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Few people knew that the prophet had bad eyes, especially since they knew that he was very good-looking… The city lords heart skipped a beat.

It seemed he had to believe that this little female in front of him really knew the prophet.

After her coaxing and lying, the city lord finally couldnt resist the temptation and told the truth.

“To be honest, I dont know how I was demonized… No, I didnt know I was demonized at all! Ive been having a headache from time to time recently, and my mind often goes into a daze.

I thought that these were just side effects and there was nothing wrong at all.”

Huanhuan keenly grasped the keywords in his words.

“Side effects Tell me exactly what happened.”

The city lord hesitated for a moment before telling her about how Jiang Bo had treated the injury on his arm with medicine.

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“Do you still have the medicine Jiang Bo gave you Can you show it to me”

“No, Jiang Bo only gave me a little medicine.

I ate it all.”

Huanhuan paced on the spot.

“In that case, the key point still lies with Jiang Bo.”

“Dont tell me you suspect that my demonization has something to do with Jiang Bo”

Huanhuan glanced at him and asked, “Didnt you ever suspect that there was something wrong with the medicine Jiang Bo gave you”

The city lord was not stupid since he could become the city lord.

Although he was not particularly good at scheming, he was at least much better at it than ordinary beasts.

How could he not have suspected Jiang Bo!

But he couldnt say that.

He had to make himself appear even more innocent.

It was best to push the blame on Jiang Bo.

This way, he could take the opportunity to get away.

The city lord avoided Huanhuans gaze and said guiltily, “I trusted Jiang Bo very much.

I didnt want to suspect him.”

Huanhuan smiled meaningfully.

“Is that so”

Huanhuan walked out of the tent and instructed the beast soldiers guarding the door, “Watch him.

Without Shuang Yuns or my orders, no one is to approach him, especially Witch Doctor Jiang Bo.”


Huanhuan walked back with a heavy heart, her mind filled with what the city lord had just said.

If he was demonized because he had taken the medicine given by Jiang Bo, then it meant that Jiang Bo was definitely involved.

Could Jiang Bo be the traitor hidden in the military camp that Xuan Wei mentioned

The more Huanhuan thought about it, the more she felt that it was possible.

However, she didnt have any evidence now.

With just the words of the city lord of Blue Crystal City, she couldnt convict Jiang Bo at all.

If she acted rashly, she might alert the enemy.

After all, no one knew if there were other traitors in this camp besides Jiang Bo and the city lord of Blue Crystal City.

They had to find evidence and capture them all!

The system suddenly appeared and snorted.

“You were very powerful just now!”

Huanhuan coughed lightly.

“I just borrowed the name of the prophet.

When I see him later, Ill apologize to him.”

“You wont be able to see him.”

Huanhuan was stunned.


“No reason.

You just wont see him again.”

With that, the system shrank back.

No matter how Huanhuan called out to him, he refused to step out again.

Huanhuan didnt understand what this guy was up to.

She was puzzled.

However, there were many things to do in the camp at the moment.

She could only put aside the systems strange reaction and arrange things in the camp first.

It was only when the sun was about to set in the afternoon that Shuang Yun and the others ended the battle and returned to the camp.

They brought back many prisoners and injured soldiers.

Huanhuan did not have time to ask Shuang Yun and the others about the details of the battle.

She threw herself into the job of saving people with the other five witch doctors.

The tents had all been burned down, so they could only build a large temporary shelter.

They hung animal hides around as cover and moved all the injured soldiers in.

Even so, there was still not enough space.

Some of the injured soldiers could only stay outside the shelter.

Fortunately, Huanhuan had enough herbs in her inventory.

For the time being, she did not have to worry about not having enough herbs.

They worked until midnight.

Huanhuan was so tired that she could barely straighten her back.

She held onto the pillar and rubbed her aching waist and arms.

In comparison, the other five witch doctors were slightly better.

After all, they were male beasts.

Their stamina was much better than Huanhuan.

When Jiang Bo passed by Huanhuan, he glanced at her.

“Youre already this tired from such a small matter.

It seems that you still need to practice.”

Huanhuan rubbed her arm and said, “No matter how useless I am, Im still your father.”

Jiang Bo: “…”

“Come, call meDaddy.”


Jiang Bo was so angry that he turned around and left.

The other four witch doctors were already used to this.

In any case, every time Jiang Bo and Huanhuan met, the two of them would definitely have to exchange a few blows.

This had almost become their daily routine.

Big Goody walked in.

“Mom, Dad asked me to bring you home.”

Huanhuan climbed onto the wolfs back and sat down.

“Wheres your father”

“He went out with Little Daddy.

They said they had something to do.

They looked mysterious and didnt let us follow them.”

TheLittle Daddy Big Goody was referring to was Xue Ling.


Huanhuan asked where Bai Di was.

Big Goody shook her head and said she didnt know.

These guys were not sleeping in the middle of the night.

Who knew what they were doing

Huanhuan secretly planned to ask them about it when they returned.

In general, the beast soldiers built many new tents, and one of them was given to Huanhuan.

It was already midnight, and it would be dawn soon.

Other than the beast soldiers in charge of patrolling the camp, everyone else was already asleep.

The entire camp was empty.

Huanhuan was exhausted.

She sat on Big Goodys back, her eyelids drooping.

She was about to fall asleep on Big Goodys back.

Suddenly, she noticed a familiar figure flash past in front of her.

It was Jiang Bo!

He walked out of the tent alone and quietly walked toward the forest.

He looked very suspicious.

Huanhuans heart skipped a beat.

Perhaps she could take this opportunity to seize evidence of Jiang Bos betrayal!

Her sleepiness instantly dissipated.

She quickly jumped off the wolfs back and said to Big Goody, “Hurry up and look for your father.

Tell him that I found Jiang Bo acting suspiciously.

Tell him to quickly look for me.

Ill leave a sunflower seed trail along the way.”

Big Goody was worried about her.

“Its too dangerous for you to be alone.”

“Its fine.

Ill just quietly follow Jiang Bo.

I wont fight him.

If I see that the situation is amiss, Ill immediately retreat.” Huanhuan touched the lotus on her head.

“Besides, even if I really fight him, he might not be my match.”

Big Goody knew the combat strength of the skullcap.

It was more than enough to deal with Jiang Bo.


Big Goody was slightly relieved.

“Alright, Ill go look for Dad now.

Be careful.”

“Got it.

Go ahead.”

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