.

She then saw Qianqian plunge into the polar bears arms.

The igloo was not soundproof.

The polar bear and Shuang Yun had heard the conversation between Qianqian and Huanhuan inside.

Huanhuan was a little embarrassed.

Shuang Yun still looked cold and did not take this matter to heart at all.

The polar bear stroked his daughters head and said slowly, “Im sorry.

This child made things difficult for you just now.”

Huanhuan quickly waved her hand, indicating that it was okay.

She thought that would be the end of it, but the next morning, as soon as she woke up, she heard the polar bear shouting for Qianqian.

Huanhuan quickly got out of the igloo.

“What happened”

The polar bear was anxious.

“Qianqians gone!”

Huanhuan was shocked.

“How did this happen!”

“I went fishing at the nearby ice lake just now and asked Qianqian to stay here and wait for me.

But when I came back, she was gone!”

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