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It was as if there was a huge meat grinder on the entire battlefield.

It was a battle of life and death here, and blood and flesh flew everywhere.

Xue Ling rushed ahead alone.

His huge red wings flew rapidly in the night sky like a burning flame as he recklessly collided with the enemies in front of him!


The flames exploded again and again, and countless sparks flew down.

The feather beasts tried their best to catch up to him.

They had never seen Elder Xue Ling reveal such a ferocious side.

Any enemy who blocked him would be mercilessly torn apart and thrown into the sea of fire.

The winged beasts clearly did not expect the other partys combat strength to be so domineering.

He was really killing anything in his way!

Even the winged beasts had to avoid him.

When Xue Ling flew over and saw that everyone was still fighting, he immediately rushed down and shouted Shuang Yuns name.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf was at the center of the battlefield.

When he heard Xue Lings voice, he immediately looked up.

Xue Ling shouted, “Weve been tricked! Theres no one in the demon camp.

They must have rushed to our camp while we were away!”

Shuang Yun immediately panicked when he heard this.

Huanhuan and the children were still in the camp.

If the camp was attacked, Huanhuan and the children would be in danger!

The Silvery Frost White Wolf bit off the enemys neck and jumped to a high spot.

He raised his head and let out a long wolf howl, ordering the beast soldiers to retreat immediately!

They had to go back and save the camp as soon as possible!

The city lord of Blue Crystal City immediately rushed over and shouted indignantly, “If we go back now, our efforts will be in vain!”

“The attack can continue another time, but the people in the camp cant wait.

We have to go back and save them immediately!”

The city lord of Blue Crystal City was very anxious.

His eyes were already bloodshot.

“There arent many people left in the camp.

If we can gain victory by sacrificing them, I think its very worth it!”

The Silvery Frost White Wolf slammed the ground and shouted, “Im the commander-in-chief! If I say were going back, then well go back immediately! Those who disobey will be punished according to military law!”

With that, he turned around and prepared to lead the army away from the battlefield.

The city lord of Blue Crystal City stared at the back of the Silvery Frost White Wolf as he left.

He was so angry that he was panting.

His expression changed again and again, and his eyes became redder and redder.

The city lord of Blue Crystal City, who had killed many enemies just now, was already covered in blood.

The rich smell of blood rushed into his nose, making the irritable aura in his body stronger.

He felt his vision get covered by a red veil.

Everything became blurry, but the killing intent in his chest became stronger.

‘Since you insist on going back, Ill send you to hell to reunite with your family!

The city lord of Blue Crystal City jumped, bared his sharp claws, and pounced at the defenseless Silvery Frost White Wolf!


At the critical moment, Feng Lan suddenly rushed out and pounced on the city lord of Blue Crystal City.

His metal wolf claw pierced into his body, and blood splattered all over Feng Lan.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf immediately turned around.

When he saw that the city lords eyes were red and his body was covered in demonic patterns, his expression changed drastically.

“Hes demonized!”

As the city lord of Blue Crystal City, when was he demonized

Or was he the traitor hiding in the military camp!

Many thoughts flashed through the Silvery Frost White Wolfs mind, but the situation was urgent.

He did not have time to think carefully.

He rushed forward and stuffed Toad Skin Powder into the city lords mouth, knocking him out.

When the other three city lords saw this, they all looked stunned.

They did not expect the city lord of Blue Crystal City to be demonized!

Xue Ling shouted, “Go!”

The Silvery Frost White Wolf got someone to carry the unconscious city lord before turning around to go back.

The demon army tried to stop them from leaving, but Xue Ling and the Silvery Frost White Wolf were in a hurry to return.

They relied on their powerful auras to break through the encirclement of the demons!

When they crossed the Black River and returned to the camp, they saw that the entire camp was in flames.

All the tents and fortifications were engulfed in flames.

The dark night was as bright as day.


The Silvery Frost White Wolf and Xue Ling were anxious.

They ignored the danger and rushed into the sea of fire to look for Huanhuan and the children.

In the end, they found Huanhuan and the wolf cubs in the mushrooms by the river.

In addition to Huanhuan and the four children, there were also more than a dozen beast soldiers who were lucky enough to escape.

The Moonlight Mushrooms were shockingly lethal.

Even the demons did not dare to approach them.

The survivors hid in the mushrooms and were lucky to survive.

Huanhuan slid down the mushroom cap and landed on the back of the Silvery Frost White Wolf.

Xue Ling immediately picked her up and hugged her tightly.

“Fortunately, youre fine.”

Huanhuan looked behind them.

“Wheres Bai Di Didnt you see him”

Xue Ling asked, “Didnt Bai Di stay in the camp with you”

Huanhuan told them about finding the corpse of a beast soldier under the tent of the city lord of Blue Crystal City.

Shuang Yun returned to his human form with a solemn expression.

“The city lord of Blue Crystal City has been demonized.”

“Huh!” Huanhuan was shocked.

“Hes under control.

Lets put this matter aside for now.

Lets go find Bai Di.”

Huanhuan quickly nodded.


Shuang Yun led the beast soldiers to put out the fire.

Xue Ling flew in the sky with the feathered beasts, looking for Bai Di.

In the end, Xue Ling and the others found Bai Di in the depths of the forest.

Sang Ye was with Bai Di.

For some reason, the two of them were fighting!

The huge black python fought with the white tiger.

The black python was extremely ruthless as if it really wanted to kill the white tiger.

Xue Ling quickly leaned down and flapped his wings to push the black python aside.

The two of them had no choice but to separate.

Xue Ling landed on the ground between the two of them and sneered.

“The enemy is already at our doorstep.

Are the two of you still planning to fight among yourselves How ambitious!”

The white tiger panted and said, “Sang Ye, are you crazy You attacked me without a word!”

The black python quickly straightened his upper body in an offensive posture.

“You traitor!”

“Who are you calling a traitor!”

“I saw you secretly meet Tao Wei with my own eyes.

You two must have struck a deal!”


Hearing this, Xue Ling immediately looked at the white tiger and raised his eyebrows.

“You met Tao Wei, the witch doctor of the demons, behind our backs Do you know him”

“I didnt!” The white tiger said word by word.

“I dont know Tao Wei at all.

Sang Ye, dont spout nonsense!”

Sang Ye was about to say something when Han Yings voice suddenly came from behind.

“Sang Ye, its time to go!”

As soon as they heard Han Yings voice, Xue Ling and the white tiger immediately became vigilant.

They saw a dark red king cobra slithering out of the depths of the forest.

Han Ying glanced at them, then said to Sang Ye, “The army is retreating.

Youre the only one left.”

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