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Huanhuan threw out a total of five fishing rods.

Other than the fishing rod in Bai Dis hand, she handed the other four fishing rods to Big Goody, Dos, Tres, and Little Monster to watch over.

Huanhuan reminded them softly, “Once you notice any movement, pull up the fishing rod immediately.”

The wolf cubs obediently squatted on the ground and stared at the fishing rods without blinking.

Each of them was more serious than the other.

After a long time, the fish still did not take the bait.

The wolf cubs could not sit still anymore.

Huanhuan said, “Fishing is like hunting.

You have to be patient.”

Hearing their mother say this, the wolf cubs calmed down and continued to guard the fishing rods.

Huanhuans gaze swept across the five fishing rods one by one.

She suddenly realized that Bai Dis rod was moving.

She quickly exclaimed, “Bai Di, theres fish!”

As soon as she said the first word, Bai Di noticed the fishing rod move in his hand.

He quickly pulled it back.

A fat big fish flew out of the water and wagged its tail vigorously in midair.

The wolf cubs widened their eyes in envy.

Bai Di caught the big fish, opened its mouth, and took out the bait.

Huanhuan happily carried the bamboo basket over to place the big fish in.

Bai Di followed Huanhuans example.

He hooked the earthworm to the bait and swung it into the river.

He stared at the rod.

“The traitor is hiding very well.

We need to be patient and wear him down.”

Shuang Yun scratched his short silver-white hair.

“But we dont have much time left.

We cant afford to waste it.”

“Then well learn from Huanhuans method.

Lets prepare bait too.

Well lure that traitor out of the water and capture him.”

“You mean…”

Bai Di said unhurriedly, “Who knew about the Black Crystal City and Blue Crystal Citys attack”

“Only the five city lords and me.” Shuang Yun paused.

“And the witch doctors they brought with them.”

“That means the big fish is probably hiding among these beasts.

Circle them and throw in bait.

Then, keep an eye on them and see if any of them bites the bait.”

Shuang Yun looked thoughtful.

“I understand.”

He got up and left.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Huanhuan watched him leave.

“Where did he go”

Bai Di smiled.

“Hes going fishing too.”


Early the next morning, Shuang Yun called the other five city lords and the witch doctors they had brought for a meeting in the main tent.

Shuang Yun paced on the spot and frowned.

“I went back and thought about it carefully.

We dont have much time left.

We cant continue wasting time like this.”

The city lord of Golden Crystal City immediately said, “Theres only half of the given time left.

We have to act quickly.

Otherwise, no one will be able to complete the mission.”

The others echoed, “Thats right! Theres not much time.

We have to act quickly!”

Shuang Yun waved at them to get them to quiet down.

“To be honest, Im actually quite anxious as we lost a hundred beast soldiers the last time.

Im afraid that this time…”

The city lord of Blue Crystal City said firmly, “What happened the last time is a matter of the past.

Weve learned our lesson from the last time.

This time, we wont be in a hurry.

Lets advance steadily together.

What happened the last time definitely wont happen again!”

Shuang Yun glanced at his arm.

“Hows your injury”

At the mention of this, the city lord of Blue Crystal City was very proud.

“Im all recovered!”

Shuang Yun was skeptical.

“Really How did you recover so quickly I remember that the bones in your arm were broken.

You were seriously injured.

You couldnt have recovered anytime soon.”

“My injuries have really healed.

If you dont believe me, look!” The city lord rolled up his sleeve, revealing his intact arm.

Not only had his injuries healed, but there was not even a scar.

This healing speed was too shocking!

Everyone present looked stunned.

Someone asked, “How did you recover”

The city lord of Blue Crystal City was about to speak when Jiang Bo spoke first.

“Our city lords physique is different from ordinary people.

His wounds heal faster than ordinary people.

In addition, I gave him some medicine, so his wounds were able to completely recover in a short amount of time.”

The city lord of Black Crystal City, who was also injured, couldnt help but ask, “What medicine is it”

“Its a type of medicine I specially developed.

After taking it, the wounds can heal quickly, but the process is very painful.

Ordinary people cant endure it at all.

Moreover, there might be repercussions in the future.

If our city lord hadnt insisted on recovering quickly so that he could participate in the battle, I wouldnt have given him such aggressive medicine.”

In the end, Jiang Bo sighed helplessly, looking like he had no choice.

Hearing him say this, everyone noticed that the city lord of Blue Crystal City looked much paler than yesterday.

He looked haggard.

It seemed that this medicine was indeed very ferocious.

The city lord of Black Crystal City, who originally wanted to give it a try, hesitated for a moment before choosing to give up.

He had injured his shoulder, and the wound was deep, but he should be able to recover after some rest.

He did not have to work as hard as the city lord of Blue Crystal City.

Shuang Yun pondered for a moment before gritting his teeth as if he had made up his mind.

“Since the city lord of Blue Crystal City has recovered from his injuries, our chances of winning have increased.

Time is precious.

We cant delay any longer.

Lets discuss the battle plan today and choose a time within the next two days to launch an all-out attack on the demons!”

Everyone quickly agreed.

“I was waiting for you to say that!”

For the entire day, they gathered in the tent to discuss battle plans.

The meeting only ended when it was dark.

Shuang Yun returned to his tent.

Huanhuan had already fallen asleep beside the white tiger.

The white tiger was very warm, and she slept soundly.

Shuang Yun couldnt bear to wake her up.

He squatted outside the tent and finished two large pieces of jerky.

Then, he washed his face before carefully returning to the tent.

He transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf and fell asleep next to Huanhuan.

The next morning, Huanhuan opened her eyes and found no one beside her.

After rubbing her sleepy eyes, she got up and got dressed.

She lifted the hide curtain and walked out.

She saw Bai Di and Shuang Yun standing by the river talking.

Huanhuan walked over with a cup and a willow branch.

She greeted the two of them.


Bai Di and Shuang Yun stopped talking and looked at her.

Huanhuan squatted by the river and scooped a cup of river water.

She wet the willow branch and stuffed it into her mouth to brush her teeth.

When she finished brushing her teeth and washing her face, Bai Di took out a small comb and skillfully combed her hair.

Shuang Yun was envious and wanted to help Huanhuan comb her hair.

He had just stretched out his claws when Huanhuan slapped them away.

“With your clumsiness, you definitely wont know how to comb my hair.”

Shuang Yun was unconvinced.

“How do you know I cant comb your hair if you dont let me try!”


Huanhuan pointed at Big Goody not far away and said, “You dont even know how to braid your daughters hair!”

Big Goody looked confused.

‘I was just passing by!

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