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The Silvery Frost White Wolf ate the entire cow in one go.

After eating and drinking his fill, he threw down the remains of the cows fur and turned to leave without hesitation.

Seeing this, Huanhuan quickly chased after him.

She was afraid of arousing Shuang Yuns disgust, so she tried to keep her distance.

She saw him wandering around as if he was looking for something.

Shuang Yun actually knew that there was someone following him.

At first, he kept his guard up, but after a few days, the beast behind him did not seem to have any intention of ambushing him.

Since she didnt show any aggression, Shuang Yun couldnt be bothered with her.

He had specially traveled thousands of miles to find the Silvery Frost White Wolf tribe.

However, he had been searching for almost half a month and still could not find any traces of Silvery Frost White Wolves.

Shuang Yun thought to himself that he didnt have much time left.

There were still a lot of things waiting for him to deal with in the beast city.

If he still couldnt find the Silvery Frost White Wolf tribe in 10 days, he would have to give up.

After walking for a while, Shuang Yun suddenly found a series of footprints in the snow.

From the size and shape, they looked like wolf claws.

Could they be left behind by a pack of Silver Frost White Wolves!

Shuang Yun perked up and immediately sped up, running along the footprints.

Huanhuan immediately sped up and followed closely.

It had to be said that dragons were really strong.

Even when she was tired and hungry, she could follow Shuang Yun closely and not be left behind.


The footprints led to a canyon.

The entire canyon was covered in snow.

The cliffs on both sides rose into the sky.

Some icicles intertwined above the canyon like an ice bridge.

Shuang Yun was about to jump down to take a look when a huge snow eagle descended from the sky and pounced at him!

He quickly dodged back, avoiding the snow eagles sharp claws.

Seeing that its attack had missed, the snow eagle grabbed at him again!

The Silvery Frost White Wolf let out a long howl and began an intense battle with the snow eagle.

Huanhuan hid not far away to watch the battle.

Shuang Yun was now a five-starred soul beast.

With the enhancement of his ice attribute, his strength was no longer the same as before.


In the current battle, Shuang Yun was clearly stronger than the snow eagle.

In the end, the snow eagles stomach was scratched by the Silvery Frost White Wolf.

The eagle cried out in pain and flapped its wings to try to escape, but the Silvery Frost White Wolf did not give them the chance.

He pounced on the eagle and slammed it into the snow.

Before the snow eagle could get up, the Silvery Frost White Wolf stepped on its back and bit its neck mercilessly!

Huanhuan couldnt help but secretly cheer.

Her husband was so handsome!

But at that moment, she vaguely heard a rumbling sound.

She immediately pricked up her ears and realized that the voice was coming from the top of the mountain.

Huanhuan immediately looked up and saw snow rolling down the mountain!

The battle between the Silvery Frost White Wolf and the snow eagle had actually caused an avalanche!

Huanhuans heart tightened.

A pair of wings grew on her back.

She flew up and rushed toward the Silvery Frost White Wolf.

Shuang Yun was resting now.

He was caught off guard when Huanhuan grabbed him and flew into the sky.

He watched as the ground quickly moved away from him.

He regretted letting his guard down.

“Let go of me!” Shuang Yun turned around and bit Huanhuans arm!

Huanhuan was in extreme pain, but she resisted letting go.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Dont move.

If you fall, youll be doomed!”

At this moment, they were nearly 100 meters above the ground.

If he fell, he would either die or his legs would break.

Shuang Yun opened his mouth to let go of her arm.

His gaze was guarded and angry.

“Where are you taking me”

Huanhuan explained word by word, “Theres an avalanche.

I brought you up to the sky so that you wouldnt be buried in snow!”

At this moment, the snow had already rolled down like a flood, flooding the place where they were standing just now in the blink of an eye.

Only then did Shuang Yun understand that the other party had suddenly grabbed him to protect him.

He had misunderstood her.

Shuang Yun regretted his reaction just now.

Huanhuan flew to a safer place and lowered Shuang Yun to the ground.

The wound on her arm was frozen.

No more blood flowed, but it still hurt.

Shuang Yun transformed into his human form.

His short silver-white hair almost fused with the ice and snow behind him.

His sharp eyes contained piercingly cold killing intent.

He quickly put on his animal hide coat, then took out two crispy fruits from the animal hide bag he carried with him and threw them to Huanhuan.

He frowned and said stiffly, “Although you saved me just now, dont expect me to thank you.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but laugh at his awkwardness.

This guy always looked like he didnt mean what he said when he was with outsiders.

Only when he became familiar with others would he reveal his straightforward side.

After Huanhuan chewed the crispy fruits, she applied them to the wound.

Then, she tore off a piece of animal hide and wrapped it around her arm.

Shuang Yun said coldly, “Im leaving.

Stop following me.”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “Where are you going Take me with you!”

Shuang Yun frowned and was a little impatient.

“I told you to stop following me.

Dont you understand!”

Huanhuan felt wronged.

“But I dont know the way.

If I dont follow you, I dont know how to get out of here.”

If Shuang Yun had heard this when they first met, he would definitely have chased her away mercilessly.

However, after spending the past few days together and knowing that she had saved him just now, he couldnt turn his back on her.

He could only say stiffly, “I have things to do.

If you dont mind wasting your time, follow me.”

Huanhuan immediately smiled.

“I dont mind.

Im especially happy to go with you!”

Her facial features in this body were very heroic.

When she smiled, she was as cheerful and handsome as the sun.

Most people would involuntarily lower their guard against her when they saw this smile.

Shuang Yun didnt say anything else.

He turned and walked down the mountain.

Huanhuan quickly followed.

“Where are you going”

Shuang Yun ignored her and continued on his way.

In the face of his coldness, Huanhuan was not discouraged and continued to talk to him.

“Ive seen you running around these past few days.

Are you looking for something You can tell me.

Perhaps I can help you!”

Shuang Yun was annoyed by her.

He turned to look at her.

“Can you be quiet”

Huanhuan closed her mouth resentfully.

When it was finally quiet, Shuang Yun continued on his way.

But not long after, Huanhuan started trying to talk to him again.

“Are you looking for the Silvery Frost White Wolf Tribe Its not a good idea for you to look around alone.

Its best to find a local beast to ask around.”

Shuang Yun said coldly, “This place is deserted.

How can there be beasts!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huanhuan saw a beast on the frozen lake not far away.

She said happily, “Look, theres someone there!”

Shuang Yun was speechless.

He felt a little embarrassed.

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