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Old Bear cut the two big fish he had caught today into thin slices and smeared them with a very special seasoning.

He divided the fish into two portions.

One was for his daughter, Qianqian, and the other was for Huanhuan.

“We dont have anything good here except fish.

Please dont mind it.”

Huanhuan tried a piece of fish.

It tasted unexpectedly good.

She asked, “What seasoning did you add”

Old Bear took out a small jar and opened the lid for her to see.

“This is my special seasoning.

Its soaked in some moss unique to Snow Region and snow water.

Its ready after being sealed in a jar for a while.”

There was not much fish meat, so Huanhuan quickly finished the food.

Qianqian brought the fish slices in her bowl to Huanhuan and looked at her with sparkling eyes.

“Big Brother, I still have fish here.

Eat it.”

Huanhuan stroked her head.

“Thank you, but Im full.”

Qianqian was extremely cute and only as tall as Huanhuans waist.

She tilted her head and asked innocently, “Father usually has to eat five big fish to be full.

Why are you full just by eating one”

Huanhuan explained patiently, “Because Im not hungry.”

“Then Ill put these fish slices away.

You eat them when youre hungry, okay”

Huanhuan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Theres really no need.

If Im hungry, Ill go out and hunt myself.

You can eat first.”

“Okay.” Disappointed, Qianqian set the bowl down.

After a while, she couldnt help but ask, “Big Brother, are you good at hunting”

Huanhuan was hurt from being calledBig Brother by her.

She said helplessly, “Im just alright.”

“How big is the biggest prey youve ever hunted Is it as big as Daddy” In her impression, her fathers beast form was the largest animal she had ever seen.

Old Bear stroked Qianqians head.

“The biggest prey Lord Yu Tian has hunted must be very big.

Itll definitely be much bigger than me.

Go to sleep after eating.

Stop pestering Lord Yu Tian.”

Disappointed, Qianqian said, “Oh.”

She buried her head in the fish slices.

When she was done, Old Bear carried her back to her room to rest.

Before she left, she suddenly looked back at Huanhuan and asked shyly, “Big Brother, do you have a mate”

Huanhuan was stunned for a moment, not quite understanding why she was asking this.

However, she still answered truthfully, “Not yet.”

“Oh!” Qianqian looked especially happy to hear the answer.

“Good night, Big Brother!”

“Good night.”

After Qianqian fell asleep, Old Bear returned to the living room.

He said apologetically, “Qianqian has never had a mother since she was young.

Shes always lived with me.

Shes been raised to be a little delicate.

Please dont take her actions to heart.”

Due to her height, when Huanhuan saw Qianqian, she looked at her as if she were her own daughter.

She smiled and said, “Qianqian is cute.

You raised her well.”

The wind and snow outside were getting louder, but the caves entrance was blocked by large rocks.

The wind and snow could not enter, so it was relatively warm inside.

Old Bear said, “The snowstorm today wont stop for a while.

You can stay here for now.

You can leave when the snowstorm eases.”

Huanhuan was still thinking about Shuang Yun and didnt want to leave yet, so she agreed.

“Then Ill have to trouble you.”

“Its my honor to have you stay with me.”

Old Bear tidied up an empty room for Huanhuan.

This snowstorm lasted for two days and a night.

Fortunately, there was enough food in the cave.

Otherwise, the three of them would have had to starve.

Huanhuans relationship with Old Bear gradually improved.

She asked Old Bear about the Silver Frost White Wolf Tribe.

She learned the legend of the Wolf God from him.

“The Silvery Frost White Wolf Tribe are the descendants of the Wolf God.

After the Wolf God died, the entire wolf pack moved into the Snow Region and has been living here in seclusion.

The so-called wolf cave is a forbidden area where the remains of the Wolf God are kept.

Only the Silvery Frost White Wolves can enter that place.

Everyone else will be attacked after entering.”

Huanhuan was worried about Shuang Yuns safety.

“Shuang Yun went to the wolf cave.

Will he be in danger”

Old Bear smiled.

“As long as he doesnt provoke the soul left behind by the Wolf God, he shouldnt be in danger.”

When the snow finally eased a little, Old Bear moved the stones away and planned to hunt to replenish his food stock.

Unexpectedly, a Silvery Frost White Wolf ran over.

His body was covered in snow, and his voice was very anxious.

“Lord Polar Bear, Witch Doctor Cang Hua wants you to go to the wolf tribe immediately.”

Old Bear asked, “What happened”

“Recently, a new tribesman came to our tribe.

Witch Doctor Cang Hua opened the wolf cave and let him in to learn how to increase his strength.

Unexpectedly, he had a conflict with the soul left behind by the Wolf God.

Hes seriously injured now.

Witch Doctor Cang Hua wants to ask you for help.”

Upon hearing this, Huanhuans heart immediately tightened.

Shuang Yun was injured!

Old Bear was about to leave.

Huanhuan stopped him.

“Im coming with you!”

Old Bear hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he agreed to her request.

The three of them entered the canyon in the snow.

Shuang Yun was unconscious when he was carried out of the wolf cave.

There were many wounds on his body.

Cang Hua quickly applied medicine for him.

The bleeding was stopped, but Shuang Yun was still unconscious.

When Old Bear and Huanhuan arrived, Cang Hua was pressing his hands against Shuang Yuns chest.

He was trembling slightly.

His eyes were closed as he muttered something.

Finally, he opened his eyes.

His face was deathly pale.

Old Bear asked what was going on.

“The Wolf Gods soul seems to have entered Shuang Yuns body.

Shuang Yuns beast soul was frightened, and the two powers are in conflict in his body.

I wanted to calm them down, but I failed.”

Old Bear was stunned.

“How did the Wolf Gods soul enter Shuang Yuns body”

“I dont know about that either.

At that time, Shuang Yun was the only one in the wolf cave.

No one knows what happened between him and the Wolf Gods soul.

When I went to look for him, he was already seriously injured and unconscious.

Old Bear comforted him.

“Hell be fine.

If theres anything I can do, Ill do my best.”

“I want you to help me calm the Wolf Gods soul and the soul beast in Shuang Yuns body.”

In the entire wolf tribe, the beast with the highest-level star soul was Cang Hua.

If even he couldnt calm the Wolf Gods soul and the soul beast, the others in the tribe definitely couldnt either.

Only the neighbor who lived nearby, Old Bear, had a soul beast that could compete with Cang Huas.

The power of their soul beasts together might be able to calm the Wolf Gods soul and the soul beast in Shuang Yuns body.

Old Bear agreed readily.

As Cang Hua was in a hurry to save Shuang Yun, he did not notice that Huanhuan was following Old Bear.

Huanhuan stayed quietly at the side and did not ask for trouble.

She was also very nervous when she saw Cang Hua and Old Bear working together to save Shuang Yun.

He hoped Shuang Yun would be safe.

Cang Hua and Old Bears soul beasts were both very strong.

They attacked together, and a powerful force rushed into Shuang Yuns body.

In the end, not only did they not calm the Wolf Gods soul and the soul beast, but they also agitated them.

The manic power suddenly exploded!

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