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At night, Xue Ling saw Bai Di leave the camp alone.

His heart skipped a beat, and he immediately called Shuang Yun over.

“I just saw Bai Di go out.

Do you know where he went”

Shuang Yun shook his head and said that he didnt know.

He was too busy to care where others went.

Xue Ling said, “Lets follow him and see where he went!”

Shuang Yun looked confused.

“Why are you following Bai Di”

“When I went to look for Bai Di today, I saw him fighting with Sang Ye.”

Shuang Yun was even more surprised.

“Sang Ye is back”

“Yes, he returned to the demon race.

He must have come with the army today.” Xue Ling paused and changed the topic.

“Sang Ye said that Bai Di is related to the witch doctor, Tao Wei.

He also said that hes a traitor.

But Bai Di didnt admit it.”

Shuang Yun immediately said, “Bai Di cant be related to the demons!”

Any one of them could betray Huanhuan, but Bai Di was the least likely to betray her!

“I dont think Bai Di will betray us either, but Sang Ye doesnt seem like the kind of beast who speaks without thinking.

I keep feeling that theres something fishy about this.” Xue Ling pointed in the direction Bai Di had left.

“If we follow him now, we might be able to solve the secret.

It doesnt matter if its a misunderstanding.

Its fine as long as we talk it out.”

Shuang Yun thought about it and felt that Xue Ling had a point.

No matter what misunderstanding there was, as long as Bai Di made it clear in person, the truth would naturally surface.

He and Xue Ling chased after Bai Di.


After leaving the camp, they walked a long way before they saw Bai Di.

Xue Ling lowered his voice.

“Its so late.

Dont you think its suspicious of him to come to such a remote place alone”

Shuang Yun said, “Maybe he has something to do.”

“What cant he do during the day Why does he have to come in the middle of the night”

Shuang Yun couldnt answer and could only say gloomily, “Hurry up and follow him.

Dont lose him.”

Xue Ling smiled and sped up to catch up with him.

“I think hes probably already discovered us,” he said casually.


Xue Ling said as they walked, “Didnt you notice He keeps taking us around the same place.”

Shuang Yun looked around.

Just now, he felt that the surroundings were very familiar.

He thought that it was his imagination, but they were back where they were.

“What do we do now” Shuang Yun was embarrassed.

He had been discovered.

How would he explain it later

Xue Ling tidied his clothes.

“Alright, since weve already been discovered, lets go up and say hello.”

“Hey! Wait a minute.”

Xue Ling ignored Shuang Yuns words and walked out of the shadows under the tree.

He greeted with a smile, “What a coincidence.

I didnt expect to meet you here.”

Seeing that Xue Ling had already been exposed, there was no point in hiding anymore.

Shuang Yun could only brace himself and walk out.

Bai Di had stopped and turned around when Xue Ling walked out.

He looked helplessly at Xue Ling and Shuang Yun.

“Why are you following me”

Xue Ling smiled elegantly.

“Were here to hunt.

What about you Why did you come to this place alone”

Bai Di asked, “Youre out hunting in the middle of the night Who would believe you”

Xue Ling raised his chin.



Then, he glanced at Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun could only agree.

“Yes, I believe you too.”


Bai Di was speechless at their ability to lie through their teeth.

“I dont care what youre here for but go back.

I have something to do.

When Im done, Ill go back and explain everything to you.”

Seeing that Bai Di had changed the topic, Shuang Yun quickly asked, “Cant you tell us whats going on now”

Xue Ling also said, “In any case, weve already followed you.

If you dont give us a reasonable explanation, well tell Huanhuan when we get back that you secretly left the camp in the middle of the night to do something shady.”

Bai Di sighed.

“Dont tell Huanhuan about this.

I dont want her to worry.”

Shuang Yun said quickly, “Then tell us the truth.

Were family.

No matter what it is, we can face it together!”


Bai Dis expression was unreadable.

“This is a private matter.

Theres no need to involve you.”

“Personal matters Do you really have someone else behind Huanhuans back”

“Dont be ridiculous.” Bai Di didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“I dont mean that kind of private matter.”

“Then what kind are you talking about If you dont make it clear, well be forced to let our imaginations go wild.”

From the looks of it, Xue Ling and Shuang Yun would definitely not return until they received a satisfactory answer today.

Bai Di had no choice but to tell the truth, “I actually want to talk to Xuan Wei about something.”

Shuang Yun was puzzled.

“Why cant you look for Xuan Wei openly Why are you hiding You make it sound like youre ashamed of yourself.”

“This matter is indeed a little difficult to make public.”

Bai Di paused, trying to find the right words before continuing.

“Last night, I learned that the corpse of a beast soldier was hidden in the tent of the city lord of Blue Crystal City.

I suspected that the city lord might be a traitor hiding in the military camp.

I immediately went to Xuan Wei and told him about this.

Who knew that Xuan Wei would knock me out”

Bai Di lay in the grass for most of the night after he was knocked out.

When he woke up, it was dawn.

He immediately prepared to go back and look for Huanhuan.

Unexpectedly, he bumped into Sang Ye on the way.

Sang Ye started fighting him without a word!

In order to protect himself, Bai Di was forced to take action.

The demonized Sang Ye was extremely powerful.

Bai Di had to spend a lot of effort to barely withstand his opponents attack.

Bai Di was helpless.

“Fortunately, Xue Ling came in time.

Otherwise, I wouldve been seriously injured by Sang Ye.”

Xue Ling frowned and pondered.

“You mean after Xuan Wei found out that there was a problem with the city lord of Blue Crystal City, not only did he not deal with him, but he also knocked you out.

Why Did you offend him”

Bai Di said, “This is what I cant figure out.

Just now, I saw him enter the forest alone and wanted to follow him to see what he was doing in the forest in the middle of the night.

In the end, not only did I lose Xuan Wei, but I was also followed by you guys.”

Shuang Yun scratched his short silver-white hair and smiled awkwardly.

In contrast, Xue Ling was much more natural.

“Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, we should go back.

Otherwise, Huanhuan will definitely be worried when she comes back and sees that everyone is gone.”

Bai Di was about to say something when Big Goody hurried over.

She said anxiously, “Mom went to follow Jiang Bo.

Im afraid shell be in danger.

Go and help her!”

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