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Sang Ye wanted to go out hunting but was worried about leaving Lin Huanhuan alone in the cave, so he brought her out with him.

He slithered across the snow, making a rustling sound.

Lin Huanhuan wrapped the animal hide around her body, revealing only her eyes.

The python was very fast.

Lin Huanhuan saw the surrounding scenery retreat rapidly.

There was no living thing on this white land.

She doubted that prey could be found under these circumstances.

Sang Ye stopped.

There was a mound of snow in front of him that was very thick.

Lin Huanhuan asked softly, “Whats wrong”

The python lowered her to a large tree.

“Wait here for me.

Dont wander off.”

When she nodded, he slithered down the tree.

The python raised his tail and smashed it into the mound!

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There was a loud boom as he hit the mound.

The thick snow immediately sank in.

At the same time, the snow on the distant hillside kept tumbling down.

Lin Huanhuans heart clenched.

It wasnt an avalanche, right!

The python quickly backed up to avoid the snow that came tumbling down.

The family of hares that had been hibernating under the mound did not even understand what had happened before they were buried alive in their sleep.

The python slithered over and stuck its tail into the snow pile, pulling out the unlucky family of hares out.

There were five hares!

The python strung the hare up with dry vines and hung them on him.

He slithered back to the tree and said to Lin Huanhuan, “Lets go back.”

Lin Huanhuan saw this method of hunting for the first time.

Unlike Bai Dis fierce and bloody methods, the pythons hunting method was simple and crude.

He buried his prey alive with snow.

There was no blood splatter!

Lin Huanhuan was slowly wrapped up by the pythons tail.

They returned to the cave together.

The python returned to human form, but he was naked.

His naked body appeared in front of Lin Huanhuan without warning, making her blush.

She hurriedly covered her eyes.

“Why didnt you say anything before you transformed!”

Sang Ye looked down at his body and frowned slightly.

“Dont you like my body”

“Whether I like it or not, you cant just reveal your body in front of a female! Its inappropriate for males and females to touch each other, dont you understand!”

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Sang Ye answered seriously, “I dont.”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

After Sang Ye was dressed, she lowered her hand, revealing her flushed cheeks.

Sang Ye looked at her flushed face and couldnt help but lean over and rub the back of his cold hand against her face.

He narrowed his dark eyes.

The warmth was comforting.

Lin Huanhuan blushed and hurriedly dodged.

Sang Ye carried the wild hares to the caves entrance to skin and wash them.

Lin Huanhuan was bored and picked up the dried vine that he had thrown aside.

The system prompt suddenly rang in her head.

“Youve triggered the third quest of the Winter Season series: Please collect 300 seeds.”

“Mission hint: There are records of many seeds in the Ancient Flora and Flora Illustrations, First Edition.

The host can refer to it.”

Lin Huanhuan immediately dug out the sheepskin illustrated book from her fanny pack.

After flipping through a few pages, she found a plant called bird feather vine.

She had always thought that the photo in the book looked familiar.

It wasnt until she caught a glimpse of the dried vines thrown to the side that she remembered that this thing was a bird feather vine!

It was recorded in the book that the fruit of the bird feather vine was rich in many kinds of starch.

After drying and grinding it, it could become an ingredient similar to flour.


Lin Huan slowly opened his eyes.

If there was flour, she could eat steamed buns and noodles! And fragrant dumplings too!


She gulped, her eyes almost glowing as she looked at the vine.

Bird feather vines were very tenacious.

If one buried their roots in soil and gave them enough sunlight and plenty of moisture, they could grow very lush.

Lin Huanhuan carefully put away the bird feather vine.

She planned to plant it in the ground when spring came.

When autumn came, she would be able to make many, many buns and dumplings!

She was so happy just thinking about it!

Sang Ye held the roasted hare in front of her.


Lin Huanhuan saw that his fingers had been burned by the flames again and hurriedly said, “Let me roast the meat next time.”

“Are you complaining that the meat I roast tastes bad”

“Im not complaining.

I just dont want you to burn your hands again.”

Sang Ye stared into her eyes.

“Are you worried about me”

“Thats right,” Lin Huanhuan answered very frankly.

She felt that although Sang Ye looked gloomy and was very difficult to get along with, he was actually a good beast.

She already treated him as a friend and it was normal for her to care about her friends.

Sang Ye approached her and asked seriously, “Do you want to mate with me”

Lin Huanhuans face was filled with question marks.


Werent they talking about barbecue just now How did the topic suddenly change to mating

Was there a connection between roasting meat and mating!


Sang Ye opened his mouth and flicked his scarlet snake tongue across her face.

“Be my mate.

Ill be good to you.”

Lin Huanhuan was shocked by his words.

She quickly backed away, avoiding his touch.

“I already have mates!” she said quickly.

“But you havent mated, so youre not really mates.”

Lin Huanhuan said firmly, “In your eyes, a mate is only official once youve mated, but for me, as long as we like each other, were true mates!”

Sang Ye frowned slightly, his dark eyes turning cold.

“You like them”

Lin Huanhuan nodded without hesitation.


“What about me Do you like me”

His gaze was like an ice arrow that slowly froze Lin Huanhuan.

She said in a small voice, “I like you too, but I just like you as a friend.

What we have is not a relationship between a man and a woman…”

“Men and women”

“Male and female.”

Sang Ye looked at her coldly.

“I dont need friends.”

Lin Huanhuan hunched her shoulders.

“But we can only be friends…”

“Why” Sang Ye pressed.

“You can accept them, but not me Just because Im a snake”

“Its not that.

It has nothing to do with what species you are.

Its me.

I cant accept too many mates.

I was going to only have one male beast as a mate for the rest of my life…”

She only wanted to be with Bai Di for the rest of her life.

Shuang Yuns sudden appearance was an accident.

Even now, she still doesnt know how to accept thisaccident.

She simply couldnt accept a third mate.

“Three mates are not too many,” Sang Ye said.

Many females had dozens of mates around them, and three was a very small number compared to that.

Lin Huanhuan said slowly, “Its already a lot for me.”

“Then lets wait until we find those two mates of yours.

We three males will duel.

The winner can be your mate.

The losers must give you up.”

Lin Huanhuan immediately panicked.

“How can feelings be resolved by a duel Even if you defeat them, I wont be your mate!”


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